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I thought about Tarnished Silver while reading this... (poor Sweetie Belle – I noticed that if something bad happens to one of the CMC in fanfics, it usually happens to her...) :unsuresweetie:


Never read that before. And yeah, Sweetie Belle does get the short end of the stick a lot...

Then again, at least she didn't end up the way Apple Bloom did... :trollestia:

Oh yeah... When Big Macintosh has a bad day, it's better not to be near him... :eeyup:

Though when Sweetie met the Canterlot elites in Tarnished Silver, they had a rather good day...

Might we expect 'Blackout' anytime soon?
Some great lyrics there
And some lovely dissonance to boot (well, it is Swans...)

Don't talk until you're spoken to
Don't breathe


I'll consider it, but I'm not sure when I'll get around to doing it. I do these in a chronological order (sort of), so I can't go back to Filth now. Maybe in a bonus chapter... :raritywink:

...if I can figure out a story to write for it... :trixieshiftright:

Ah, fair enough then

Heh, I was about one-third into this chapter when I realised that it's Story Of The Blanks... :pinkiehappy: That was actually the only creepypasta game I played without knowing what I'm getting myself into (I think it was before I started to read fics). I started to suspect something when I saw that the only option was to go into the forest, though I still remember my reaction to the reveal (imagine Maud Pie saying "well, shit").


I'm a bit confused... does the second part of your comment refer to the game as well? :derpytongue2:

(And if that's the case: what effect did the story have on you so far? :ajsmug:)

Yeah, it was my reaction to the game (well, after the initial deadpan it was "run for your life!"...). I like the story so far :twilightsmile:

Will there be a sweet, happy story to make the other stories seem even more F-up'd?


I will mix things up from time to time, yes. Maybe not with stuff that's "sweet" or "happy", but definitely not as bleak as what you've seen so far. Chapters that are just melancholic, and perhaps even a little hope may shine through them for the characters involved.

A good chunk of this is going to be nastiness, though... :trollestia:

4795415 I love writing nasty things, but I usually make the nasty things seem not that nasty so that people do not realize it.

Like then my viking character in "Norseman Raids Equestria" rips off his flesh out of boredom

His cutie mark has been branded over. It was too similar to mine, so it disgusted me.

My first thought was "Time Turner landed in Colgate's basement..." But when I saw the mentions about the brother, I realised that Applejack didn't take Flim and Flam's last trick lightly... :ajsmug:

So when does the body burning start?
I hear that nobody burns them like a cop...

Seems that Gilda has fallen quite low...

A demon pisses into my mouth, then forces its way down my throat.

That becomes my favourite metaphor...


"You can't kill a criminal need..."

By the way, that line you quoted: cheap booze tends to have such results... :ajsmug:

Oh yeah... I remember a brand of cheap wine called "Satan's Sperm". For some reason they don't make it anymore...

Maaan, I think this is the most depressing one so far.
For me at least, anyway.


"You died in a foreign land..."

I don't know why, but that line... it fucking gets me every time... :pinkiesad2:

The other, more obvious line that does that:

"God damn anyone that says a kind word..."

Oddly enough, as soon as it's done, the story has almost zero effect on me. I have to wait months before I can read it again and get any real emotional reaction from myself...

Ineffable approves of star based symbolism.


At first glance, I thought that poem you posted was literally about a star (i.e celestial object). Poor guy only has an asteroid named after him...

5277769 It is.

It's the stars in his painting, not celestial bodies in the sky.



Not sure about the "symbolism," by the way. The sun in this chapter is pretty much just the sun...

I'm glad you approve though.


It's always symbolism if it involves a star.




I kind of like this fic by the way.


Much appreciated. I remembered what you said about OOC issues in the last one I showed you. Tried to do a better job this time.

Author Interviewer

darnit, you still didn't explain the griffin! D:


Just gonna leave this here: (link) :trollestia:

Author Interviewer

Hah! Well, I wondered if something like that wasn't what you were getting at with the ending, but I'd kind of hoped for something a little more concrete. :B Oh well, it's good Cranky work anyway.


Thank you, especially for that review. I honestly didn't think you would still be invested after all this time, so it is deeply humbling and appreciated.

I'm definitely going to return to this tale one more time, this time setting the record straight about the griffon once and for all... :duck:

Author Interviewer

Seems that RD fell really low...

That reminds me of Hard Times in Equestria series, btw.



And to think someone had the audacity to publish it among their own...

Hmm, interesting.

To me this doesn't really hit the core emotional resonances of the song. For one, the fact that "the sun" in Equestria is an actual, specific being that can be directly addressed really changes the tone of that line. Also, I hear the original as a guy who was living a shadow life vicariously through someone who wasn't afraid to take risks, and is now adrift without his friend; Cranky is that guy found dead in Spain, at least in some respects.

That said, goddamn if him getting one night with Matilda before waking up to find her dead in the morning isn't bleak as all hell, and does exactly what you're trying to do with this story. That's worth an upvote.


Thanks for the upvote! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :raritywink:

I must confess, I didn't explicitly show how long they got to be together. I did try to insert my own perspective through a few subtle details, which imply that it was at least a couple of years, though still far too short a time to be proper "payoff" compared to how long he searched for her. The "gut punch" I focused on was the fact that he outlives her, thus losing her a second time, and despite him being old, there's no sign of him following in her hoofsteps anytime soon.

That said, your own interpretation is indeed way more bleak. Should have thought of that instead, since I like bleak... :pinkiecrazy:

Also, I hear the original as a guy who was living a shadow life vicariously through someone who wasn't afraid to take risks, and is now adrift without his friend; Cranky is that guy found dead in Spain, at least in some respects.

And if we approach it from the lines in the song where "she" is mentioned ("If she left me again...", "So now she's gone...")?

Then again, for the record: most of the time, I don't just follow the "stories" outlined by the songs word for word, so deviation from how others interpret the songs is by no means unintentional. For example, in this case, I could have made Cranky an alcoholic, but that would just be forcing it...

I like your perspective though.

Something weird happens with the universe. I just showed Swans to my sister and then we talked on Diamond Cutters Skype group that there are too many Button Mash fics :applejackconfused:

Btw, I noticed that any time I write Button, something bad happens to him (fighting zombies, getting outbadassed by Twist, dying of poison, Sweetie Belle cheating on him with Rumble... The usual stuff. Still better than Featherweight who somehow has 100% mortality rate).

Also, if I wrote a Snowdrop fic, I'd probably get downvoted to hell for making eye puns...


It certainly came across that way to me. Even for a drama queen like Rarity, it was a bit excessive.

Not that it bothered me, but it gave me a different interpretation than what you might have intended...


Thank you for your kind words.

Are you gonna start doing songs from the reformed Swans?

Later on, yes. Any requests?


I'm hoping that by the time I get that far, the next album will be out, and I'll get to do one about "Black Hole Man." That song is one hell of a groove.

I will admit though, the last three albums haven't been nearly as inspirational fanfic-wise as the pre-breakup material, and things are becoming a bit repetitive. Then again, I felt the same way about To Be Kind before it came out, and I ended up liking it, so...

Anyway, I'm gonna work on the next bit of nastiness. By the way, which ones do you enjoy more so far? The abrasive stuff, or the "softer" stuff?

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