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I'm popping back upand trying to get back into story makin'!



A pegasus named Click moves into Ponyville hoping for a new start on his life and thats just what happens and the surprise party that started his new life,thus also meeting the love of his life. The one and only Grey mail mare Ditzy or Derpy.
( both names are cute to me ok!)

life,love,some sillyness and muffins are a must.

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it was rushed, greatly, and a few mistakes were found, but it was decent, you should make it more than just one chapter though it would make a good story if written the right way. check out my story A friend to the end,it's good. I AM MORTOSE!:flutterrage:

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Comment posted by Whiskey Drops deleted Oct 14th, 2013


Whats a Mortose??? D:

and im still adding chapters plus im inexperinced along with tweaking them as i retype it all owo


and plus plus i was adding more to " The Night It Started" cause i saw it was only like over 700 words.

didn't know anyone could read it unless i push publish @w@ it was sorta incomplete.

Don't change any. They are great.

I can't tell if he's a stalker or if all photographers take the pictures they take of different people and places and hang them in the living room, though honestly I'm not sure her reaction would be like that if she saw a picture of her sleeping(Even if it was on the cloud w/ the moon behind her). Because, honestly, the living room pictures make him sound like a stalker, to me at least.

3986050 .......................How dare you.....just.....DX.....actually it makes it sound like that XD...but he ain't he just likes taking pictures he mostly has only pictures of scenery hanging on his wall

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