• Published 14th Oct 2013
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Story of the Blanks: Freedom of Souls - jxz

Apple Bloom must return to Sunny Town to defeat the curse that has been placed on it, with the help of her sister and her ghost friend... and this time, the world is at stake.

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The first thing Applejack noticed was that she lost her hat.

The second thing was that she was inside of a pink-purple force field, and still in that blue aura that she was covered in before losing conciousness. The one that…

“Apple Bloom…” she said, trying to escape of the aura, without result.

“please, don’t do that, Applejack.” The Earth Pony heard somepony talk. That’s when she saw outside of the force field. She saw a recovered Twilight, using her magic to maintain the sphere active, and Apple Bloom, still glowing. Her eyes, however, were normal again, instead of the blue orbs that were moments ago, but with the yellow glow that showed that Ruby was inside of her. “Ruby’s controlling Apple Bloom’s sub-conscious enough time for you to explain why did you hurt me and tried to do the same with her, and she will lose the grip if you continue struggling.”

“that Ghost is doin’… what?” the cowpony stopped struggling, after hearing those words, confusing her.

"when ah’m really mad, and for mah connection with Ruby, ah can use Psycho-quinetic powers." Apple Bloom explained.

“ah… ah’m not an egghead… but, shouldn’t it be called psiche-”

“no, ah really mean Psycho-quinetic. When ah’m using it, ah… ah lose control, unless Ruby stops me.” The filly said, a bit sad.
“and now… she is doin’ that?” Applejack asked, now fearing for her life, and pleading for Faust to the ghost to maintain the grip.

Apple Bloom nodded. “but ah won’t be calm until ya explain me what in the hay hap’ned with ya.” She said, blue glow exiting her eyes, like King Sombra’s dark magic. That scared even Twilight, who experienced it first hoof(and later first-hand, after the whole Sunset incident) twice.

Applejack, knowing that her sister would be a time bomb if she didn’t speak the truth, sighed. “Ah don’ want ya ta go… ‘cause that’s how we lost mom an’ dad.”
Apple Bloom’s grip and aura lost power, as the filly looked at her sister with curiosity, but fear that what Applejack knew about her parents. Twilight also lost the force field, but the Alicorn managed to maintain it.

“wha… what are ya talking ‘bout?” Apple Bloom asked.

“it happened some time after ya were born… mom an’ dad were runnin’ to tha Everfree. Ah was curious, an’ followed ‘em. It wasn’t long ‘till they reached an small town inside of tha forest.”

“Sunny Town.” Apple Bloom said. Her sister nodded, and continued.

“when they reached it, mom an’ dad started usin’ costumes. Ah followed ‘em, secretly, as they gave a ruby ta an stallion.”

“that ruby cost my life… life’s ironic, don’t you think, Apple Bloom?” Ruby said inside Apple Bloom’s mind, with a tone of pain. Due to the connection, Apple Bloom felt her sadness.

“after that, they reached an old home… and that’s when a mare saw me. she was so distracted by me, that didn’t notice mom an’ dad...”

“then everytning went ta Tartarus.”

For Apple Bloom and Ruby, they understood what she was referring with that. Twilight didn’t, but assumed the worst.

“mom an’ dad were runnin’ from some zombies, while tha stallion became another. But she helped me, when tha zombies looked me.” Applejack said the last part with a tiny smile in her face, which later disappeared. “but then… mom an’ dad were trapped, and… and…” she couldn’t continue, and started to cry. She let herself out a pained scream, and continued. Twilight and Apple Bloom(who was already in the same form Applejack was) released their powers, and hugged the element of Honesty. “sorry… ah… ah can’t…” she said, between sobs.

“it’s ok, we are here. You don’t have to carry with that burden anymore.” Twilight told her. Some minutes happened, in which Applejack released the sealed pain of 10 years. After she calmed, Twilight summoned an apple juice for Applejack, to recover the liquids she lost.

“but… ah don’ understand somethin’…” Apple Bloom said. “how did ya escape from the zombies? Mitta wouldn’t have keep ya safe forever. Ah know.”

“oh… ah don’ know… a light… an’ ah appeared outside of the Everfree, with mom’s bow an’ dad’s setson.” Applejack said, recovered now. “then ah returned ta home, an’ made it look like it was a Timberwolf attack. Ah didn’t want ta reveal Big Mac or granny what hap’ned.”

“an’ ah understand. But, if ah’m the only hope Equestria has, then ah must go.” Apple Bloom said, decided.

“but ah don’ want ta lose ya! Please! Ah already lost mah parents, an’ now you ask me ta lose mah sis?!” Applejack exclaimed.

“no… but ah have ta go. Ah think what were they trying ta do… an’ ah know how ta finish it.” The filly said, taking her red bow, and releasing her red hair. “if ah finish it… maybe, just maybe… the curse will be broken, an’ they will rest.”

“Apple Bloom…” Applejack and Twilight said. The former pony picked up her setson, and sighed. She felf and remembered her father, her mother, and how happy they were before they entered into the Everfree. She put it back, a spark appeared to gleam in her eyes. “ya won’t go… at least, not alone.”

“Applejack… are ya-”

“ah’m goin’ ta go wit’ ya- an’ show that Pinkie knockoff what are the Apple capable off!” Applejack exclaimed, surprising the two ponies around her. Apple Bloom smiled a bit, followed by Twilight.

“and I will go with you two.” Twilight declared.

“uh… not ta sound rude, but… ah didn’ see Pegasus or unicorns on Sunny Town, so…” Apple Bloom said.

“I didn’t see any unicorns until I met Sweetie Belle.” Ruby said.

“don’t worry about that now. I have something for that.” Twilight said, winking at the earth ponies.

“then is decided! We are goin’ ta the Everfree!” Apple Bloom exclaimed. After preparing for some time, and including an spell to talk with Ruby while inside of Apple Bloom, the group of two mares, a filly and a ghost went to the Everfree… ready for the fight of their lives… literally.

Author's Note:

sigh... i wanted to update this before the 31, but... well, at least i uploaded it.

next stop, Everfree Forest, along with the first Blood Hoof... and you won't believe who is.