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Hello, my name is ANearPerfectStudent. I am an amateur writer, mostly writing in my scraps of time between work and my growing addiction to gaming. Feel free to PM or chat with me if you ever want to.


Somepony is living as a mailmare and something else... A secret burrowed under years of struggle and hiding... She is the famed Cauter Izer Doo, the most successful Wonderbolt in the history of Equestria... A mare presumed dead after a 'failed' stunt.... And no one would have guessed it was her.

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Good story, but it's neither tragic nor dark. You may want to change the tags.

This is good stuff!! Please keep writing!!!! :heart::rainbowkiss::heart:

the description and the story are 100 percent unrelated, should probably change it.


Crap... I forgot to change them XD... As I said in the note, this was supposed to be an entirely different story


Uhh... Oh wait... Crap... DARN IT!!!

Added the story to a different template... Ugh... My life...

I would love to see a continuation of this, where dash finds out.

Same here. Finding out that fame ain't what it's cracked up to be would be a necessary thing.

Nice bittersweet story. Simple and good.

Though I'm a bit confused by the bit about 'the most despicable of people' in the Author's Note. Who are we supposed to assume is despicable? Derpy, her former colleagues, what?


Darn it... Still a part left from the other one... Thought I had got them all...

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