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You gotta kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight.


"Fear of the dark, fear of the dark/I have constant fear that something's always near." -Iron Maiden, "Fear Of The Dark"

Camping out in their tree house, the Cutie Mark Crusaders talk about the upcoming holiday of Nightmare Night. As time goes on, the girls start telling scary stories around their fake campfire. Will they be able to be brave as they share the spooky stories, or is it too much for them?

Written for the Equestria Daily fan-fiction event "Nightmare Night 2013: Spooky Harder"

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Comments ( 4 )

That was a chilling story.

I like it. Not really sure about the ending. Thought Spike was going the hissing and was going to end there.:twilightsheepish:

Pretty good! I think the first story actually happened in real life, though. Was this the same thing event? Also, Spike should probably have ran when he could, poor kid...

You did it again! That ending is made me so spooked. Well at least the CMCs are safe this time... (*Cue for Vicarious*)

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