• Published 13th Oct 2013
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Celestia Bless Us - MathewSwiftMLP

In this reenactment of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, Rainbow Dash has no time for games and carols, until three ghosts visit her on Christmas Eve.

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A Spirit's Warning

Rainbow Dash entered the school and heat immediately blasted her face. She was familiar with the way the halls go, and she followed the familiar path to the gym. Several changes were made on the walls and cases, like the trophy case, which contained the Stallion Cup, a golden trophy in the shape of a head of a stallion. It gleamed in the light above and casted Rainbow's reflection. Suddenly, the stallion head turned slowly and spoke in a high and cruel voice.

"Rainbow Dash..."

Rainbow quickly shook her head and looked at the trophy again. It returned to it's original pose and Rainbow rubbed her eyes.

"I have got to stop sleeping in my office." She said to herself and she started to make to the gym. The school's gym was pretty big, and roomy. Rainbow Dash remembered flying Scootaloo around the gym and that was the happiest time of her life. Now she is the greatest coach in Canterlot High, and somehow, she doesn't feel happy. She felt... alone. She remembered the people from her past who vanished from her life. Her mother died when she was born, her father died a few months ago, and her boyfriend, Soarin, moved to Manhatten. Her life was in misery, since the Fall Formal.

She reached the supply room to get a few basketballs to practice with. As she opened the door...


A sound of a metal pipe filled the room, giving Rainbow Dash a scare. She looked out the door and saw nothing of suspicion. She shrugged her shoulders and got a ball and stepped out, but stood like a statue. She saw a ghost, with turquoise skin and highlights of gold hair, and was covered in chains and trophies. Rainbow Dash recognized her. It was her rival, Lightning Dust, who died of a freak accident. The transparent girl looked down quickly.

"Hello, Rainbow Crash!" The floating spirit sterned, in a cruel and cold voice. "Haven't seen you for a while."

"Lightning!" Rainbow was a little scared, but she was brave. "I thought you were..."

"Dead?" Lightning chuckled. "I am, but I came to you for a purpose. I came to warn you."

"Warn me?" Rainbow was getting puzzled. "Of what?"

"You have betrayed your Element, and you have forgotten Loyalty. You lost your loved ones, but that is not in my place to tell you. Tonight, three more spirits will come to your side, each with a key to your soul. If you don't, consequences will be met. You will end up like me. Change, Rainbow Dash, before it's too late. Goodbye." and Lightning Dust vanished. Rainbow Dash was a little confused by this and hit herself in the head.

"Note to self," she typed on her I-Phone. "Never let an old rivalry get you in the head."

Then, she practiced until six in the evening and headed back to Cloudsdale Community. There is no such things as ghosts, she thought, That was probably a trick to the mind. It was a clear night, and the decorations in the neighborhood had never been brighter, but Rainbow Dash didn't care. She just wants to win the Stallion for their fourth consecutive year, only if it doesn't talk again.