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Sheriff May Berry of Eutaw County was enjoying a dull day. Unfortunately, things swiftly went from boring to "interesting." Sheriff Berry must find a missing foal; a case that may involve a mysterious stranger and lots of cactus.

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I like this fic :)

is this set in the same universe as Quiz?:pinkiegasp:

3333105 Thank you.

Sheriff Berry and Quiz will probably never meet, I don't think there are okapis or other similar weird things in her world. I may change my mind, but that;s how I feel now.

Sheriff May Berry is such a delightful pun, very in keeping with the series' style.

No, this is obviously set in Larry Niven's 'Known Space' universe. :trixieshiftright::trixieshiftleft:

3333205 Good eyes, nice catch!

Yeah, Niven's Tales of Known Space were the gateway drug that got me hooked on Science Fiction back when I was 12.

Ah, my second most favored contestant, after How Equestria Was Made.

My one and only complaint is that I expected it to have some sort of twist, and instead it turned out to be very straightforward. I'm not saying that in itself is a bad thing, in fact it can be a nice change of pace. The problem is that in this case, it doesn't feel like the resolution of a single self-contained story. It feels like there should be more to this, like it's the first part in a series. I could actually see this as a kind of western-themed Pony X-files.where every chapter is a short story about Sheriff Berry solving a seemingly mundane but actually very bizarre case.

...In fact, you should totally do that. :rainbowderp:

3333245 Yes, I should. Or I could make it a collab. Hmmm...

Two heads, three legs, beautiful feminine voice? I know what that is. :pinkiegasp:
It's a shame ponies don't have FTL tech. Then again, ponies are too nice to give those bastards what they deserve. :twilightangry2:


I second the motion. I really like this story and it would be great as a series.

Well, that was awfully brave for a Puppeteer. Maybe he was just crazy. :pinkiehappy:

All things considered though, it seems a Puppeteer would be FULLY aware of how dangerous a sentient herbivore's hindlegs are.

I wonder how Beowulf Shaeffer would react to being in Equestria now...:moustache:

Also, despite the fact that I believe May Berry was a lady pony, I was unable to not read her lines in Andy Griffon's voice. :derpytongue2:


Well, that was awfully brave for a Puppeteer. Maybe he was just crazy.

He was off the homeworld. By definition*, he was crazy.

*of his race

I realized that RIGHT after leaving the computer to get back to work. :derpytongue2:
Still, even the ones crazy enough to operate off the homeworld usually get someone else to do their wet work, so this one must have been crazier than most. :pinkiecrazy:

3333205>>3399409>>3400178 Um...you do know the story doesn't take place in Known Space, right? I will admit, Counter bears some resemblance to a puppeteer..on a purely superficial level. He could be another race that looks just like them in every way.

Anyway, if I ever write another story in Eutaw County it won't have aliens in it. It'll be about ghosts. Maybe. Probably.

Actually no, I did think this was a little crossover. :twilightblush:
I had thought your reply to 3333205 was confirmation of it actually. Eh heh.

It got me reminiscing about the Beowulf Shaeffer story cycle actually. Still, even being just a reference it is pretty cool. Not enough people know Known Space anymore.


Um...you do know the story doesn't take place in Known Space, right?

:unsuresweetie:Uh-huh. And the best way to make a kzin your best friend is to offer him a big plate of steamed veggies.

Yeah, I got that, I was just trying to be clever with my 'I see what you did there'.

This is....this is just great :heart: :rainbowkiss::heart:


To be quite honest.. no. A puppeteer is not aware of how dangerous their hind hoof is.

It's purely an instinctual response.

Also, great story!

Also, Buttes. :rainbowlaugh:

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Comment posted by meepadeeper deleted Apr 20th, 2014

I liked this story and all, it is just that I don't understand it.

I went into this thinking, "Hoo boy, this one's going to be suck, fail and AIDS. I am not going to have a clue what's going on cuz this is a different universe with even more OC's. I'm not seeing any Quizzical in this..."

And then I read and was immediately sucked in and wanted to finish the story despite my break being over. I was not expecting the hat trick with Barney at the end. The whole lever thing usually just ends with the hat lol.

I honestly don't know what the source material you and Paladin are talking about. Guess I'm too young?

Dammit, I keep on underestimating you, JMac. I don't quite know why. Is it your age? The blandness inherent at the startup of your work? Missing a certain type of flair in your blogs? A disproportionate amount of followers to writing skill? A strange aura I sense from you?

Whatever the reason, it's rather fascinating ^_^

4288349 Larry Niven's Tales of Known Space were mostly written in the '70s, but they're still around and worth a look if you like hard SF.

As for why you underestimate me - you answer your own question. Clearly, there are a number of reasons to underestimate me.

Well, that wasn't what I'd expected at all! In no way is that a criticism, though I somehow feel that I'm missing something, a reference perhaps, even though it was clear that not everything was meant to be explained. Quite dark in places for a story tagged Comedy/Adventure, but not excessively so. Also, "I never drink... cider" might have been obvious, but it still made me giggle.

Edit: I'm amazed to see that this story has under 250 views. I can only assume that people see the "OC" tag and run away.

Somehow, in under 5k words, you've crafted a really cool OC. The story was pretty neat, too. I see that there's a sequel, and I'm looking forward to reading that.


I don’t know who reads these reports, or what department they work for.

Box Mailer and Dinner Scullery!

5422273 Oh, that's quite good. I may have to steal those names.:trollestia:

This was a wonderful combination of eldritch and mundane, I especially like May's equanimity toward the antagonist.

Question 1 of 26837: Do you, or have you, ever smelled fudge despite the distinct lack of the presence of said fudge?

And if I am not mistaken, the Count there seems to be of the Niven coward races Puppeteers. (Couldn't remember the name of the race to save my life.) He's one that's crazy enough to interact with other species?

I honestly thought he was going to be ringed. (Death by ring teleporter, ala Stargate.)

And I was almost expecting another cameo at the end:
"Agents Mule Deer and Scowley, FBI (Funny Bored Interlopers.)

The picture doesn't load.

A nice story. Just what I've been searching for.

The cleverness of the names and places catches my attention.

Alright (click) Let's see what you got...

Is the dog named after Barney Fife? And the smell of fudge is... warehouse 13, right?

7853823 yes and yes, well spotted.

7853853 I liked the Andy Griffith show growing up.

Story lays out the hints that Count(er) is a vampire... but then THE TWIST!! he's an ALIEN!!!


Shyamalan? Is that you?


It's always cool when I find that a reader "saw what I did there." Thanks.

8479294 I was hoping for vore. :pinkiecrazy:

(and now you may run screaming in horror)

Wow, this was... really damn good. Interesting, unique, loved the characters, left questions unanswered but still felt satisfying. Just, all around amazing story.

I wish I hadn't read this, so I could experience it for the first time again. Now, off to the sequel!

Image source broken, but image still exists!


So Gold! So big! So Sheriff!

Now to re-read!


Or in this case, to read, period. Since this feels unfamiliar...

And I'm glad I'm reading!

That got them. They hung their heads, and there was a moment of silence.

Woah, that mood changed quick. And those events really show off Eutaw County distinctiveness.


That was a twist! I didn't expect the particulars, even after seeing the last comments!

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