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Celestia was an alicorn Princess of Equestria. Every day, she woke up, raised the sun, ate breakfast, opened day court, listened to nobles whine, closed day court, ate supper, did paperwork, then went to bed. This is what Celestia did every day of every month of every year. One day she woke up and did something different. And then Everyone Didn't Exist.

Author's Notes:
In case you hadn't already guessed, this story is heavily influenced by The Stanley Parable, so feel free to read it in the voice of Kevan Brighting.

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Comments ( 22 )

I'm really excited to read this. XD
Edit: great work! I loved your short story. c:

3476240 Thanks! :twilightsmile:
:applejackunsure: Apparently others disagree. Ah well, screw 'em.

I. . . have no idea what I just read. It's certainly sad, but I'm left with my head spinning in more circles than a mobius circut (YAY CLUELESS TECHNOLOGY SPOUTING!)

Ten thumbs up out of the letter B.


3477034 When I was writing it, I'd write for a bit, look at what I wrote, say "Wut?" and then continue writing.


-Vigorous nodding-

A perfectly acceptable way of writing.

I couldn't really understand it but, hey you wanted everyone to leave a comment soooooooo.....................

Well I rated it cause apparently you wanted that so now u got six thumbs up

3477407 3477401 Thank you! Even if someone has a negative comment, I always want to hear what they have to say. :pinkiehappy:

And about that part where you mentioned you couldn't understand it?
Well, 3477050 Neither can I! :pinkiecrazy:

3477418 I have a bad habit of skimming/scanning paragraphs which is probably why I had no idea what I was reading :pinkiehappy:

3477435 I assure you, you would still have no idea even if you didn't. The entire thing was centered around Shakepeare quotes and vague symbolism.

What the hell is going on? Is this all a dream? :pinkiecrazy:

The world may never know... :trollestia:

This was wonderful, and I hope you write more in the same style. I enjoyed every word and anticipated every paragraph, it was wonderful.

3678455 Blog post from the 4th. I believe you will find this relevant to your interests.

3679398 Woot woot! Wonderful! :D

For a pony that doesn't exist she sure does a lot of thinking and talking.

Huh, since no one else is there, can I call the place she is in the world that never was?

Well I don't think anyone else is using it...

fuck it, now I'm building a giant castle with a elevator, and some portals, a skyscaper, a tower too...

Is she crazy? Is she dead? Did all the ponies die by her not doing her duty?
didn't do her duty, then slept too long or time travled then everyone died?

To Befuddle A Man Of Madness Is No Easy Task. Yet You Seem To Have Little Trouble With It, If This Story Is Any Indication. I Applaud You, Good Sir.

Best Regards,

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