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As seen on EqD, copied here so all my stories are in one place.

This was written in February last year, so Derpy and Luna's canon (and fanon) personalities have changed a bit since then. I think it still holds up OK. Also available in Russian.

I think i was pretty good. Kind of a little dash of comedy. I like.

NO, GOD!!!!!! GOD PLEASE NO!!!!! NO!!!!!! NO!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! (if you look at my user name, you'll see i hate derpy)

282802 I for one love derpy hooves and i know that your just a troll that isnt even bright enough to realize that your opinion is equal to or less than the shit of your mother during her sad unexpected pregnancy of you.

This is one of my favourite stories, happy to see it here on Fimfiction :heart:

Even though the voices have changed in-canon, I still like this. The prayers were a nice touch.

Geez. Love and tolerate much?

282811 dude not cool dont feed the parasprites ignore them :facehoof:

I thought Derpy was going to mess something up haha. Glad everything worked out.

Wow. I did not expect the prayers, and I have to say that was the most powerful part of this story. 4/5 stars.

Underrated fic is underrated.

This is a really great fan fiction. Loved it, the prayers were a really nice touch too!

the flower in Ditzy's hair actually belongs to Doseydotes. What's the purpose behind this detail?

The picture is Casual Lunch by Equestria-Prevails, so you'll have to ask him. It looks similar, but not identical.

it's similar, but I'm pretty adamant to my idea. At any rate, thanks for the reply. And good job with the stories, might I say I keep Ditzy and Dinky rather close to home in my works myself.

babbled the huge red stallion

Now I've seen it all.

huh... I guess I never thought about what Luna goes through each night. Kind of sad. However, she'd be pleased to meet me, being a night owl and all ^-^

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