• Published 10th Oct 2013
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Invasion of Equestria - Yamazaki

The Combine are invading Equestria, and it seems it's up to Twilight Sparkle to put a stop to them!

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The Massacre

As Twilight Sparkle made her way through the castle's long, winding corridors of Canterlot Castle, thinking about everything she has just been told, anything unexpected was enough to startle her. The sight of her brother from around a corner was made her shriek. “Twilight, it's me!” Shining Armour shook her slightly as she calmed down, then hugged his little sister.

“Shining Armour,” cried Twilight, catching her breath before putting her arms around him.

“Sorry about not saying hello earlier,” he sighed, “but this is pretty serious, isn't it.”

“Y-yeah,” agreed Twilight Sparkle, “you don't really think this is the end of Equestria, do you?”

“No,” Shining Armour said firmly, “I'm confident that we'll be able to stop them.”

She smiled at her brother's confidence and bravery. Just then, the castle shook at the sound of a mighty boom. “What was that,” said Twilight Sparkle quickly as she broke away from the hug.

“I'm not sure,” said Shining Armour, “come on, let's go and see what it is!” As they both galloped quickly to the exit, Twilight Sparkle slowly realized what could have caused it.

They had reached the large door protecting the castle, or at least where the door used to be. Strewn across the floor were now shards of wood of varying sizes. Without a door, both Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armour could see the complete chaos that had broken out across Canterlot. The sky, once clear and blue (thanks to pegasi hard work) was now black, and glowing orange. The clouds swirled around the orange like brewing tornadoes and in the centre, Twilight Sparkle could see the same strange structures Celestia and Luna had shown her. “They're earlier than we thought,” gasped Shining Armour, “Twilight! Get outta here! Now!”

“What? Why would I leave you here?!”

“Because you have to get to Ponyville. That's what Celestia wants! You and your friends can still defeat them. You're the Elements of Harmony, aren't you!? If anyone stop them, it's you!”

Twilight Sparkle sighed, “you're right.” They both hugged tightly before the ground shook again, dislodging a few bricks and throwing them both to the floor.

“Come on! Go!” He shouted. Twilight Sparkle nodded, and ran. Just as she was leaving the castle, she saw that the holes in the sky had widened, with clouds being swept around them. But things, although too far away to make out, were pouring through the portals.

Cloudsdale was crumbling. As it was pulled towards the ripped apart sky, the intense forces began to tear it apart as the city began to burn. Specks in the distance, which she knew to be pegasi, fled into the sky, but began to be dragged into the portals by forces unbeknownst to anypony, as though they were some kind of whirlpool. Although a few made it away, many of them were mowed down by beams of light from what had descended through the portals in the sky, which were now in clearer view; flying using techniques ponies had not conceived. But there was no time for her to marvel at rotating wings and vectored thrust, Twilight Sparkle knew she had to keep going, although almost paralysed with fear.

As she began running, a pegasus corpse fell in front of her with one of it's wings missing. While staring down at the corpse, a long shadow stretched up from behind her. Twilight Sparkle gasped and turned around to see what was making it, but saw nothing behind her, and the shadow had disappeared. She could hear footsteps and deep voices, then swift bangs that cut through the air from around a corner of one of Canterlot's streets. It was then when three creatures she had never seen before ran around the corner towards her.

They were tall and moved bipedally. But she knew she was in danger, and unknown creatures probably meant they were part of the invading forces. As she was about to get out of there as quickly as possible, they pointed instruments they were carrying at her. Bright flashes, as though magical, and eardrum-ruining bangs filled the air around her. Twilight Sparkle screamed as a guard ran towards them from around a corner. His horn illuminated blue as magic intensified within it. After three pulses of energy, the creatures that tried to kill Twilight Sparkle were safely on the ground and not moving. “Are you okay?” He asked, helping her up.

“I'm fine,” she replied although limping slightly. She was thinking hard about what those three creatures were; they slightly resembled humans.

“Use your magic to kill them,” he said sternly. Through all the anarchy, she had completely forgotten about her horn. Immediately after saying that, more of the (possible) humans marched towards her and the guard. One of them used the same thing the previous ones had used, making a hole in the guard's head, killing him instantly. She knew she would be next if something wasn't done fast, but had to concentrate hard. She had never been taught spells that were lethal, but had still read about them at her own accord, without anypony knowing, of course.

It was no use, nothing would happen, even while she knew she would die if nothing was done, her horn wouldn't work. Right before giving up, a piece of concrete from a destroyed building was uplifted and flew towards Twilight Sparkle. She flinched, preparing for the impact. As it flew towards her, she heard more of those bangs, but felt nothing; the piece of concrete stayed level in front of her. It was then when she realized she had subconsciously conducted a telekinesis spell. Twilight Sparkle would have chuckled to herself if she wasn't so scared out of her mind.

It was then when the idea came to her. She directed the piece of concrete, at high velocity, straight at the humans. It knocked each of them over, sweeping from the left to the right into each of their heads. Each of them lay on the ground, not moving. Blood began to spread cross the pavement. She gasped, dropping the piece of concrete with her magic. Twilight Sparkle felt strange being responsible for their deaths. Nonetheless, a smile spread across her face.

Far away, someone watching her also smiled.

Author's Note:

You can probably tell that this is set after The Combine took control of Earth. So, I thought that they would probably use their augmented humans to help invade Equestria. And they would probably also use other augmented species that they have at their disposal, such as the Striders and Gunships.

I tried to write this from the perspective of Twilight Sparkle, hence her not knowing what guns are.

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