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When headmaster Ambrose entrusted me, Malvin Darkrider, with the Legendary cursed Discord card, it transports Malistaire and myself to Equestria. What could possibly go wrong, Beside the fact the spiral is being ripped apart.

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hmmm *opens mouth then closes* hmmm

never seen a wizard 101 crossover here before

I.... Huh. Alright. I can't believe that someone wrote a legitimate Wizard101 crossover, and to be honest it's not too bad. There are mistakes yes, but I've seen much, much worse. I'm on my phone right now, so when I get on my computer later I'll post some things that need fixed. For now I shall favorite, and thumb up the story.

Also, Life wizards are best wizards.

3354188 no they're not. That's ice wizards.

3367225 3354188 in a case you both are right. Ice wizards can deal a good 2nd to none to fire in damage but death and life wizards are the only ones with healing spells

Celestial Calendar. Feel the power of the Spiral!

What could possibly go wrong.

Capitalization, punctuation, and grammar, evidently.

3521388 Thats why I like making my secondary class life.

the lyrics are pretty good. All 7 classes plus darkness and chaos in one song :twilightsmile:

3353963 i havent either i think this might be the first ever on this site

3977983 That is a fact but I have set up a group to find some writers that can and hopefully will write more wizard 101 crossovers

4073718 well then congrats on being the first to write a wizards 101 crossover you may have just started a new era i will be honest though and say not likely but i could be wrong not to sound harsh though

5048306 WIZARDS ARE NOT A RACE!!! IT'S A PROFESSION!! LIKE BEING A LAWYER(only with less evil magic)!!!


Both of you are right in a case. Race V.S. Class

In wizard 101 the humans choose a class of magic they wish to use while the monsters were created with the magic of the class already flowing through them.

The seven classes (not including the astral classes) are more of a way to categorize strength and weakness.

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