• Published 17th Oct 2013
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The Exiled Dragon - TheNinjaTanuki

An epic short of an Equestrian dragon

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The discovery of the murder had been faster than how Gale had anticipated. A couple of hours after dawn, Ponyville was thrown into a state of utter panic. During the night before, Gale had taken extra precautions after murdering the guard. The dragon had thought that he had safely secured the body so that nopony would ever find it. Unfortunately a pony, who was bucking an apple tree near where the guard was buried, found the guards carcass. Gale never thought about the ponies that could be working at the apple orchard, he had been too careless. Now, everypony in Ponyville knows there is a killer prowling around, and they would be right! The sight of the chaotic spectacle spreading over Ponyville brings pangs of guilt to Gale’s heart. The dragon then asked himself why had he done that, why must he result in murder? Was there no other option at the time? They would soon find him, accuse him, blame him, point at him, reject him, call him a murder, call him a monster.

The blazing rays of the sun shun down upon his face. The flare was hot on his skin. His sea green scales caught the beams and projected rays of sea green light. Gale was a monster; he came to this conclusion a long time ago when he razed his hometown and killed everypony living in it. But Gale did not choose to be a monster. The destruction he had caused were merely accidents, Gale was sure of this. There was always an inner fire within Gale that he could not control, whenever he was in a predicament, that fire bursts out making Gale lose all sense of reason.

“Attention ponies of Ponyville, please calm down!”

Suddenly, Gale’s train of thought was interrupted by a purple unicorn; she was accompanied by a little dragon. Both of them were trying desperately to bring order to the panicking ponies.

“Please, everypony settle down! We must stay organised if we are going to solve this problem, if we just cool our heads we could think this through!” said the purple pony to the crowd of frightened ponies

“Twilight, they’re not listening!” said the dragon as he was trampled by ponies.

Twilight! That is name of the pony Gale was looking for. Through a number of resourceful informants, the pony named Twilight has a great connection with the ruler of Equestria, Princess Celestia. The answers to the mysteries of Gale’s past are being hidden from him by the Princess. But because of what he had done, Gale was chased down to the Everfree Forest to be left in exile. However, if he could get the pony named Twilight, it might help him get some answers.

Gale left the treetop he was hiding at the outskirts of the town. Carefully, Gale moved with extreme caution, dashing from building to building, blending himself to the silhouettes away from the gaze of the sun. The chaotic state of Ponyville had actually made it easier to sneak around; nopony would be able to pay attention to him in the stampede they made.
Closer and ever closer, Gale moved left to right, ran on roof tops and through flower patches. His heart raced as he got closer to his goal. He would finally be able to move one step closer to the truth of his origins, about his abnormality as a dragon and many other questions.

Then all of a sudden, Twilights horn started to glow, emitting a strange magical presence. The magical aura passed through Gale and everypony else. In an instant everypony stopped their madness and listened to the slight hum of Twilights magical aura. The effect though was different with Gale. The aura had somehow caused his scales to pulsate with the same glow of Twilight’s horn. This reaction was unpleasant to Gale and it rapidly worsens as the magical presence continues to overwhelm him, his head started to throb with pain and his vision blurring out. Gale felt like he was suffocating, like his chest was being crushed inside him. The pain! The pain was too much for him to bear! It was like torturing surges of agony was going through every inch of his body. What kind of sorcery is this!? The magic was so horrifying, so very agonizing. And yet it was so very familiar, the pain, the sensation, it was something Gale had felt before. The feeling of Twilights magical glow rubbing off Gale’s scales had unearthed something at the far end of his memories, but he could not tell what.

“Hey! It worked, the ponies calmed down” spoke the dragon by Twilight’s side,

“The harmonizing spell, it would calm down anyponies disturbed heart, it was also the same spell I used to hatch you Spike, only i have gotten a lot better at casting since back then” Replied Twilight.

What!? A spell used to hatch dragon eggs? Why would the unicorns need to hatch dragon eggs? What did they need the dragons for? All these questions spun around in Gale’s mind as he recovered from the magical surges. He felt the urge to just rush out and grab twilight, at that moment he was even more curious than ever.

But it was impossible now that the ponies stopped moving, it was eerily quiet. The sudden peace caused by the magic had made it harder for Gale to move around without revealing himself.

“Alright then, now that we have calmed down we can finally get a hold on the situation, Spike take note on the situation, we will get to the bottom of this” said twilight to the crowd.

Then at that moment the clouds were split apart by a Pegasus with a rainbow coloured mane.

“Hey, Twilight! I heard about the incident!” said the Pegasus as she flew around with great grace and speed. The flight of the Pegasus was such a sight to behold; Gale had never seen such a spectacle before. The Pegasus then flew next to Twilight to confront her.

“Was somepony really murdered?! When!? Where!? Who’s the killer!? Show em to me so i could give em a piece of my mind! Nopony causes trouble in Ponyville and gets away with it!” said the Pegasus.

“Rainbow Dash, we had just calmed the townsponies, don’t get them to panic again, and don’t worry we will solve this crime, but we must hurry, who knows if the killer is gonna strike again, tell the other girls to meet me in the library for a briefing” said Twilight.

“On it, obviously this killer has never heard of your friendly neighbourhood Rainbow Dash” said Rainbow Dash as she flies away.

“Don’t worry everypony, we will make Ponyville a safer place again” said Twilight followed by a thunder of happy cheers from the ponies.

The situation has worsen for Gale, not only he has to deal with the guards of Canterlot tracking him, Gale now has to deal with these ponies, how was he going to be able get Twilight at this stage? And then the crowd of ponies dispersed from the town square, giving Gale a chance to move around, the magic from Twilight had weakened him so his movements were sluggish, his breathing slowed down and just as he reached atop of a small hill, he lay down and slowly his mind began to fade, listening to the sounds of animals around him, it was peaceful, so very intoxicating, maybe the magic had affected him too. Little bunnies running around, birds chirping, the sound of flowing water, there was even a small cottage built there. It was very peaceful. Then everything was dark.

Author's Note:

I am so very sorry if my amateur work is abit tooo amateur, but please comment, suggest and leave a critique, it would help me alot, Thanks!