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Springfield's dullest and fattest nuclear safety inspector was just watching TV mowing the lawn one day, when a mysterious portal to another world sucked him up and dropped him off in Ponyville. Now Twilight and friends have to barely tolerate help Homer fit in, as Equestria undergoes mysterious changes.

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It . . . could have been better. But it sure as shit could have been a lot worse. For a first try, it was pretty good. Try to work on beefing up those paragraphs with some more descriptive sentences and a little narrative. As for Homer's behavior, flawless. He was completely in a recognizable character, and the setting seemed very Simpsons-esque. Your grammar was passable, your punctuation was generally used correctly. But like I said, this story needs some meat. What you gave us was bare bones, and we want some beef in this stew!

Edit: Also, classic title.

This Chapter was funny....Homer watching "Captain Monkey" it such a Simpson thing to do...Loving it. :pinkiehappy: MORE MORE! PLEAAAASE! :twilightsmile:


I like this! It's smooth, it's fun, it sounds like the Simpsons, for real!
Good job, keep it up! :twilightsmile:

What is the strange, yellow, apelike creature?
It's a kwyjibo, a big, dumb, balding North American ape with no chin...and a short temper.
The kwyjibo is an omnivore, however, it's favorite food items are pork chops, donuts, and beer.
Warning: The kwyjibo is known to attack when provoked, usually strangling its target when enraged.

Homer better not meet Donut Joe. It will be the end of that pony.

You misunderstand, Donut salesmen are the only people on the planet Homer would never harm in any shape or form...unless they refused to sell him a donut.

He's more likely to declare Donut Joe his Bestest Friend For Life Who Isn't Barney.

That was a lot better than I imagined. Have an uppvote :D
For some reason I pictured that this chapter was played out in the style of the old Simpsons animation, season 1 too be more specific.
Keep the awesome work coming and always remember that your awesome!

With love Asabrasa.

Used to fanfiction.net so,

SO... :pinkiegasp:

MANY... :pinkiegasp:

COMMENTS! :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:

:pinkiesmile: :pinkiehappy:


I was thinking of writing my own Simpson fanfic. Let's see if you can come with some good ideas "Shh, you wanna get sued?"

3361592 How about a fic where Moe Szyslak ends up in Equestria following one of his annual holiday suicide attempts?

Or the beginning of an early retirement.

The only complaint I have is that this funnier that the current series.:ajbemused:
No really::ajsmug:. I love classic homer; dim-witted, lazy, and a short attention span. So far not bad and has much room for improvements. So keep it up.

Can't wait when Homer has his first Pinkie Pie party.

When does he get to see Twilight's dad? It'll be the clash of Mr. Sparkles

Im having a good day so far, i read a random fanfic about orochimaru getting his arse handed to him by super cow, and now this.

3361051 Since you're a recent migrant from fanfiction.net, let me be the first to welcome you to FiMFiction.net!

Great story too, there hasn't been a decent Simpsons crossover, that I've seen at least. However, I recommend that you try to change up the writing style a bit, since right now you tend to repeat 'he/she said' a lot.

Either way, I'll keep an eye on this.

~Gherkin, the self-proclaimed Crossover Guy

You have created a heavenly piece of art... I f*cking love you, man...

3363674 I want a link to that. now.

In honour of this momentous fic, I present thee with the firstest episode of The Simpsons I could find, season two episode nineteen. http://www.cartoon-world.tv/the-simpsons-season-2-episode-19/


Thank you.

I love those moments when Homer does good. The hilarious screw-ups make them all the more wonderful. We might see those things in this story...

Love Dustin Hoffman's guest performance, too.

3364283 'Tis okay, I'm bored at four am, so Imma watch fairy tail and then go to sleep.

I find it strange that I have never seen a Simpsons crossover before, but I feel like it should have been done before

The Simpsons have done everything. The MLP fandom have done every crossover and ship. Yet they have never done each other.... :rainbowderp:

This is what they probably see homer as.
I'm expecting some sort of fun happening with :pinkiehappy:, :rainbowwild: and Homer.

I'm guessing that Rainbow's gonna hurt Homer and Homer's gonna think that RD's like Bart and strangle her.

HO-LEY-HELL!!! I was a fan of simpsons, but that just cracked a few ribs!!:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:


it feels like the simpsons movie for some reason I enjoyed that so no complaints.

Okay. You've caught my attention...

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MOAR ive been waiting my whole life for this

3366304 God bless you... that was the most satisfying beat-down of Orochimaru I've ever seen... and yet he's one of my favorite mad scientists, but then again, also one of my least-liked anime villains because he technically started the ENDLESS rivalry between Sasuke and Naruto... and because of him, there's endless Ho-Yay about the poor guys...

I liked the prequel to "Hail to the Chimp" best franchise ever.

It could be be worse, at least Homer is a mostly harmless moron, unless beer, celebrities, firearms, large farming equipment and fire are involved.

I wonder if Lisa will ever get to see Equestria. I'd imagine she'd be quite happy to visit.

buddy, you are off to a great start. I was wondering, I was planning to write my own crossover with the simpsons. I need to know how to capture the mood of the simpsons as well as you have. How did you do it?

Celestia H. Christ, everybody seems to love this. I hope I can keep this up, it's only been two chapters, with no interaction between Homer and the Equestrians yet. I really hope I keep the level of quality. I'm really just making stuff up as I go along, with ideas bouncing around my head that I sometimes let out.

To everyone wanting to see certain Equestrians, I hope to include several recurring characters, but again, just spitting it out as I go along.

The big question is other Simpsons characters. When I first conceived this, I only figured for Homer, but with all the ideas bouncing around, I have no idea where to go right now.


1. Just Homer
2. Other Characters Later in story
3. Other Characters in sequel(s?)


How? I have no clue. I typed as I went along with an idea of where it was going.


I know! I totally remembered that when I was writing the first chapter! :scootangel:

At some point Frank Grimes should make an appearence. Maybe this time he's driven insane by Pinkie Pie. Love this story so far. Really has the feel of the classic Simpsons episodes. :twilightsmile:

3371653 Just Homer please. Too many would spoil it.

T-t-this fanfic... this... fanfic... This fanfic is...!
Seriously, it's great! You got the Simpsons humor perfectly, and with Homer's antics and Pinkie's randomness together... well, Equestria's days are numbered :applejackconfused:. Also, running around so much can't be good for Homer and his heart problems...:twilightoops:.

3371653 You should have Pinkie and Dash make an interdimensional prank call to Moe.

Homer inspected it with confusion.

General Confusion:"Zees is quiet deadly looking, better not touch it without raison, or you might kill us all!"
Homer:"What, like this?"
G.Confusion:"WAT? You fool! You doomed us aiiiiiih"

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