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Jedi Exile - makey101

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Authors note:

First off, all other authors notes will be in the comments. I think these destroy the flow of a piece. In any case, I wrote this fic because I enjoy HiE stories and what better way to make one than using Jedi? This story takes place an unknown (undecided) years after the the New Jedi Order has started (post episode 6). Also, being MY fic, the alternate universe tag applies to both MLP and to Star Wars. I reserve creative freedom to twist Star Wars cannon into whatever shape I want. This is to keep anybody from calling me out on how XYZ is different in the Star Wars universe. Please feel free to leave any criticism in the comments as it will help me shape future chapters. Also, any ideas will be appreciated (I will try to give credit where credit is due). In any case, I hope you enjoy the story as much as I do!

This is bad.

When I was observing the town from what I thought was a safe distance, a purple unicorn discovered me while attempting to jump from one tree to another. To give the unicorn credit, it was Sensitive enough to pick up on my manipulation of the Force. It then proceded to try and make contact with me.

It was not that I feared for my life, as I have been in more dicey situations in the past, but it was the things constant attempts at Contacting me. And I mean Contact with a capital C. The big leagues: First Contact. While there is no real rule about contacting a non-developed race, but I wanted these creatures a fair impression of the galactic civilizations. I may not be a Jedi anymore, but I can be nice when the time comes.

The ony other option I was left with was to flee. And by flee I mean book it as fast as possible. It was not a particularly strong desire for me to end up as some lab rat. With any luck, I will pass into some sort of rumor or be mistaken by one of the local creatures.

"Wait! Stop!" The purple unicorn yelled, "I havent had a chance to properly catalouge you!"

Catalouge me? How long has she been watching?

I took this as my cue to sprint my hardest away from this sneaky catalouger. Within the first week of arival on this planet, I noticed that the civilized inhabitants are wary of entering the forest. It appeared that they were lacking in the natural defenses required to thrive in a location such as this. Using that to my advantage I shot into the underbrush and attempted to put as much distance between me and that unicorn as possible.

"I just want to know what kind of creature you are!"

Not a creature easily caught I thought.

"I wont bite! I just want to know what you are!"

Its not me im worried about.

"I can feel the magic you use! How do you do it without a horn?"

This thing sure knows how to ask questions.

Try as I might, I could not shake the unicorn. It must know the terrain I thought to myself. No sooner had the thought formed and swam a circle in my head when I came upon a cliff just adjacent to a waterfall. I am running out of options FAST.

The Purple unicorn approached me while panting. "Now then, please turn around so that I may see what you look like."

I frantically looked at my surroundings and turned around slowly. Well its better than nothing. I gave a smile and a wave to the unicorn and leaned back until I was plummeting towards the pool of water below.

Man I love it when I look cool.

Twilight Sparkle did not know what to make of the creature she had followed. It seemed intellegent enough while trying to run away. She even got a glimpse of a little bit of magic too! However, the last interaction with it unnerved her greatly. It seemed to smile and wave its arm at her before falling over the cliff, stiff as a board.

Why would somepony do that? it just decided to fall off of a cliff! And did it WINK at me?

After a solid five minutes, Twilight collected herself and decided to head out of the forest. It was not a strong desire for her to be caught in the maze of trees after dark. Resisting the urge to seek the bipedal creature out, Twilight turned around and headed in the direction she came in.

"That was close!" I sighed to nobody in particular while climbing out of the river several hundred yards from the waterfall. I needed to be more careful in what I do around that small village.

I returned to my ship that I had "landed" on the bank of the river close to the waterfall. well, "landed" was a generous term I used for my arrival on this planet. The engines were shot shortly before my jump to Hyperspace causing some manual adjustments to the trajectory. needless to say that gravity, being the heartless dame she is, made me improvise my approach.

I arrived at my ship and added a log onto the fire to assure that i could dry my robes. The nights sure are peaceful here. I checked my fishing lines and other traps I had set only to find them empty. "guess im going hungry tonight."

As the evening went on, Twilight Sparkle became more and more concerned with how dark the forest had gotten. She was so caught up in following the creature that she forgot to keep track of how to get back. Feeling a sense of hoplessness caused Twilight to react to every sound she heard.


Twilight snapped her head around to see where the noise came from. Only the darkness of the forest met her eyes which only served to unnerve her more. Without a second thought, Twilight rushed forward hoping to find a way out of the forest if she kept running.

Ten minutes and an exhausted Twilight later, she came upon a river. Deciding it was as good of a place to be away from monsters as any, she decided to take a break and drink. When her heart finally calmed down, she took time to take in her environment. The night was a pleasent one. Luna's moon was high over the forest giving the riverbank a soft, silvery glow.

Deciding that she was safe enough for the time being, she stopped by the river to drink some water out of the river. As she drank, she heard a melodic sound coming from just around the river bend.

The melody was a simple one. It seemed to rise and fall much like the river did. Twilight could not tell if the song was sad or happy, but it felt... optimistic.

"Well, anything that can make music like that cant be harmful..."

With that Twilight walked around the bush to see if whatever was sining could help her. Nothing could prepare Twilight for what she saw.

Sitting atop the strangest black rock she had ever seen, sat the creature she had been chasing throughout the Everfree. It had made a small fire which its clothes were near and it had a stick attached to a string that was in the water. Twilight wanted to get a closer look at the creature, but it was silhouetted by the moon.

Seeing this as the opportunity she had been waiting for, she approached the fire, hoping to not startle the creature. If the past day was any indication, it was a skittish creature that probably feared her. To rectify this, Twilight decided to wait by it's fire until it noticed her.

That is one persistent unicorn.

The unicorn laid beside my fire and awaited for me to notice her. Perhaps she thinks that I haven't noticed it. I turned around and Looked at it. That is Look with a capital L. The main difference is that I employ the Force when I see things. I find it useful divining the nature of what I am looking at.

It seemed startled at my gaze, perhaps it did not track me down, but got lost on it's way back to the village.

"Are you lost Curious One?" The unicorn shuddered at the unfamiliar Title.

It appeared that the last thing it expected was to hear me speak and understand my words. Once again I used the Force to communicate. There are many creatures in the galaxy that use the Force to speak. One of my old Masters used this method to instruct. I used it so I did not need to learn another language. That and the fact that I am fairly lazy.

"Y-y-you can talk?"

"Yes." I need to reveal as little of myself as possible to this unicorn. No need to frighten it.

The unicorn appeared to be thinking "What are you?" The unicorn blurted more than asked.

"That isn't important."

That response seemed to hit the unicorn the wrong way. It didn't quite know how to respond.

"Let's start over. My name is Twilight Sparkle. What is your name?"

"Call me Warden. It is as close to a name as you will get. Why have you come here Dusk-Shimmer?" I knew that was not it's name, but all work and no play makes a Ex-Jedi a dull boy.

"Twilight Sparkle." It said with a cough.


Twilight looked unconvinced "Anyway, I got lost on my way back to Ponyville because somepony decided to run away from me."

"It was necessary."

"For what?" Twilight didn't hesitate to ask. Sharp wit, this one.

"I am hiding. The less people who knows my whereabouts the better."

"What are you hiding from?" This one is full of questions.

"My kin"

"Why are you hiding?"

*Sigh* "Look Evening Twinkle-"

"Twilight Sparkle"

"Sure." I said dismissively before continuing, "I came here to do my own thing and hide from those who are looking for me. For now, I need rest. We will discuss the future in the morning."

With that the unicorn named Twilight curled near the fire and fell promptly asleep. I, on the other hand, fell into deep contemplation. There were three options ahead of me: One, I could follow this Twilight into the nearby town and attempt a new life. Two, I could remain in the forest, be on friendly terms with the natives, and maybe learn a thing or two from them. And last but not least, I could...dispose of Twilight and move far away from here.

I would rather not take more life than I already have. Also, I have sacrificed far too much in my search for Truth in the Force to start a new life. Door number two it is.

First Contact went decently well, I'll have to wait to speak to the leader of the land in order to make it official. On the bright side: this unicorn did not fear me, so that is a successful first contact experience if ever there was one.

With a grunt I jumped off of my ship and put more wood on the fire before retiring for the night.