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It has been years since the fall of the god of chaos. A stable rule is established by the two sisters that defeated the mad god, Princess Celestia: Pure of heart and power to raise the sun and protect her citizens. The other sister is not as fortunate to have as kind a reputation...Princess Luna: Clinging to shadows and bringer of the night. While ponies basked in the bright day, they shunned the night; leaving the younger sister to feel unwanted and alone compared to Clesetia's sun. They worked together to protect Equestria and the Princess of Night lived in the shadow of her sister, sorrow and depression mounting to rough thoughts of hate...but a certain somepony just might change that...even if the love is forbidden.

(Art by Marik Azemus)

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I Liked the story so far :D, the singing part was great, considered that I could make up a random rythm with it X3

I'm really lookin forward for moar of your work :D :D
Floop :3
-Lime GreenSharde'

Thanks, I can't wait to upload more and im glad you liked the singing! :derpytongue2:

This is a beautiful story. But I get the feeling that this will end in tragedy, since we know that Luna becomes Nightmare Moon. And I get this feeling that Celestia will be a cause for this along with Canterlot Nobility. Am I right with my guess?

3413128 You have no idea how much saying that motivated me :pinkiehappy: A lot of things make Nightmare Moon, but i'm taking this much deeper than Celestia so let's just wait and see...

3413198 Well, I look forward to what will unfold in your story.

(I want to credit the artist but I can't read the signature, sorry about that.)

Take the link

Yeah. I had a feeling that this would happen. Good to see that my prediction was not wrong. What happens before Luna changes and after is still unknown to me. Keep up the good writing.

it is a lovely store I wish u would keep writing it I know from the past chapters u haven't got any feed back I just found this store and to tell the truth I am very much in joying it.

Please even if its just one person reading it isn't it enuff to keep going??

but I look forward to your next chapter and heres a few hearts on me


3924330 I was never going to stop writing this one D: Ive just been busy beyond belief. Though I can tell you without a doubt that the next chapter should be up by the end of this week! Thank you though for the inspiring comment, even if one person is reading it, its my job to finish it; and I cant wait to finish it.

That ending..... so cute. So lovely.... I like it

Comment posted by Ocean Heart deleted Feb 18th, 2014

3958992 I mean the chapter ending.... "will you marry me..."

3959065 The derp is strong with me today apparently.

This story holds beauty that words fail to describe.

3962850 And I cant describe how much saying that means to me...

Closest I have come to crying in years, and I'm sure it wouldn't just have been a close call if I had read the whole thing to this point in one sitting.

4018777 Added a summary for better context at the end. Curse me and my amazing hindsight!!!!


4018849 oh okay thanks!

Makes much more sense now :D

Wait, is she pregnant or is Nightmare Moon making her sick?

4125347 All love bears its boons...

I don't know why but I absolute love this story, it is very well written and its characters are actually well developed like any other good story, but something else just seems to draw me in further than other stories. Keep up the great work!

Also I would find it amusing if Nightmare Moon would try to take over Luna but only become the unborn child she supposedly has, that, although completely unnecessary, would be hilarious.

Again, great story and I love the old English (or is it Old Equestrian?) and how it is executed, but its inconsistency throughout the story is a tad bothersome but not really a major issue to the story as it doesn't seem to go against the development of it. Also the grammar is very good and unless you are trying REALLY hard to find errors, the story flows perfectly.

Let's hope for more high quality chapters and this lovely story to shape exactly how you want it to.


...Luna... the baby...
-10 score for Luna :(

Some authors decide to pull the heart strings, toy with them and see how we react. You, however, grab them and viciously rip them out of our cheats while were forced to sit there watching, horrified! Good job.

I think I subconsciously killed my feelings in a dream, symbolized in the form of my friend who I grabbed, forced to the ground, and then i forced the blade into his throat until the halfway point and almost severed his head.

My mind didn't spare me any details; I almost threw up in my sleep. I could feel the blade going deeper, it's sharp edge digging into his throat, through weak bone and soft skin.

And I have felt no emotion since.

4160492 Good yo knpw thats the reaction, my writing idol is Jitterbugjive over on tumblr for the way he so easily plays with emotions, people call him a feelmancer. So it makes me proud to start on that same path of good writing.

Thats some heavy stuff...did I really hit that deep?

4161163 eh that dream happened a few days before the chapter was posted but I felt a shred of emotion reading the story so you hit deep but rest assured you didn't break me.

Hmm adding two versions of the chapter... Great way to do it actually; can't beleive i didn't think of that...

4236407 Indeed indeed, cant wait to get it launched.

So beautiful.... I like it :heart::heart::heart::heart:

I'm the only comment in this chapter so far and that is kinda sad. I mean this is a very good story and more people should know about it.

Usualy I don't cry and this story still didn't make me cry it is sad though but the only story to make me cry was a story about discord watching Celestia die.

5791486 Its not even at the tear jerker part.. c:

And thank you, im glad you enjoy my story so much!

This tried way too hard, and I HVAE NO IDEA what the ending was about.

They fall in love at first sight...alrght I'll buy it since they are real lonely virgins. Rushing the wedding...musta been some mnd blowing sex.

Where it really fell apart was the pregnancy/hide-a-wedding plotline.

My mom was crazy. While the 3 mares she bought were well past the 2 months, and so while I don't think they show that early I'll let that slide...Luna asks a question about foal names...and instead of talking about it with him she assumes he is absolutely against foals and decides to jump from somewhere.

Then Nightmare Moon takes over while she is in a coma, Celestia doesn't want to punish her, NMM gets banished...then lets Luna send her child back to Equestria.

What. The. Fuck.

It's implied that the child is retarded or developmentally slow. The thing is, that level of damage that early into a pregnancy would cause a miscarriage, ESPECIALLY IF IT SENT THE MOTHER INTO A COMA.

So it was a cute start, that literally swandived onto cement.

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