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The Wizard of Words

Come what may and test what will, I always find peace in some form of writing. Be it famous, hidden, or simply my own, it is and forever will be a sanctuary.


Princess Celestia, Regent of the Sun, has long guided the ponies of Equestria with a gentle and caring hoof. Never once did she allow herself to be swayed by thoughts of power, nor did she turn away from her subjects in their times of need. A ruler rightfully adored, she has helped an uncountable amount of ponies with their lives, finding their dreams, and fulfilling their destinies.

But comes the day she had long dreaded, but never feared.

Twilight Sparkle, her dutiful and precious student, has fulfilled her destiny and has become a new princess for Equestria. With her new role comes many responsibilities, but for a curious mare such as herself, so to come the questions. What does it mean to be an alicorn? What does it meant to be a princess? But more importantly than anything else, why is Princess Celestia an immortal, but Twilight Sparkle not?

It is a question the Princess of the Sun must now answer. Her last secret to be told to her greatest student.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 111 )

Oi, a long time back I thought you had quit :). Glad to see that's not the case.

Wha? Quit? No! I'm writing a bunch of stories still!

Well for a moment there I felt like it was starting to drag a bit, as it was just following Celestia through her day. But I will admit, that end hooked me and reeled me in. I will definitely be staying for the next chapter.

3320113 Well thats nice to know. If the rest are like this then... Well im going to have alot of good fics to read aren't I? Have a like n fav!

Balderdash and blasphemy, the quitting part that is.

Sorry, but I'm only here because of your description.

To the most literal extent.

As of now, you're saying that Princess Celestia is a substance that causes a reaction with the sun. While maybe technically correct (:rainbowlaugh:), I believe that was supposed to be 'regent'.:twilightsheepish:

Oh shit.

This is gonna be a big one.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Oh shit indeed...

Celestia's got a secret of impressive scale...

~Skeeter The Lurker

Why is Celestia immortal, yet Twilight is not?

Celestia reveals her greatest secret!

:trollestia: Twilight, I am your... God!

Meh. Sorry, but your Twidash is a head and shoulders above Twilestia. At least the first impression is... Disappointing.

Princess Celestia, Reagent of the Sun,

A "reagent" is an ingredient or component. Could be a play on words, of course, but did you mean "Regent" as in a reigning monarch or the temporary officeholder for one?

EDIT: didn't read previous comments. See 3320449 .

Way to blue ball us Wizard!

*shakes fist* :twilightangry2:

3320616 Why is Celestia Twilight's god? :rainbowhuh: You know that I can still read what it says even though you sort of censored it. :twistnerd:

I up-voted this story. :rainbowkiss:

Comment posted by Kritziebomelu deleted Oct 9th, 2013

3320499 You do realize that:

Not only do you, by signing your every post, make your name plate -just left from your post, above the little avatar you put into your account- absolutely obsolete!
No, it's also (at the very least for me) hilariously stupid! (See the aforementioned name plate just left from your post, above your avatar)

Let's get some baseless speculation up in here!

The constant 'warming' sensation Celestia gets when love passes to her makes me get the impression she's an emotion-eater like Chryssy - just not so mean or ravenous as her. She controls the sun but does not derive her longevity from it. Perhaps she and Luna need emotions to live so long in order to prevent the control of day and night from falling into the hands hooves of squabbling mages and nobles? Anyway, that's what I'm getting from this. Celly and Luna are 'changelings' (read: emotion eaters) of some sort or other.

It's an old roleplay habit that people use on forums or comments, it's perfectly respectable and I do not found it hilariously stupid. Since Skeeter did not write something rude or uncalled-for he have the right to put his name in his comment if he want and you're not here to write your opinion about it! If you really find his roleplay disturbing then send him a mail via the website service.


'Tis a joke, dear fellow, 'tis a joke.

I blanked that section so as to make one wonder what it said.

I also had considered using mother instead of God, however I believed that would have been an obvious and blatant reference to Star Wars.

Yes...must see how this ends!

So many new Twilight and Celestia-centered fics.


Oh, I do love this setup. :twilightsmile:

I saw the romance tag... and looked... I don't see twilestia warnings. (Or just missed them)

Can I be hopeful about just reading an emotional non-twilestic romance story? Or should I leave without causing trouble?

It's almost like you don't like Twilestia. :rainbowderp:

3323584 All I have to do is move my cursor over it and bam! There's the 'hidden' word!

I'm starting to wonder if anyone actually commented here AFTER they read the story.

Hmmm... I shall watch this...

3326354 I did read it. ***SPOILER ALERT***

Celestia just thinkin' things over about Twilight's mortal life. :rainbowkiss:

It wasn't really a spoiler, I'm just a troll... or, at least I think I am... :rainbowderp: I don't know... :applejackconfused:

I'm going to point this out because no one else has. Please stop using 'the passive voice'. If you would like to know what I mean, well you have the Internet. A great resource to look at is www.slickwrite.com. Also filter words are bad, too. Seriously, they are both ruining this story.

Hmmm, this is getting interesting. :twilightsmile:

Well, that's a lovely dangling question there... :ajbemused: One wonders what she wishes to say. It can't be "because" since that's the usual answer and wouldn't require secrecy. It seems obvious that it is not to ask Twilight why it is anyone thinks Celestia is immortal, since that appears to be implied to be true.

I can't decide whether to think that the answer is "of course you are..." and the resultant impending terror of that thought or that some other reason whether it be unknowable or horrible or other results in Twilight thinking that becoming an alicorn just took the better things in life away from her or gaining a negative view of Celestia.

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here.

Princess Celestia, Reagent of the Sun

3329453 Sure he could submit it, but it would never get through. So many grammar mistakes and typos for one.

3329569 besides the one in the title, could you name some others? I work as his editor, and it'd be good to know what I missed.

3327134 do you perhaps mean filler words? If so, the choice to leave them in is deliberate. As for passive voice, that's part of Wizard's trademark style. He also has a peculiar fascination with describing eyelids, lips and cheeks. Pouches of coiled flesh on the face, in other words. It's an acquired taste, but I decided that the repetition of words gave the story a distinctive tone so I let them slide, and trust me when I say he knows how to write outside of the passive voice.

3330749 was it the constantly editing your stories regardless of content when I could have chosen from dozens of other authors on the site or the constant words of encouragement at the end of every chapter I didn't have massive problems with that tipped you off? :unsuresweetie:

Also, please fix the opening blurb. Much as I am a fan of chemistry, people are starting to giggle rather a lot at the misspelling, and I can't touch the text you write for the title. Also, it bugs my OCD. :raritydespair:

Filter words are words like 'felt'. They distance the reader from the characters unnecessarily, and though they aren't always inappropriate (if your goal is to create that distance), they usually are.

As for the passive voice. The only thing I find more annoying in writing than the passive voice is switching between past and present tense. Saying that something is 'my style' is not a valid excuse for passive voice any more than it is for bad grammar unless it adds to the narrative in some way. For instance, in a first person story from the perspective of a young child, you could argue that sentence fragments add to the narrative.

If he doesn't want to change, that's his choice and fine. I won't be reading, however.
Active/passive voice is like a hammer. It is designed to be used in a particular way, but there maybe times when an alternate method is more desirable. I have never found a good reason to use the prongs instead of the peen when hammering a nail.

3331299 It's a deliberate choice to develop a distinguishing voice, though... It's not like "oh, right, well, uh, I meant to do that all along". It's that "I know how to write in active voice, but my stories have a specific narration to them and I prefer to utilize the passive voice for them." You wouldn't have a problem with bad grammar if the narrator is implied to be of a lower intelligence than the characters around them. If you won't be reading, that's your decision, but just know that he does have a grasp of the basic tools used in writing and he is fully aware of what he is doing.

As to filter words, I'll be keeping my eye on them in the future.


uncountable is usually used as a term in grammar and mathematics and thus isn't a very good word for narrative.
so to come the questions. -> so too


She could not bring herself to hate things that had to be, and fear of the same thing would only lead her immortal life to be wrought with worry. -> comma is extra.
She could hope it away, though she knew the good it would do. -> it would do no good. Right now it is confusing if it actually would do good or not.
Be them sacrifices she didn’t wish to -> Be they
This was something she could not-- and would not-- enjoy. -> Double dash isn't the same as an em-dash '—'. alt-0151. Spaces aren't used before or after and em-dash.
It only made sense that as she grew[] her desire to learn grew with her. -> Missing a comma
Twilight Sparkle became an alicorn, a princess, a ruler with a heart as large as her mind. -> had become
A patient sight left Celestia’s lips. -> sigh

Sorry but I don't have time time to go through the first chapter, or any inclination either. I just came here to giggle at the silly synopsis. I would never read a story written like this, and only went through the first part because you've been a nice enough chap when commenting on my fics.

This story is a textbook example of purple prose, overcomplicated run-on sentences, and overt use of passive voice. You can call it his "trademark style" or whatever, but to everyone else it's just an excuse to write badly without wanting to improve or change. He's not being an unique little snowflake—stuff like his fills the Twilight/Anne Rice fanfic sites. And yes, they're garbage there too.

Well, first chapter in, and I have to say that, even though I wish this chapter was substantially longer (Ya know, to at least one thousand words), I can see why you didn't do, and I can respect that since you seem to make up for it with the eye catching description and the four thousand word chapter proceeding this one. I guess I'm a bit of a nitpick when it comes to subjects like these, so please excuse my behavior.

Away from the short chapter, I have to admit that you opened the story up pretty well with your introduction about the table scene, and Twilight and Celestia's serious discussion. That can catch even the most eccentric reader, so I'll have to keep an eye on this to see where it takes me.

Might even have to donate a fave and a like...

~Formal Document

I hate to butt in, I really do, but I think that you should let a sleeping dog lie. This subject will probably turn into some kind of war, and I'm sure the author of this amazing story won't take fond to that, so I must ask you that you delete this comment and leave it alone. Not a command, just asking politely.

~Formal Document

3332050 It is a style, though. I've seen what you're talking about in other parts of the site. Heck, I edit stories like that all the time. I have yet to find a style the same as his, and since I know he can write in an active voice (I keep bringing this up--does anybody even listen to me anymore?), I keep it the way it is. Maybe you've found some really shitty fan fiction writers who have that same style, but I doubt they're aware of it and able to shift out of it. I'd put that down to coincidence, since I've seen plenty of *awful* fanfiction and it rarely comes close to how he writes. And yes, Wiz does tend to purple prose things up. I would like that to change, but I haven't found a good time to bring it up. As for run-ons, I do my best where I can. He's hardly in love with them, either. But they do crop up from time to time. That said, he's far from a talentless hack and I don't really appreciate you treating him (and, given I do the editing for him, me by extension) as if he is. In fact, on rereading your comment is exceedingly rude.

As to me being a nice enough chap....:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: no. You can ask Rainbowbob about me. I can be nice, it's true, but I can be biting when I see something I don't like.

Intriguing story and a nice, smooth style. Will be watching after this.

You are literally the first to comment on liking my style. Thank you.

Such beautiful writing! With this perfect tempo and flow, I can tell this will be one of my new favorite fics. Can't wait for the next chapter! :twilightsmile:

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