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Months have passed since the failed changeling invasion of Equestria. Princess Cadance and Shining Armor's combined love were instrumental in repelling the nightmarish creatures. But before that fateful day, the Crystal Princess was imprisoned beneath the foundation of Equestria while the Queen took over her life, and Cadance lived in fear of what would happen to Equestria if the queen's plans came to fruition.

Her fears are about to be realized.

Written for Equestria Daily's 2013 Nightmare Night: Spooky Harder writing contest.

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...What, no comments?

If nothing else it was an interesting idea, examining the likely lingering trauma of Cadance's imprisonment. Good work!


I've always thought it strange that "A Canterlot Wedding" featured the most violent attempted takeover of Equestria by creatures that wanted to suck the emotion out of every life form they could catch, yet no one seems to be adversely affected afterward. Granted, we're talking about a cartoon show and not Battlestar: Galactica, but still....

Anyways, yes, I thought it an interesting enough idea to at least try out. The goal was to write it in two sessions over a twenty-four period from Saturday morning to Sunday morning, edit it for grammer/typos and such, and put it up before I could tinker with it too much. The whole thing was written to James Horner's soundtrack for Aliens, primarily the more ambient pieces during the first half of the movie when the Marines are exploring the colony and atmosphere processor. This shaped the story more than I had initially intended, but I just rolled with it rather than restart from scratch and threw in the overt "Newt" reference once the influence became abundantly clear.

Glad you enjoyed it, even if the end results of my efforts were not up to par or expectations. I do try to get better, I swear! :)

WOW!:pinkiegasp: I felt like Cadence.:fluttercry::flutterrage: Thank you.:pinkiehappy: you scarred a 12(13 in 4 days):ajsleepy::applecry::pinkiesad2::raritycry::raritydespair:

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