• Published 6th Oct 2013
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Six Two Six Two - lunabrony

When a new villain threatens Canterlot and renders the Elements of Harmony useless, Twilight and her friends must find a way to recruit the experiment Stitch from Hawaii. And after they worked so hard to get rid of him the first time, too.

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11 - It All Comes Down To This - Part 1

"First Applejack. Then Celestia. Then Twilight. Then Sweetie Belle. We don't know if Rarity is safe or not, but judging from the Diamond Dogs incident, we can only assume she's safe." Rainbow Dash paced back and forth in the air, while Spike watched her and gradually became increasingly dizzy.

Gathered in Twilight's Library, what remained of the Six and a very reluctant Trixie had rejoined to put together what little they knew. Spike remained by Twilight, hugging her frozen front legs and hoping she would be alright. Stitch had gone after Rarity, and presently could not be found.

"You know what this calls for?" Pinkie asked cheerfully.

"No offense, but I really don't think a party will help us right now."

"Not a party! Why do you guys always think I'm gonna say party?"

"Were you going to say party?"

"...Well yes, but that's not the point! I think I know where we can get another clue!"

"Great, do inform us."

"Twilight can tell us!" She chirped.

"In case you haven't noticed, Purple Smart isn't exactly conscious right now," Trixie huffed.

"Oh, I know that. But she was probably looking for clues when she was attacked, right? So if she found any clues, it'd stand to reason that they'd still be on her." Pinkie looked proud of herself.

Rainbow Dash stopped her pacing. "You know, that's not a horrible idea. Spike, search her."

Spike saluted, and began his investigation. It didn't take that long to search Twilight, for the mare didn't exactly have any pockets. But he did encounter trouble when attempting to pry open her saddlebag, the flap of which was petrified closed.

"Rainbow Dash, gimme a hand with this!"

Dash looked confused. "A what?"

"Just help me open this!"

Rainbow Dash shrugged, and zoomed down to his side, gripping the flap of Twilight's saddlebag with her wings. Bracing her legs against the ground, she gave a mighty heave.

The saddlebag protested and creaked like an old rusted trunk, but didn't give way. Trixie laughed.

"Ha! While Trixie commends your efforts, perhaps this is a job best left to the Great and Power Trrrrrrrixie! Move aside, weakling." She charged up her horn, fairly effortlessly.

"I thought you were going to start being nice," Fluttershy said quietly. Trixie glared at her with such force that Fluttershy stumbled backwards and tripped over a potted plant. "That's okay I'll just stay in here..." She said from within the pot.

Trixie sent a magical bolt from her horn, and the petrified saddlebag flew open. She smiled, and blew a puff of air at her horn. "Trixie will expect thank you cards later."

Rainbow Dash frowned, and pointed at the struggling Fluttershy. "Go help her."

Trixie pouted, but did just that, and quickly pulled the trapped Pegasi's head from inside the flower pot.

Spike held up a rolled up scroll triumphantly. "A clue!"

Rainbow looked at Pinkie. "How'd you know that was in there?"

"I didn't!" Pinkie said. "I saw it in a movie once."

The others gathered around Spike, who began reading the long awaited clue that they hoped would bring final resolution to the Terror of Ponyville.

Spike swelled his chest, and read aloud. "Milk. Eggs. Alfalfa sprouts. New quills. New parchment. New order forms. Blanket... for... Spike..." His earfins drooped. "It's a shopping list."

Trixie snorted. "Well, that's SO helpful. I'm so glad we made this trip."

"Wait!" Pinkie said. "There's something on the back!"

Spike turned it over, and Fluttershy read over his shoulder.


Trixie blinked. "What in Equestria is a Ponydex?"

Spike scratched his head. "It's Twilight's Creature Inventory. She catalogs every species she encounters in this weird little magic thing she designed. She says it's supposed to help her research. Maybe even win the Neighbel Prize!"

"It sounds lame," Trixie said.

"It sounds like just what we need!" Rainbow said. "And this Ponydex thing will tell us what's attacking our friends?"

"If we can find it, yes." Spike said. "If we're lucky she'll have managed to scan her attacker before it turned her to stone."

"Great, go get it!"

"But it's in Twilight's Reading Room..."


"So I'm not allowed in there without her permission!"

"This is an emergency, Spike! Go get it!"

Spike looked uncomfortable, but hurried off.

Pinkie, meanwhile, had been nosing at the turned over books that surrounded the purple unicorn. "Hey, guys? I think I found something else..."

Fluttershy came to look. "The Ritual of the Moon? Oh my, sounds dangerous."

"Let me see that!" Rainbow said, and took the tome from Fluttershy. "...Inspired by Legend, the Ritual of the Moon is a powerful Dark spell forbidden to pony kind. The exact ritual is unclear, but ancient stories tell that one may be able to summon an eternal darkness to cover the land. If performed, this spell will drain the magic from the five unicorns needed to complete it. Forbidden magic. Extremely dangerous, do not attempt."

"Do you really think somepony is trying to take away the sun... forever?" Spike sounded nervous. "I thought that already happened." He looked outside to the dark sky, the sun hadn't been seen in days.

"Sort of. The sun hasn't come up because Celestia isn't there to raise it. Theoretically it sounds like this would destroy all hope of ever seeing the sun again.

"That's horrible!" Trixie exclaimed.

"I know," Fluttershy said.

"Just think! Nopony would be able to see Trixie perform!"

"Yeah. What a disaster," Rainbow said.

Spike, who had returned, counted on his claws. "Celestia, Twilight, Sweetie Belle. He's already got three. We still have time to stop him!"

"Great!" Rainbow Dash said. "Spike, did you get that Ponydex?"

Spike held up a strange looking, bright purple circular object.

"We have to tell Rarity what we learned, before she's in even more danger!" Fluttershy said.

"But we don't know where to find them!" Spike said.

"Probably in his lair in the Forest," Trixie said.

The room went dead quiet.

"And you know where this is?" Rainbow asked.

"Of course. Trixie was living in the forest for some time. She hears lots of things."

"Why didn't you tell us this before?!"

"You never asked," Trixie said.

Rainbow Dash facehooved so hard it sounded like shattered glass. "Well then let's go! We don't have time for this!"

Racing out the door, Rainbow Dash and Trixie took the lead, with Fluttershy and Pinkie behind. Spike was last, and fumbled with the lock on the door.

"Spike, leave it!"

"But I'm supposed to lock up when I'm the last one out!"

Pinkie grabbed him by the tail and flung him onto her back, racing towards the forest with the others.

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