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Royal Blue - iDeltaVelocity

Diamond Tiara accidentially gets a split personality

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A Split Personality

Royal Blue
Chapter 1
A Split Personality

Another day of school was over and done with, thankfully, and now Diamond Tiara could turn her attention to something that she felt actually mattered: gathering what she needed for her cute-ceañera party that was coming up this weekend. Her Dad had hopefully gotten most of the preparations out of the way. She wanted it to be as fantastic as she could possibly make it, something that would be the talk of every filly and colt in school for days, if not weeks. All she needed was pick up her dress and she’d be good to go until then.

“Did you see the looks on their faces? Priceless!” Diamond Tiara cackled after her and Silver Spoon’s most recent encounter with Apple Bloom and Twist. It was not the first time they’d gotten into a spat with each other; in fact, they fought many times before Diamond had earned her cutie mark. Today was no different for them--besides the fact that she had something else she could use to mess with the farm pony.

Though their families and Miss Cheerilee had tried time and again to get them to at least tolerate each other, hostilities were still fresh between them, and no pony at school, not wanting to find themselves in the middle of it, dared try and venture into why they hated each other so much.

“You really think they’ll take the invite?” asked Silver Spoon. It was a surprise to her Diamond invited them in the first place.

“I don’t know. They might for some reason or another.” In all honestly, Tiara did not expect either of them to attend. “But enough about them for a while. Let’s head over and up my dress for the party.”

“You told me last week that your father got Miss Rarity to make it, right?”

Diamond Tiara nodded. “It’s guaranteed to be amazing.” They trotted further into town, towards the Carousel Boutique where Diamond Tiara was supposed to pick up her dress. Expensive was literally another word for it. It was going to be dazzling, the eye-grabber of the party, if she could say so herself.

It was meant to be. As far as she and Silver was concerned, she had nothing to worry about.

They approached their destination, going through the front door of the Carousel Boutique. The foyer was prim and tidy as it’d always been. Rarity was there, picking up supplies she used on a latest project and placing them into a small box she kept on the table. She noticed Diamond and Silver Spoon and waved at them to come closer.

“Hello, girls. So glad you could finally come,” she greeted them. She glanced down at Diamond Tiara, the pink filly returning an eager look as she waited to receive her dress. “I’ve just received your father’s payment. Your dress should be ready to go.”

“That’s good to hear,” said Diamond. She watched as Rarity went to the back. After a few seconds, the unicorn reemerged with a large gift-wrapped present which contained the dress. She carefully set it on Diamond Tiara’s back. It was quite large, and she was surprised the young filly could lift it on her own.

“Will you be coming to my cute-ceañera, Miss Rarity?”

“So sorry, dear, but I’ll be spending the day with Fluttershy at the spa. But I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time. Just promise me that you’ll invite my sister, Sweetie Belle, would you? I’m afraid she hasn’t been very social towards other ponies lately.”

Diamond Tiara nodded in agreement. She knew of Sweetie Belle, having seen the unicorn around school on some occasions. She was another blank flank in her class, like Apple Bloom. “Sure thing,” Diamond said. “I’ll be sure to invite her.”

Rarity gave her a kind smile. She figured going to a cute-ceañera party would be a perfect opportunity for her younger sister to make some friends. “Thank you two so much. Now, run along. I need to close up shop so I can meet with Fluttershy at her house.”

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon left the Boutique, but not before being told where Sweetie Belle might have been. They promised Rarity to invite her, so they might as well. Besides, it was a chance to embarrass another blank flank. Why in Equestria would they pass up that perfect chance?

They passed a large tree, where they saw the resident weather pony, Rainbow Dash reading off a list for some reason or another.

“Your new outfit is, like, perfect for the party,” said Silver Spoon.

Diamond Tiara smiled. It was a nice dress from the picture that Rarity showed them a few days ago, if that wasn’t already obvious enough. “I know. It totally shows off my cutie mark.”

“I love being special.”

“Can you imagine how embarrassing it must be to be… not special?”

“I don’t even want to, like, think about it.”

Making their way through town, they arrived at the park. Sweetie Belle had to be here from what Rarity told them, but they didn’t see her. They searched for her but her not able to find a clue as to where she was. Maybe she had already left.

“Come on. I can do this.”

“Who’s that?” Silver Spoon asked. They looked around for the source of the voice, and whoever it was kept talking to themselves as they got closer. They must have been working on something very important to be out here alone. It had to be an artist, or maybe a sculptor. They made their way over to see a unicorn filly standing out in the open, away from everypony else.

“There’s Sweetie Belle,” said Diamond Tiara. “What’s she doing?”

Sweetie Belle put as much focus as she could into levitating the small soda can in front of her. She had spent the better part of this month learning—or at least trying to learn—this pretty basic technique, given some pointers by her sister on some occasions in order to help her overcome whatever difficulties she was facing. And hopefully all of that hard work would pay off. She wanted something that would impress her parents and sister—and perhaps get a cutie mark somewhere in the field, as well.

Either one would do for her.

The only problem she seemed to face, however, was that the can wouldn’t lift. She would feel a spark on her horn, like her magic was about to work for her, but before anything could happen, it would disappear.

Maybe she didn’t put enough focus into it. She refused to give up, though. She concentrated, aimed, and gave it another try…

She took note of a faint light green aura surrounding the can as it started to levitate. Sweetie Belle took a moment to view the extent of her training. The can was shaking--quite a lot, actually--but it was floating, nonetheless, just as the unicorn wanted. It was an admirable sight, seeing the gratifying results of over a month of hard work. It was that small admiration that caused her to lose focus, causing the can to drop to the ground.

“Dang it!” She groaned in frustration, stomping her hoof on the ground. She had gotten better this time around, whereas a few months ago after trying this, she would feel light-headed and almost lose consciousness. Even though she had progressed quite a bit since first starting out, she still felt it wasn’t her best effort.

“Maybe if I try again. This time, I need to stay focused.” She grabbed the can and placed it back on the wooden stool she'd brought out here with her. She aimed her horn and closed her eyes, imagining the can lifting from the stool. She thought back to the advice Rarity gave her: just staying calm, don’t get too anxious, and keep focus as she moved the object.

She breathed and exhaled, and gave it another attempt. Opening one eye, but staying focused, she saw the can slowly levitating. It wasn't shaking, probably because she hadn’t lifted it too much from the stool. She hadn’t placed in as much energy as before--


The sudden scream startled Sweetie Belle; her magic caused the can to rupture and explode, spraying soda all over the hapless filly. She looked through her mane, which the soda had caused to stick onto her face, to see Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon laughing at her.

“That's a nice look for you, blank-flank,” Silver Spoon said, inciting a giggle from Diamond.

Sweetie growled under her breath, giving the two earth ponies an annoyed look. Aside from the other three fillies she knew of--Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Twist--she was the only one in class lacking a cutie mark, and everything she tried as of late ended in failure. “What do you want? And it wasn't very nice what you did to Apple Bloom today.”

“Oh, please,” Diamond scoffed, waving her hoof. “If anything, that was way too easy. Anyway, I'm here because I wanted to invite you to my cute-ceañera party this weekend.”

Sweetie Belle eyed the pink earth pony circling around her. Her cute-ceañera was the main thing that was talked about all over school, with fillies and colts alike saying how big and spectacular it was going to be. She invited every pony she came into contact with, including Snips and Snails, but all that did was leave Sweetie to question her invitation.


“Just so you can get a chance to see my fantabulous cutie mark in all of its glory--with the dress I’ll be wearing, of course.” Her statement had prompted Sweetie to roll her eyes. She had never met Diamond Tiara up close and personal before, but now she wished she hadn’t.

“Could you two just please go away? I'm trying to do something.” Sweetie Belle shooed them away before going back to the stool. The soda can had exploded, so she’d have to fetch another one. By this point, though, she just wanted to end the confrontation before it got any worse. She did not want something to happen that everyone would regret later.

“Oh, yeah? Like what?” Silver Spoon gave a coy smile as she trotted towards the unicorn.

“Magic.” Sweetie Belle piped up without facing her aggressors. “And I think I’m getting better at it.”

Diamond Tiara laughed. “Since when? I didn’t even think you were good at magic.”

Sweetie Belle shot back, her voice cracking as she turned to face Diamond and Silver. “I am, too!” She was trying to seem wasn’t fazed, even striking a pose, but in reality, she was beginning to get angry and frustrated. She wouldn't let them see it, though, not wanting to give them the satisfaction of knowing their words were affecting her.

“Not from what we've seen,” replied Silver Spoon. She heard a growl coming from the unicorn. There was no doubt now that they were getting to her. They noticed a small spark emitting from Sweetie Belle’s horn. Even though it was unexpected, they still snickered from the sight of it.

Sweetie Belle could feel a large amount of anger welling inside her, watching as Diamond and Silver continued to laugh. She felt a sudden jolt of energy race up to her horn, as a light green aura began to appear around it. It wasn’t often that she experienced this much power, especially since she had little magical prowess, but it felt good.

That is, until she saw that same aura surround Diamond Tiara.

The laughter ceased as soon as Diamond saw the position she was in. She tried to shake her legs free, but she felt her movements were slowly becoming more and more restricted; the magic that enveloped her was practically holding her in place. “What’s going on? Somepony do something!”

“I don’t know how to turn it off!” Sweetie Belle found that she now had little control over it, unable to do anything to help. She and Silver Spoon watched as the magic completely covered Diamond Tiara, the pink filly left immobilized from it. Before long, the magic discharged, sending a coud of green smoke out through the area.

Silver and Sweetie Belle closed their eyes as a gust of wind came their way, nearly knocking them off their hooves. They looked on to see a small column of smoke rising from where Diamond Tiara once stood. They couldn’t find any sign of her. Had she vanished? Did Sweetie’s magic render her invisible?

These questions raced through their minds as the smoke continued to clear. They noticed a silhouette. They couldn’t make out who it was; the smoke was still a bit dense to get a clear view. Silver Spoon noted that the pony standing there was small, still practically a foal. It had to be her; at least that is what she hoped for.

“Diamond?” she called out, hoping for a response. “Can you hear me?”

The smoke eventually disappeared, though standing in the open was another filly, one they hadn’t met yet looked eerily familiar. She looked exactly like Diamond Tiara, aside from her prim white coat, blue mane and tail, and her purple eyes, as well as the fact that she wasn’t wearing a tiara. She looked around her, taking in her surroundings, and seemed genuinely surprised to be standing there, almost like she hadn’t seen the outside in years.

“Diamond?” Silver Spoon took a step forward.

The pony looked at them, and almost immediately, her eyes lit up and a huge smile spread across her face. She ran up to Sweetie Belle, her fact just mere inches away from the unicorn. “Hi!” She seemed hyperactive, as evident from her cheerful and playful expression. “What’s your name?”

Sweetie Belle’s face was turning red. She reeled back nervously, trying to give herself some space. “My name’s Sweetie Belle. And yours?”

“I’m—!” The filly stopped just short of answering. She put a hoof to her chin as she tried in vain to come up with something. “Actually, come to think of it, I don’t know what my name is. I was hoping you two would know.”

That answered almost everything for them. Silver Spoon determined that her friend must have been suffering from amnesia after the magic discharge, but that still did not explain her literal change of colour--or personality. “Your name is Diamond Tiara, remember?”

The pony tilted her head at Silver Spoon, but generally seemed to accept the fact. “Okay, then. I guess I’m Diamond Tiara.”

“No she’s not.” Sweetie, Silver, and the pony looked to see the real Diamond Tiara stagger to her hooves. She coughed as she fanned what was left of the smoke away from her face; her pink coat and lavender mane were messy from the dirt that’d flown onto her. She still seemed a bit disoriented from what had happened, but she was able to determine who and what was in front of her. And what she saw--the white earth pony filly--was like something out of a hallucination.

The unnamed filly gasped upon seeing Diamond. A smile appeared on her face afterwards. “You look just like me! I love your mane!”

Diamond smiled at the compliment. “Well… No, wait--” She shook her head, getting herself back onto the subject at hand. Now was certainly not the time for flattery. She had to find out what went wrong before her party. “Who are you, and where did you come from?”

The pony shrugged, still keeping her cheerful expression. “I honestly have no idea. I was really hoping somepony else here would tell me. You can see how well that’s going.”

“All I know is that she appeared after you got hit by Sweaty Belle’s magic,” said Silver Spoon. Her words earned a scornful glare from the unicorn.

Diamond Tiara gave another good look at the filly. It was strange how she looked incredibly like her. If it was a pony trying to be her follower, then they were doing a really bad, and very creepy, job at it. She couldn’t afford to be bothered by her. “Are you sure you don’t know what your name is?”

Her question received a nod in return. Silver gave their guest a questioning glance. “Do you think we can find anypony who knows her?”

“If it gets her-”Diamond pointed at the pony now standing beside her, “-off my back; the quicker, the better.” Silver motioned the pony to follow, and with Diamond Tiara, they ventured back into town. Maybe somepony would have a clue as who she was.

“Wait!” Sweetie Belle called after them. “What about me?”

Silver Spoon turned to face the unicorn giving a response, “You… You just do whatever you want.” She departed, pulling the unnamed pony with her as the two of them quickly followed after Diamond.

Author's Note:

Yep, a story featuring Diamond Tiara and a filly that I saw looked just like her in that episode.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity.

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