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Scootaloo always felt like her life was nothing but a dark tunnel that was full of nothing but sorrow and remorse. With this in mind Scootaloo goes out on one last crusade, but will a certain multicolored mare let that happen?

Set before the events of sleepless in Ponyville.

Edited by: DJ_Neon_Lights

Cover Art by: 1vladislav

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 173 )

this was so good :scootangel:

Oh Oh Oh!!!! It's you! I remember the conversation about this. Can't wait to see what you two will write!


Thanks for the like! I was skeptical at posting this first but after constant pestering from my bro I posted it.
~ Alex

Yea this is my brother solid... Isn't he awesome! I can't wait myself for more.
~ Michael

You two authors are evil as you are awesome. Falcon Punching me in the feels. Poor Scoots. I can't wait for the second chapter to come out.

Hey thanks for liking my first fic! I know if we'd left it half way we would have been the most evil writers on the planet glad we didn't though and hope you like whats to come!
~ Alex

I wanted to torture you guys and leave it there but Alex didn't want too. Can't seem to win an arguement against him... Anyway thank you for the like!
~ Michael


You're both welcome, and to Alex. I'm sure I'm going to enjoy the following chapters.

minus some places (actually quite a few places, mainly in the letter part) that needed a punctuation check, this story was very good! can't wait for more.

3311179 I wanted to make the letter seem like it was written by Scootaloo so I left the in the punctuation and grammar mistakes, she is eight so I don't think she has perfect punctuation. Anyway thanks for liking it and don't worry more is on its way!

~ Alex

:flutterrage: How dare you question my editing skills! It was perfect... Perfect!!!

~ Michael

3311468 To Michael:


3311484 Because it is fun!!!! And thank you for your understanding!


I loved it, i love the interaction between RD and Scoots!

Keep the fic coming, I can't wait to read more!

Glad you didn't end it like Mike had originally intended. That would have really tore at my insides. Especially after rereading Whatever It Takes and Wings.:fluttercry:

Thanks for enjoying the fic so far. I'm glad that it's getting so many likes, it makes me want to write moar! And if there are any grammer mistakes (if my bro didn't miss it) I'm sure there intentional. But anyways thanks for liking the fic!

 ~ Alex

Umm... what he said.

~ Michael

this chapter was cute great job :scootangel:

3315592 Thank you!

~Alex and Michael

I went back and fixed a few of the punctuation mistakes that I missed.

~ Michael

The Dawwww meter is to high.:pinkiesad2: Great chapter.:rainbowdetermined2:

Thanks! I was going for the that effect in this chapter, I'm glad that I was successful!

~ Alex

Mike was here

~ Michael

Guess who left this comment.

~ Not-Michael

I didn't catch many mistakes and I don't care if there are any anyway, as long as I can read it its all cool :rainbowdetermined2:
and im hoping scoots can fly in this story, I don't mind a slight struggle but if she fly's in the end im happy :pinkiehappy:

this is good cant wait to see the others reation for what scoots allmost did well if she ever tells em

So this is the most common mistake on any new story (or writer). Bunching up dialogue in the same paragraph. Whenever someone new speaks you should ALWAYS start a new paragraph. Other then that it is a nice chapter. :pinkiehappy:

3324301 Okay thanks for you input Cold Spike! I will be sure to pass this on to my brother or in bro terms have a full on argument with him, but thanks for liking the fic! I am especially fond of some of your work so it means a lot.

~ Alex

3324280 Thanks for liking the new chapter and I will be getting to the reaction soon!

~ Alex

3324276 I will be sure to take that idea into consideration and I'm very glad that your liking the fic so far, it's great to know when your doing something good.

~ Alex

3324301 I know that is what is suppose to be but with my brothers writing style I would have to rewrite entire paragraphs for it to work. I would be okay with the putting in the effort but it is still his story. If it starts to bother people I will go back and fix it.

~ Michael

Edit: Okay I folded and am going back to fix this in all of the previous chapters.

I like it. I nice simple Slice of Life chapter. Still added in a hint about Scootaloo's past which is good as well.:rainbowdetermined2:


I was going to say that as well. I also will add, you should stay away from LUS [Lavander Unicorn Syndrome] too much. Stick to names as much as possible, I mean describing a pony when introducing them, or they are doing something where it's necessary. It's all good so far none the less.

you know the only problem with this chapter, is when dash went back to the library,
twilight was the only one pointed out. everybody else just shrugged it off,
and applejack should have asked, not twilight, element of honesty applejack?

good chapter :scootangel:and let me guess scoots get bullyed by DT nexe ....

3337498 Hmmm you'll have to let me think on that for now, but for now I'm just trying to reinforce the whole point about the dark side of being suicidle, but I intend on making this a happy fic so don't worry ~ Alex

Decent last two chapters. A lot of improvement from what beginning was like.

3338291 Thank you. I wanted to make sure that the grammar was perfect this time per your request. If there is anything I missed while editing feel free to tell me, you can't get better if you don't see the problem. Anyhoo, thanks for the comment and I'm glad that you liked it.

~ Michael

I think you mean "guardianship" not "citizenship". :pinkiehappy:

3339091 Wow, how the heck did I miss that...you know what, I'm going to leave that in. Thanks for pointing that out anyway.

~ Michael

Not a bad chapter though I think a bit more time could have been spent on Scootaloo's dream. Didn't really have enough time to feel any suspense there. Some scenes just felt to short to really sink in. But still not a bad chapter.:rainbowdetermined2:

3342349 okay thanks for the feedback I will definetly take this into consideration next time, glad your liking the story though and the next chap should be up in the next hour or so, anyways thanks for the comment and i will promise to make the chaps feel...longer :rainbowwild::scootangel: ~ Alex

One thing, just one thing. I´m crying. :fluttercry:

3342793 Yeah...you get that feeling in the first chapter :fluttershysad:

~ Alex

3342552 Neither can I, and I'm the editor!!!!

~ Michael

Comment posted by Chapter 13 deleted Oct 13th, 2013

3343151 HAHAHAHA! It's so funny it hurts... Alex call an ambulance!!!

~ Michael

When I found you passed out at the computer this morning, I almost did.


3343204 Haha, look at da cute ponies !! ~ Alex

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