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My name is Cameron, I am currently a junior in highschool and plan on joining the US Coast Guard when I graduate from Nova. I love horses, steam locomotives, vintage cars, and military equipment


Zeke was just an average teen who enjoyed experiencing things physically, one day he and his mom go to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, he decides to ride Verbolten but something happens to the ride and now Zeke and the rest of the passengers find themselves in classic Hot Wheels race cars and are now tasked with saving Equestria and their own world. (This is my first fanfic so no hating, Verbolten and Busch Gardens are property of SeaWorld Entertainment, Hot Wheels is property of Mattel and other vehicles are property of Ford, GM, Chrysler, Pontiac, Chevrolet, and Dodge, all MLP FIM characters are owned by Hasbro.) I also want to thank Razor Colorado for willing to help with this story.

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when you wirte more chapter tell me

3594001 That will probably take a while my friend, My Little Union Pacific overtook it in turns of popularity.:twilightblush: Although I could use some ideas for chapter two.:raritywink: Thanks for the favorite to, I truly appreciate it.:pinkiehappy: I really sorry my friend and I hope I don't let you down my friend.:fluttercry:

You, sir, are a fucking hero for writing this! And may I add, is it a coincidence that I had my HW35 Deora II right in front of me this whole time?

4088794 Thank you for the favorite and compliment my friend,:yay::pinkiehappy: I apologize for this being on hold, but one my other fics got in the way,:twilightsheepish: and no I don't think that was a coincidence.:raritywink: I got to find a Hot Wheels Highway 35 Deora II for my self one day.:twilightblush: Would like to help me with it though?

You nearly one-shotted me with this fic. Highway 35? Finally!

4089372 Yep, I could use some help with it if you're interested.:raritywink:

Cool! I had a couple ideas brewing up for a while, and this seems like fuel for a collab to me!

4090865 I can't wait to hear them my friend, you can easily reach me threw personal message, that way we can talk in private as well.:twilightsmile:

Cool! Just give me a few minutes to eat and I'll get back to you.

i happy you back also good story

4122337 I sure am happy to continue it as well, my friend.:twilightsmile:

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