• Published 1st Mar 2012
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Rainbow Dash and Her Marvelous Mechanical Wings - Dalkrin-the-Wanderer

There are no Unicorns or Pegasai, only Earth Ponies. one decides She's gonna fly. She's Rainbow Dash

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Chapter 2: The Princess and her student.

Princess Luna sat in her office, idly tapping a hoof as she read over a stack of reports pertaining to the Equestria World's Fair. Her mane, usually held in its resplendent ethereal form by what little of her magic remained was now it's normal sky blue and laid gently across her withers. The magic that usually maintained it's striking appearance was now tasked to holding her paperwork aloft as she poured over the printed figures.

Her vestigial wings, still splendidly toned but for all the world totally useless, were pressed to her sides and twitched in time with the tapping of her hoof which in turn tapped in time with the ticking of the large Grandfather Clock in the corner. The clock had been a gift from a dear friend of hers, the Cesar of The Zebrican City-state of Terpsichore. Luna was abruptly interrupted by a loud knock at the door. Quickly, she dropped the papers and with an almighty heave of mental strength, forced her magic into her mane, causing it to flow and ripple as if tugged by an unseen wind, her glorious night reflected in its unearthly form.

“Enter,” She called, hoping that this was not another unannounced visit from some foreign dignitary bent on pestering her for her favor. The guard stepped smartly through the door and saluted.

“Twilight Sparkle to see you, My Lady,” He said, dropping the salute and stepping aside. Behind him, the mare in question stood, a pleased if a bit harassed smile on her face. Luna's face lit up at the sight of her most faithful student. Thanking the guard, she dismissed him and motioned for Twilight to sit on one of the many comfortable cushions ranged about her office.

“What a pleasant surprise. I was honestly not expecting you until after the presentation,” She said, as she snapped the door shut behind her and let the illusion fall from her mane. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Oh, no reason,” Twilight said, allowing herself to relax into her plush seat. “I have another hour until my presentation and nothing to do. I'm not interrupting, am I? I know you're quite busy Princess.”

“Oh, heavens no!” Luna said with an airy laugh, taking a seat across from the lavender mare.

Twilight smiled with obvious relief. She had a tendency to over think and overreact and it was much to her credit that she had managed to keep calm these last few weeks, mused the princess as she settled in to relax alongside her student. Twilight Sparkle had been rising quickly through the ranks of her chosen field of research culminating in her latest invention; the Thaumaturgic Energy Detector. Supposedly, the device would allow ponies to read the background magic in Equestria. It was a small wonder she had withstood all the skeptics and neigh-sayers that sought to discredit her device.

Luna's musings had just begun to escape her when Twilight spoke again. “Good. I'm glad,” she said. “I'd hate to be a bother.” Another moment passed, and the two simply took in the rare peace they were experiencing. At length, Twilight broke the silence once again. “This is quite the turn out for the fair though, isn't it?”

The Princess nodded, glancing to her window which overlooked the gardens where the main body of the fair was held. “It most certainly is. I would love to say it's because of all the wonderful inventions that all the peoples of the world have brought together, but today, I would go so far as to say it's the christening of the first ever Celestia class Airship, 'The Harmony'. Quite the feat if I do say so myself.”

“Naturally,” Twilight agreed, following Luna's gaze out the window. Just beyond the gardens, the airship in question floated, moored to the Royal Skytower. It's massive frame casting a shadow over most of the castle. “It's the most impressive looking invention on display here.”

“Impressive 'looking' you say?” Luna said, smiling a bit. “Don't let dear cousin Blueblood hear you say that. He'd be very cross with you seeing how many bits he sank into that project. And speaking of, I heard from the Nobles that he's been courting your friend Rarity. How is that going?”

“Ugh... don't even get me started,” The lavender mare groused, rolling her eyes to the sky. “Let's just leave it at, I'm glad when he's not around.”

“Fair enough. I've always found him rather grating, so I understand.”

At this, they both shared a laugh at the stallion's expense. “Grating is putting it nicely. I'd be more in the school of Acidic. But if Rarity's happy, I'm happy... I guess.”

“How very noble,” Luna said, half mockingly, gaining a wry smile from the purple mare. “I cannot deny the magic between them though. They seem to be genuinely in love.”

“Yeah. Maybe she can buck some sense into him. But there's actually something I've been meaning to ask you, Princess,” Twilight said, her expression becoming more serious.

“Then ask,” came Luna's reply. She waited patiently as Twilight gathered her thoughts.

“It's... It's about magic, princess. More specifically. Where it went. You told me years ago that you would explain it when I was old enough to understand and I've been studying for years now. I'm a leader in theoretical magic and I hold the highest degree from your academy. I was just hoping maybe you could tell me now?”

Luna blinked for a moment, pondering her student's words. It was true that years ago, a young Twilight, in the midst of her studies had asked her where the magic went. Luna had promised to tell her when she was old enough to understand, but what she meant to say was, 'I will tell you when you're old enough to forgive me for it.'

What cheer that Twilight's visit had brought left with those thoughts. Luna closed her eyes and ordered her mind. It was long past time for her student to know the truth. The truth of why she can't use the magic that should have been hers. The truth of why so many died a thousand years ago.

“Very well, but not now. Later, after your presentation. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity Twilight. Meet me afterward. I'll tell you everything you wish to know.”


Luna's head hung low as she watched Twilight leave. Today would not be easy for her. For the first time in a thousand years, she would reveal the truth behind 'Magic Fall'. It was nerve-wracking. Truly she never intended to tell Twilight, but the mare's curiosity was legendary and no amount of denial could dissuade her from pursuing knowledge. Not to say Luna was even capable of denying her precious student such a thing. It was her right to know.

The minutes ticked by on the grandfather clock. She attempted to pass the time by reading the reports but quickly abandoned the task when she realized she had read and reread the same line five times and couldn't remember a word from it. The time approached, and Luna quickly attempted to gather her wandering thoughts. From her window, she could see Twilight Sparkle walking across the lawn behind the crowd barriers between the fair and the castle. In mere moments, she would be there. Briefly, she considered lying, saying that she was suddenly quite busy but Twilight's tenacity would mean this would only delay the inevitable.

“Twilight. Welcome back,” Luna said, as the mare in question trotted briskly through the office door. “Let's not dally. I would like to have this done quickly.”

“Yes Princess, please, lead the way.” Twilight struck a bow and Luna smiled in return. Making her way past, she trotted slowly down the hall.

“Twilight. Before we reach our destination and all is revealed, there are some things you should know. First, I imagine you are not aware, but I have a sister.”

“A sister? I had no idea.”

“Yes. She was,” Luna began, her voice suddenly failing her for a moment. She quickly schooled her emotions and continued. “She was kind and beloved by all in her time. And she is at the heart of Magic Fall. Her name is Celestia. And when she and I ruled, she was the most powerful being in all Equestria. Therein lies the problem. She was so dangerous too. The power I commanded then was prodigious. Hers dwarfed mine. I controlled the moon and the stars, and she, the sun. My power was subtle, elegant. But hers. Hers was a fearsome and raw power.”

“So she was the cause?” Twilight asked, trying to understand.

“Yes. And no. She was at the heart of it, but Discord was the cause.”

Luna let that sentence linger for a time as they trekked downward into the sub-levels of the castle. Here the walls were rough and the floors were dirty. “Discord,” Luna said, bringing Twilight's attention back to her in full. “was once a trusted member of the court. His hijinks and practical jokes had won both our hearts and we honestly enjoyed his company, but all Equestrians are intimately familiar with how that part of the story ends. He betrayed us and sent us far away. We came back and defeated him. Or at least, that's how the official history tells it.”

Luna looked over her shoulder and met Twilight's curious eyes. “What do you mean princess?”

“I mean,” She said, stopping before a large expanse of wall. Gently she tapped her horn to the surface, causing it to ripple and fade revealing a nondescript wooden door. “Some things in the history of Equestria, I'm sad to say I've had suppressed and expunged. Not the least of which is the very existence of my sister and her connection to the fall of magic in Equestria. But more so... My connection.”

“Your connection?”

“When I said my sister was at the heart of the matter, I meant it. But what I did not say was that the events of that day were the fault of my shortcomings. In those days, my sister was the paragon of harmony, and I, the youngest was still brash and hotheaded. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Please step inside. All will become clear.”

Twilight took a nervous gulp as she nosed the door open.


“What is this,” Twilight breathed, her gaze falling upon the awesome sight. A cavernous room perfectly spherical and filled with a nearly blinding light stood before them. In the center was a form, vaguely equine but blurred and indistinct.

“It's a prison,” Luna said, stepping beside her student her expression pained and grim. “A prison that holds the most powerful being in Equestria. The only being still in possession of true magic, my sister, Princess Celestia of Equestria.”

“Why is she here?”

“That's the real question, isn't it? It's a long story, but you deserve to know what I've done.”