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17, uni student, avid brony.


Pinkie Pie is left in charge of Sugarcube corner whilst Mr. and Mrs. Cake attend a business workshop run by Filthy Rich. However, after a rather raucous party the night before Pinkie quickly loses focus and dozes off, only to be awoken by an estranged relative from the historic village of Ponnsylvania...

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 8 )

Can't tell whether the 'tail' is an intentional pun or not, but judging from your otherwise correctly spelt synopsis, it looks intentional.

279095 Intentional pun is intentional, you'll understand why once you read the next chapter.

280339 Thanks! :pinkiehappy: There'll be another 4 chapters to come, I've also started writing a second fanfic in a mystery/crime/thriller genre.

279102 Sorry, I'm in my office now.

At home I was just buying a new Sony 3D widescreen TV at home that comes with internet connection.

And it's hard to write with a remote control

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