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I'll be honest, looking back on this fic now, it's pretty bad. Typical sinister plot to steal the crown storyline.

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Well... Guess it's all done now. Still greatly looking forward to any critique on the story itself. I want to spruce it up a bit before I try my luck at getting it approved on EqD. Thanks all :twilightsmile:

*sees the chapter is 29k words*
*is too scared to start reading it immediately*
*start reading it anyway*
How are we going to know if it's updated, if you do not add new chapters?

Hmm, promising.:ajsmug:

I would suggest, when self editing, read aloud to yourself. GREAT way to spot mistakes or know if something sounds weird.

Hmm. I might add a new chapter when I've finished the fic and put the epilogue in it just to signify that it's done. Like I said, I'm such a slow writer that even putting parts into chapters would still result in long waits in between (And I'm really sorry for that). I'm new to this system so I'm still learning the gears and cogs of things.

Edit: Thanks Fragged. I usually have headphones on so I completely forgot about that step. I'll be sure to try it in the future!

Chapters serve a few purposes...

1. Give readers story alerts if they are tracking, ensuring that the new part you wrote will be read
2. Get marked as "read" so that readers can come back later knowing exactly where they left off
3. Break the story into smaller, less-threatening, shorter-than-30K-words segments

I'm not really sure why you wouldn't do that.

Alright, thanks. When I have time tonight I'll try to split it up into smaller servings. Doing something like that won't conflict with the rules, will it? Since "adding" chapters will unavoidably bump my fic?

One of the best fictions I have ever read.....Nuff said :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:


You can bump your fic as much as you want (with real chapters preferably? lol) since Fimfiction has a part for new stories and one for updates separated.

Found a huge error that occured during copy/paste. It's fixed now, sorry for any confusion. (I'll not post an [In Progress] chapter again, I promise :twilightsheepish:)

Edit: I lied! :moustache: , I feel more motivated when I have a chapter that I'm actively adding more towards that people are (hopefully) looking forward to getting more of... Worry not, this will be the last chapter, although I plan on going back through it and fixing things before I deem it complete.


Thanks! The fun part is that Act II will actually be a video game which I'm developing right now (A turn-based RPG if you're curious... I'm not a boss programmer so I can't make awesome stuff :ajsleepy: ) Using the RPG Maker VX Ace engine. I have lots of fun ideas, but my lack of artistic talent is making the graphics portion of the game-making very tedious.

401434 Really? That's really cool! :rainbowkiss: Turn based, like Final Fantasy?

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