• Published 4th Oct 2013
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Secret Ingredient - Pastel Pony

(Unofficial cupcakes sequel) Rainbow Dash is missing, and the stories of a family emeregency just don't seem right, so Fluttershy pays Pinkie Pie a visit, and stumbles upon a horrible secret...Pinkie's special ingredient isnt what it seems

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Part 1: Missing Pony

It started out as such an ordinary day…

“Come on Angel bunny, eat your salad.” With another stubborn nod, Angel shook his head and looked away from the bowl in front of him. With a sigh, I sat down on the floor and rubbed my temples to try and rid myself of the headache that was forming. I loved Angel, but sometimes he was more than a little bit frustrating.

A knock on the door startled my from my thoughts, and, accompanied by a small groan, I got off the floor and over to my door. I opened it to see a nervous looking Applejack standing there.

“Oh hey Applejack…” I said, I was just finishing feeding Angel, would you like to come in?”

She shook her head, “Nah Fluttershy, I won’t bother you none, I just came by to see if you’d seen Rainbow Dash anywheres? I haven’t seen her in two days, and she didn’t even show up to help me this morning…it just doesn’t seem like her to bail like that though.”

I frowned, I hadn’t seen Dash myself in a couple days, but then I remembered a quick conversation I’d had with Pinkie yesterday morning…

“Pinkie said that Rainbow Dash had to go to Cloudsdale, some kind of family emergency…Apparently she was in such a hurry she only had time to alert Pinkie.”

Applejack gave a slight nod…”Ah suppose that makes sense, after all, there’s no better pony to tell then Pinkie if news needs spreadin…hope this family emergency was nothing serious though, we all know how close she is to her dad.”

“Ill let you know if I hear anything.” I confirmed “I’m sure it wasn’t to serious though, otherwise she probably would have written a letter to let us know she’d be gone more than a few days…”

Applejack smiled, “Of course, your always so smart about these things Flutters, Ah’m glad I stopped by.”

I blushed slightly at the compliment, “It was no problem, glad to help…let me know if you need anything done around the farm that Dashie was going to do.”

“Nah!” called Applejack as she walked down the path from my cottage, “I can handle it, Ah am an Apple after all!”

With a chuckle, I shut the door. She was such a stubborn pony when it came to things…just like…Angel. I gritted my teeth and turned to face him,

“Ok Angel, you may have avoided food, but I insist on taking you out for some fresh air!”

Angel looked like he was going to protest, but one look at my face told him that my patience had definitely ran out, with a squeak, he clambered onto my back, and, shutting the door behind me, I flew outside and towards town.

The tinkle of the bell sounded as I stepped into Sugar Cube Corner. The smell of fresh goods greeted my nose with a calming effect. Ah yes, this was most definitely the place if you were having a bad day…

Besides, for some reason my conversation with Applejack set me on edge slightly, and I figured that if Pinkie told me a little bit more about this emergency, I might feel better.

Angel’s nose twitched, and with an alarmed squeak, he buried himself in my mane. I just rolled my eyes, he always acted ridiculous in this place, like as if there was an omen he sensed that I could not, but that was ridiculous, nothing bad ever happened here, not with Pinkie around.

I called out for my bright pink friend as I wandered into the room. Where on earth was she? She was almost always behind the counter…I shrugged, she was probably in her room.

“C’mon Angel,” I whispered, “She’s probably in her room.” I flew out the door and up to the loft space on top of the bakery and knocked on the window, (Pinkie always loved it when I did this) I waited, but there was no answer. I frowned and flew down into the bakery again, maybe she was in the kitchen and I just hadn’t noticed.

“P…Pinkie Pie?” I trotted into the kitchen…empty.

“Where are you, you silly pony?” A tasty smell brought my eyes over to the cooling counter, where a group of freshly baked cupcakes was sitting. I laughed as I saw the rainbow icing, Dashie would find that hilarious.

With a start, I recalled that I was here because of Rainbow Dash, and I took a step away from the tantalizing cupcakes. For some reason, those cupcakes made me nervous when I thought of Rainbow Dash…

Oh, I was being silly! I reached for a cupcake, but a little white paw knocked my hoof away.

“Angel!” I scolded, retracting my hoof. “That wasn’t very nice! That hurt!” But Angel’s face caught me from finishing my lecture…he was terrified, completely terrified.

“Angel what’s wrong? They’re only cupcakes! But he only shook his head quickly. I shrugged, the cupcakes seemed fine, but I decided to leave them, no point in upsetting Angel.

Suddenly, a small shudder in the floor caught my attention. I bent down and inspected the ground…that was weird. I was pretty sure that the Cakes didn’t have a basement...

I put my ear to the floor, and the whispers of sounds rose to greet me. Lifting my head, I paused in thought. Did they perhaps have some kind of soundproofed basement pantry?

I looked around the room, but, just as I assumed, there was no door in the kitchen that could lead to a basement. Then, a bright tapestry in the corner of the room caught my eye. I took a step towards it, only to have Angel dart in front of me to block my path.

Ok, my bunny was getting annoying. “Out of the way Angel!” I grumbled, pushing him aside. I walked over to the tapestry and looked at it. It was a picture of a bright red cupcake, with the words Strawberry Vanilla embedded beneath it. I glanced up and confirmed that it was strung on a curtain rod, which meant…
I pushed it aside with a hoof to reveal a metal door with a keypad lock.

“Why a lock?!” I mumbled. “What is so special that it needs to be protected?” Without even stopping to consider that this was none of my business, I looked around the door to try to figure out a way to open it.

The way to open it turned out to be a note taped to the back of the tapestry.

“Dear Pinkie,

Silly you! You’ve forgotten your password again, you dummy!


____ is a _____



I chuckled, what a scatterbrain she could be! I looked at the clue again, underneath the phrase she’d drawn pictures of a sunshine and balloons. I stared intently for a minute before it clicked. Of course! This was a song that Pinkie often sang when she was baking! I hummed the tune to myself and punched in the letters.

Life is a Party…

I was about to push enter when I froze. What if there was something down here I wasn’t supposed to see? My mind flashed back to the words on the tapestry… Strawberry Vanilla…and I remembered a conversation I’d once had with Pinkie when I was helping her bake…

“What’s that?”

“This? Oh! This is my super special ingredient, made from scratch! I call it my Strawberry Vanilla!”

“Oh…that’s nice. What’s it made from?”

“Super secret tasty things! But don’t worry, I have a feeling that one day you’ll find out! Probably even be able to help me make some!”

So this basement was where Pinkie made Strawberry Vanilla?...Well, she had basically said one day she’d let me see how it was made…maybe that day was going to be today.

A tugging on my tail made me aware of Angel again, who seemed to be intent on getting me away from the door. I laughed and picked him up, depositing him on my head.

“Don’t worry Angel! Pinkie is hardly the type of pony to be mad, in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is some big prank she’s set up!” And with that, I hit the enter button and pushed open the door.

Author's Note:

Nopony hate me...I'm just doing what I do :P

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