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Pipe Down has had his cutie mark for many years. Now in his twilight years he is furious when someone demands that he change it.

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This makes me glad I stopped smoking. I dun want people bugging the ever loving shot outta me for something that I decided to do to myself.

I can understand the sentiment, but it seems that no matter what you do there will always be someone to give you grief over it.

3289567 yea, but at least I'm not bothered by people who tell me to stop

A few typos and whatnot, but overall a very enjoyable fic. Loved the twist at the end.

Dam straight all a man want in old age is his pipe and a lighter the way the lord intended

That was good. Very funny! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks Carts. I was actually kind of worried about that. Especially with the scenes between Pipe Down and Derpy, I thought he might come across as too mean.

3289732 Eh, not really, just like a typical old man.

My face as I read this: :rainbowhuh::rainbowderp::rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild::pinkiehappy::fluttershysad:(around the point that Derpy got pissed off):rainbowderp::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Ah, I prefer cavendish as well but I've had fairly good smokes with sun-dried Virginia and Burley blends.

EDIT: And cigs have something in them because now I can't go back to my pipe, dang nab it.

I like a turkish and virginia blend for my cigarettes and a cavendish and virginia blend for my pipe. But I prefer Dominican tobacco for my cigars.

The whole time I was reading this a phrase repeated in my head;

Think of the children!

Did it make it that much funnier when you realized that the children were the ones sending the letters?

Very yes. I especially liked that last bit with the guardians.

I do wonder why they went ahead with the whole 'keep the children off the grass' thing though.

They were probably worried about their cover being blown.

Uh oh, someponies are in trouble.

Buuuuuuurrrrnnnn. Cutie Mark Crusaders Red Rumps! Now the least Pipe Down could do for poor Ditzy is to give her a muffin and a pat on the head. She deserves no less. :derpytongue2:

he he he tobacco, great story. I personally do not care for smoking my self but i do not mind if people smoke, as long as its not in places like schools and popular playgrounds

The porch, the porch is always the place for smoking.

3297870 agreed no one should be allowed to bug you about smoking on your porch,because then if a child wanders into smoke on your lawn its there fault.

Exactly. I also think more places need a designated smoking area. When I was in the navy we always had a smoke pit just to the side of buildings. That way nonsmokers wouldn't get any second-hand.

3298103 im sure less people would complain about smoking so much if more places had smoke pits for smokers, in fact i saw one at disney land my dad didnt like it because they were smoking -_- i liked the idea on the other hand

Too many places put their butt cans in front of the entrance. I like smoking, but I don't want to breathe it all over other people.

3298154 i always hated it when i had to walk by people smoking by the parking lot, its annoying how i have to cover my mouth just to go to the store because people are smoking by the sides of buldings and the parking lot and other places

And that's how being stubborn can be a good thing.:raritywink:

Oh that is clever:trollestia:

This guy... I love this guy...

I love him as well. Writing a grumpy old jerk with a heart of gold is awesome.

*Grins* Very nice. I confess I feel like I don't know Pipe Down very well though as in spots he came across as mentally ill or simply a victim of memory loss. Still funny.

He's not all there. But in a way that makes him likable.

This reminds me of the time I got into trouble at school for putting up posters featuring a large picture of Terry-Thomas and bearing the legend "BE BIG! BE CLEVER! SMOKE!" Everyone thought it was funny except the jumped-up bureaucrats who run my school.

Hehe that was awesome XD

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