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I live in Texas and have been a brony for a year. I like to read and write and I have some pretty good fanfiction ideas that I wish to share with you all. I am afan of crossovers and human stories.


clean[ kleen ]
1. free from dirt; unsoiled; unstained: She bathed and put on a clean dress.

That is what the dictionary says clean is. But how free of germs does it need to be before it can be catiogorized as " clean"? Rarity is sure in for a crazy adventure to discover the true clean.

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Hitchhikers guide to Equestria is actually The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy if i'm not mistaken.

Invader Zim! I WIN

3652243 You have 1 but there are three. The one that was wrong was Invader Zim I don't watch it so I'm not framilar with it.

I got nothing

Hitch hikers guide to Equestria is a reference to Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy, Rarity and Sweetie's exchange about Rarity cutting her tail off is from Monty Python, I think the third is when Rarity uses the disinfectant spray on Sweetie Belle, but I'm not sure what it's a reference to

3652493 Hitchikers and monty python are correct third still up for grabs.

If no one can find out the last one on New Years Eve then the prize goes to Motion Parodox.

I'm just pointing out the references I got for fun, not to win anything.
Some references I got in this story were:
Invader Zim (with the whole crazy over germs and trying to get rid of them thing)

Germs germs every where!!

the hitchhikers guide to equestria

"It is just a scratch."..."A scratch! Your tails of!"..."I have had worse,"

And that's all I got. Just pointing out things I LOL'd over. Great story!:pinkiehappy:

Motion Parodox wins!! Congrats the third one was a refrence too Brodway

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