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Midnight Mist

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Graeme's night terrors have tormented him almost every night since he was a child, and there seems to be no way for him to overcome them. Exhausted, desperate, and with no salvation in sight... That is, until his dreams call out to the Princess of the Night herself.

But, is the regal alicorn actually real, or just a figment of his imagination drawn into his dreamscape by his subconscious mind?

And, either way, can she actually help?

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I think I'd be more keen to read this were it told from Luna's perspective; the princess being mysteriously drawn in to the dreams of a strange creature...

An idea if you ever want to make a sequel or something; retelling the events of this story through Luna's eyes.

A suggestion I'll definitely keep in mind. Thank you.

please moar:pinkiehappy:im loving it:heart::raritywink:

Thanks! I have a couple of other plans for this universe, so watch this space.

I guess I'm nitpicking, but something that bothers me is that you keep referring to the problem as Night Terrors but you also talk about them as if they are nightmares. A night terror is actually a sleeping disorder and not a scary dream.

I know, and I figured somebody would call me out on that at some point.

Graeme's experiences are supposed to be night terrors, which is why I made a point of including the associated features and tells - something which doesn't occur with mere nightmares. I know I've then gone on to use nightmare as a synonym, but that was largely just to break things up, or I would've been using "night terror" or "pavor nocturnus" every other paragraph.

Very good. Nice job as a first story: Definitely better than my first attempt.

Thank you kindly. I appreciate it. :pinkiehappy:

I'm the 666th view. :pinkiecrazy:

*slow clap* that was beautiful cdn.gifbay.com/2012/12/wave_of_feels-18739.gif nothing like a philosophical luna story to remind you just how forever alone you really are

A pretty touching story to be sure and I enjoyed this. ^^

A truley great fic, well done!

well done! i enjoyed all the deep descriptions you made throughout the whole story. enjoyed the characters personalities. i feel like they interacted with each other well. :pinkiesmile:

3475427 I'm glad you liked it. But nobody's alone forever.

3536107 Thanks! I appreciate it.

3539025 Thanks. I often feel I struggle to balance the depth of description and the pacing, slipping from weak description to being overly verbose.

But I think I'm improving.

Graeme is actually my name in real life... same spelling and everything... woa... :pinkiegasp:

3577299 It's also the name of a close friend of mine. The character is loosely based on him.

I couldn't resist sorry…

All names shown in this title are entirely fictional. Any resembling people either living or dead are purely coincidental.


Daring, bold, ambitious and truly courageous! I enjoyed this story for several reasons;

The fact that the MLP show is catered to so well in the context of the story.
The unfolding development of repressed childhood trauma.
The lessons on dream manipulation and the perspective of the process involved within.
The protagonists interactions in the real world and discovery of the show through a seemingly random dream.
Luna's dialogue!

Grey Ham

my favourite quote! (despite all the wise things she discusses)
The conclusion being satisfying and yet a great preface for more to come.

This story was a wonder to read and I look forward to read the remaining ones! You have a style that does not beat around the bush at all! I enjoy short stories, and this was a super one indeed! MOre so I respect your inclusion of minor anthropomorphism, the humour, the disturbing dreams, and the medication.

Thank you for writing it and sticking with it so there are more to see soon!

Hey I want a Luna in my head!
Actually nevermind its already crowded in this small brain of mine, but still being able to talk to Luna in your sleep would be one of the greatest things ever.

Awesome story, good characters, and well written.

I really enjoyed this! I love how the story flowed, and I'm definitely glad that you've already wrote a sequel by the time I have found this! Your writing style definitely fits into the styles I find most enjoyable. :twilightsmile: great work, and I hope that I can see more work from you in the future!

Ps: I have already read the other 4 parts, and will be commenting on them in a moment!


That was impressive. I would definitely put this as the best Luna fiction I've ever read. You really deserve more views for this. I'm glad you continued their story together and I hope you get the success you deserve.

well I never had a perspective of luna done like this before well done well done:pinkiehappy:

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This is one of the most satisfying stories of a romance for me. The romance is subtle, and happens largely without his awareness, as a good romance should. Congrats on making me want to check out your other work.

You have no idea how sad I was that it had ended...

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I loved reading this story. You did a fantastic job in creating it:twilightsmile:

Very, very good. The characters work well. Biggest flaw was that the main character tends to feel too exaggerated in certain places to be believable. But other than that, it's a captivating read. I quite enjoyed it.

7850272 Yeah, it sucks in places.

7852506 But it's GREAT in places, too. :pinkiehappy:

I loved this story! The only nitpick I may have is more me maybe overinterpreting it.

Sam's character, I got the feeling she was Celestia, or Luna. Even when she revealed she was actually 'just' a brony, I half-expected her to reveal herself in the end.

Kinda ended up disappointing myself.

Awww, I was hoping for him to be paired with Sam. Still, this was particularly good, I very much enjoyed the manipulation of dreams, and how he figured out that he could just dodge the hooves.

Very beautiful, I personally am torn between wanting going more and not "overindulging".

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