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(clcks read later) Eventually my French associate :trixieshiftright: Im busy reading the mass effect story by Loyal2Luna


Thanks American Bro! This story shall rise among the anonymous!

*twitch twitch* 'The Mysterious Strangers' in the title should have the first letters capitalized. Sorry, that drives me crazy. Anyways, I'm gonna add this to my read later, because I have places to be but am interested.


Thanks for the tip, I haven't seen it. Get a :moustache:

Give me your feedback whenever you want, and with me we will fight the communist red bar.

You could end it here but a part of me wants you to continue. It's up to you to decide which choice you make:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by RealmOfMereShadows deleted Sep 30th, 2013


Then I may come up with new chapters :rainbowkiss:

Small error. " the raider that had tried to shot the filly screamed. "
That sound be 'shoot' in place of shot.

This was kinda interesting. Not sure it's one I'd personalyl follow as a series, but it's interesting and entertaining.

Is this an alternate timeline? I remember Littlepip getting a black orb like that one, so does that mean she doesn't anymore?


I wrote that story nearly two years ago on a whim.

I don't remember Little Pip getting a black orb in the main story however that probably didn't influence the writing of this story. It is just a short-story. Nothing more. Don't try to over-analyse it. ^^

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