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Lyra and Bon Bon have been the together for the longest time. There's an unspoken bond between them, but even words left unsaid can still hurt.

Made for Oneshotober, or something like that.

A special thanks to Stinkehund for the amazing cover!

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Comments ( 21 )

No worries, done that before myself.

As for the story, I actually had to read it again to get what was going on BUT only because I read it too fast the first time and missed the important part somehow ... very subtle but I like it. A lot.

I don't know what is the mares' point of concern, but it just makes me like the fic even more.

Ummmmmmmmmmm...... Something's not right here

Hop on the feel train, everypony! Apparently i just got the whole trip :fluttercry:

So... Bon Bon doesn't reciprocate Lyra's feelings even though the title says they've been together for a very long time?

... I'm confused. :rainbowhuh:

Meh. To be honest, it's slightly confusing. I get what you were going for now, but my first read-through i was a bit confused.

I once lost a cousin to Cuddles,
Ponies just dont realise how deadly adorableness is to changelings.

3397461 you are everywhere!

No im right here...
*Hops to the left*
Now im over there!
Err or is here there?
There is here mabey?
Realativity hurts my head.

:fluttershysad: *sniff* That was beautiful!

Why does this not have a "Sad" tag, again?

Oww that hurt me right in my feels. Nice job


What have you done?!

I think i missed something, because there is nothing in my feels

4145321 no the issue is it didn't play into the issue enough

While I can't say that I sympathise with Lyra in this situation, I also can't deny that this is well written and sucker punches me right in the feels. sooooo...

Thumb and added to my recommendation group.

3395928 It's the other way around, I think.

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