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That one guy who wrote that one fic. Loves OctaScratch and Fallout: Equestria. Has a PhD in spelling. ...No, not really.


This story is a sequel to An Island, Two Mares and a Bottle of Rum

Vinyl likes rum. She also likes pirates. Moreover, she likes adventure. But what she likes most is sex with her marefriend, Octavia. So, when she has a chance to have an adventure on a pirate sailing boat, with a supply of rum and in the company of her marefriend and their neighbours Lyra and Bon-Bon, she feels that it will be an experience of a lifetime.

And she is so right.

The long-awaited sequel to An Island, Two Mares and a Bottle of Rum!

"This is a piece of s*** an' chips with a side order of rum, just take out the s***." - Fillyfooler

"This story contains my fully needed amount of non-seaponies, rum, parrots as casual wear and philosophical musing about what life would be like if we used 13 hour clocks." - Maskedferret

"Pretty fly, Imma tell all my ziggas about it. ...I thought about this quote for like, a whole ten minutes. That's like, more than nine." - GoldShockAttack

"I had to choose between having sex and reading this story. My choice was obvious. ...What? I had sex, of course." - Slightly Serious ("You can't prove I didn't say that!")

"Vinyl's and Octavia's complex relationship illustr- Who the **** am I kidding? It's still just booze and sex. Kinky horse sex. " - jlm123hi

"This fanfic made me grow chest hair, then shave it off in an effort to look more lesbian. It didn't succeed. The story was still pretty good, though." - Bandy (who didn't actually read it)

"It was as good as last night" - Willsons

"It's better than Canada" - Acreu the Ball (very slightly paraphrased)

"It feels good to have written a masterpiece." - psp7master

/Rated T because, while there is not any graphic description of mature activity, it is mentioned in a joking context. But also rated 18+ for Russian audiences for a positive expression of homosexuality. Stupid-law-influenced doublethink? Stupid-law-influenced doublethink.

Using this cover art because it's the closest pirate-related pic about Viny, Octavia, Lyra and Bon-Bon that I could think of.

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The Quotes.
The Quotes are perfect.

I don't know what I just read ... and I love it! :rainbowlaugh:

Yes. Yes they are. They summarise the story perfectly.

I just realized something: I still haven't finished the first one.

"Vinyl's and Octavia's complex relationship illustr- Who the **** am I kidding? It's still just booze and sex. Kinky horse sex. "

This quote is my favorite. :rainbowlaugh: It sums up almost every single OctaScratch fic you've written, Josh. :derpytongue2:

Hell yes! Even if I came to PSP7master's page just on the mere hint of stream-of-conciousness writing, I definitely stayed for An Island. Aaaand some other stuff. A week later I realized I was a fan and just went ahead and followed anyway. And now, after many thousands of collective sighs with friends over An Island feeling unfinished...Yay. Ima just go with yay and hope it sounds smarter on the other end

Not The Snow on Her Cheek, though. :ajsmug:

3456055 Yeah, true, that was music, booze, drugs and sex. :derpytongue2:

This means a lot to me. Thank you for feeling this way. :twilightsmile:
(And I'm working on a stream-of-consciousness story. Appoximately, it'll take me a year and a half, maybe two, to finish. :raritywink:)

And drama! Don't forget the drama!

Maybe you should fix it so that you can read the whole synopsis without clicking the "read more" and have all of the reader quotes under the "read more." Just a thought.

I should. I definitely should.

If I knew how. (And the quotes ARE pretty much the synopsis, anyway. :P)

Finneighan's Wake


"Finnegan's Wake"

in your P.P.S.

No, I meant Finnegans Wake, Joyce's book, the one I'm parodying in the fic. The contrast is in the apostrophe. :twilightsmile:

3456097read my comment again.... look at the word you used in the story. then at the one you used in you P.P.S............ change the one in the PPS as you got it wrong.

"Finnegans Wake", and not "Finnegan's Wake"

=============================^^^ this one should be Finneighan's wake

it took me a while to see what i thought was wrong but i found the only error your story. and it wasn't even in your story it was your AU
EDIT: I beat OP

3456068 I should actually point out to you that reading An Island was one of the first fanfiction pieces I gave any serious thought to. Instead of just laughing my ass off, I looked at it and thought 'why is this so funny?' It did actually impact on my attempts at comedy, at least structurally. Only three pieces of fanfiction have done that so far, actually. I'm pretty sure my version of ridiculous owes a lot to you mate, so thanks for that, too!

Yes. And this is a silly lesbian ponyfic. :raritywink:

I know, I know, but, as you have already realised, I was putting empahsis on the apostrophe. :twilightsheepish:


Move paragraphs 11 and 12 to before the first one. Then add three spaces (Enter) before the quotes.

3456143 I know the book you meant And I know that there isn't an apostrophe and that's what you intended. but next time just say that you know there's no apostrophe in ''Finnegans'' it's shorter and no misinterpretations. I had to read it three times to make sure I read correctly. almost missed the apostrophe. :twilightsheepish:

3456179 What?
I.... Don't get it.
but srsly I don't get why I got this. they're cool an all. but why?

Because you were also talking about Finnegan's/Finnegans Wake. It came on while I was reading some comments, then saw yours. I just found it funny.

Bandy (who didn't actually read it)

What? Whaaat? Nah, man. Not at all, dude. Pf. Nah. Yeah. Okay.

Thank you for the suggestion, but, upon thinking about it, I have come to the conclusion that I value the quotes above the actual description. :twilightsmile:

Whatever, man. 's your story.

Grats on the feature, by the way. :twilightsmile:

Wait... YOU wrote the "OctiScratch stranded" story!?... I have GOT to pay more attention to authors and what they write... Ok, I'll quickly go through "An Island Two Mares..." and start on the sequel! Sweetest Music was NOT the last you'd hear from SnakeSkin!!

Hot damn, this will be glroious! Already enjoyed the first story greatly, so this can only be awesome. :pinkiehappy:

I just wish there was a different cover art. You mentioned your reasoning, but still, get something better. It cuts off.

Unfortunately, I can't find anything better. :ajsleepy:
But thank you for enjoying the story!

You could use the bottom panel of that comic. Anything is better than what you have right now.

Thanks for your concern, but I like my pics full and uncropped. :ajsmug:

But it is cropped! It's too long. :fluttershbad:


It's too long.

That's what Tavi said.

I wuv you so much right now.

Hm... a monarchy you say. Uh oh....I'm gettin' that felling again

America,FUCK YEAH! Coming again to save the Motha Fuckin' day Yeah! :moustache:

I always believed that despite being the absolutest monarch ever, Celestia delegates LIKE A BOSS so that she doesn't have to do any actual work until defecation hits the ventilation.
I need to acquire more rum.

Silly un-Americans! The alphabet song doesn't rhyme if it ends with Zed. And currently, the alphabet song is the only way that I can remember the order that letters come in...

Silly Americans!
...Actually, I don't quite get what you mean. :ajbemused:

Im looking forward for the next missadventure from our lovly cuple.

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