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If you can't laugh at anything, the world turns into a very dull place. Dead turtles, for instance...hilarious.


They say the universe is infinite, absolute, an endless plane containing immeasurable numbers of stars, planets, and other cosmic wonders. It has no edge, no end. However, who's to say you can't just go through it?

Captain Alex Ronen of the United Global Federation, had been chosen to go somewhere no man has gone before. Only question is if he can find his way back.

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This shit is whack, yo.
Meaning that is super awesome! :pinkiehappy:

good start!
why do I have you on follow anyway? oh well, something to think about later

Interesting. Will follow.

is this the remake of your other sci-fi or just the replacement.

The first few paragraphs are either missing closing quotes or the middle ones have opening quotes where none should be.

Have to admit I'm a sucker for HiE when it's done well and this... this is great. There's a whole pile of things to sort out yet when dealing with the first contact situation for both human and ponies. And as much as I'd like it to remain a Ponyville scene, coming down in a giant fiery ball of doom is the best way to alert half of Equestria to your presence. I'd give it a day or two before there's two small armies surrounding the crash site, the first being royal guards, and the second being curious ponies and those annoying paparazzi reporters.

Then again, Ponyville is a known magnet for disasters both small and world shattering. Maybe it's best to stay far far away and let those Element Bearers and the Princesses handle it while we all stay in our safe nothing-ever-happens-here cities and outlying towns.

Do not go to Ponyville for that road leads to madness. :pinkiecrazy:

Interesting, continue.

P.S Sci-Fi for the win.

3274884 I would say it is more of a replacement. But is was originally intended to be a re-write.

3275731 cool I will probably read soon.

Interesting story so far, looking foward to the next chapter.


I have the same issue with this story as I do with Not as it Seems. An extremely well written and interesting opening that gives absolutely no indication of the direction the actual story is going to go. I am left wondering whether I am in for a unique concept, plot, or characterization, or just a generic HiE with the interesting bits not progressing beyond the premise execution. I mean, really, how can I fave this when I have nothing to go on? Potential alone is not enough until it is realized. There is no "hook".

3274964 I actually believe it is a grammatical rule, that when a new paragraph is opened under the same character's dialogue, that you are to put opening quotation marks at the beginning of the paragraph, but leave the ending free of them if you add more. This is how I have written, and you are the first one to have brought this matter up, so I am not quite sure if you are correct. However, I will check it out.

That image seems to attract a certain caliber of gentlemen.

3279853 Oh my god! Where did you find the whole image! I have been looking everywhere for it!

FREAKING PEPSI MAN?!:derpyderp1:

This is looking most interesting. Can't wait to see where it goes. I'm hoping it will provide anodyne to me for the pain over Arrow 18 Mission Logs not being touched in nearly a year.

Robert is right. When a single quoted speaker has multiple paragraphs of speech, there is no closing quotation mark until the last paragraph. The closing quotation mark shows that the line of speech has come to an end, and can therefore operate independently from typical punctuation rules regarding paragraphs. However, you still need the opening quotation mark on each new paragraph to show that someone is still speaking.

Still, it's good that you're looking out for that stuff. Learning how to passively spot errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation will help a great deal when it comes to writing your own material.


Been using this for a while. Even what I'm using is cropped though, the full image is bigger yet :P


Should we form a gentleman club?

3294251 Capital idea my good chap!

3291212 Hmm, so English is different in that regard compared to German. Good to know. Feel free to correct me when you see something noteworthy. :twilightsmile:

not bad for a pre-welcome to Equestria scene where the spaceship is being torn apart by atmospheric re-entry

Aw, was kinda hoping he and the ship would meld together into some sort of synthetic/biological life form. The story pic kinda gave me the idea that was going to happen. Now i find myself wondering if the pic is relevant to the story in some way.

You write good action scenes man... why can I no write them?!

MOAR! :flutterrage:

I half-expected Andrew to say "I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave," when it wasn't being responsive.

Yay:yay: you are working on this again :pinkiehappy:

Great chapter, i do hope the next one will be updated soon.

3426908 Yes, it is. You will find out later...

3428156 Would it surprise you if I said that thought had crossed my mind more than once?

3435615 Oooohhhh, can't wait to see. I find my anticipation rising to new heights. Great story BTW.

Also, who is the artist that made the pic? I love it so much i made it my wallpaper.

3436067 Oh, and anything particular about the story you like? I just like to get a general consensus on what people enjoy about my writing.

Your flow seems good so far, you'r plot is interesting and thus far unique, and you spelling and grammar seem spot on.

The only other thing needed to make your story one of the ones I fall in love with is a compelling story, and that is yet to be seen. But as things are going with this I would not be surprised if you managed that as well.

........ I want a first contact scenario soon, and I mean SOON.

Or Pinkie'll cut you.:pinkiecrazy:

Regardless, another great chapter, keep up the good work.

I see ur using my pic cure to say why?

3607966 Because it was eye catching and relevant to the story :applejackunsure:

3669248 ok u have my aprovell make it a good one :pinkiehappy:

It looks nice. Not a bad beginning. So I wish you the best with it. :eeyup:


I just found this story, and I noticed that it hadn't been updated in a while. Any chance you're gonna push out a new chapter any time soon?


Hybrid Librarian, anyone?

Aside from that, I'll like and fave this story to read later. Looks promising.

And a full year hiatus? I'm sorry, but dayum!


-Loyal Patriot

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