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Many wondered upon the stars with a predominant question hovered over their heads in the planet of Equis. The infinite, void sea of vast glowing embers...home of other worlds? Of other living things such as them?
A question soon to be answered...

The Asumikorian Empire at its prime, continued its slow rise onto a search for worlds to colonize, and if lucky, new civilizations to befriend.
A race of biped familiar with the humans of Earth, the Kin of Arinmus, and the nomadic Noctary...
Despite their current allies and enemies, for once this empire yearned to meet something fresh, life in which can remind them of simpler times of peace...

(Human tag due to appearances of humans late in the story.)
(Criticism is very much appreciated and I really need much of Editors and Proofreaders, but for now I put my story out here. Anybody that wants to help make this tale of higher quality I will kindly thank for such help. It is not the best, and so on)
(this story has been submitted in the past and this is the 3rd time I had redid all of it, a story I had been developing since 3 years ago...)

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