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Mutant - Romaji

The lab team has done it. They've made the mane 6, complete with magic. Of course, science needs proof, so they record some tests. Cue the gun using mob out to kill them.

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The next day.
Twilight Sparkle expected to wake up to Kittery. Not to chanting from outside. "Kitt? What's that sound?"

Kittery was at the door, guarding it with her body. "Let's just say SOME PEOPLE didn't like..." She found this very hard to phrase. She didn't want to, but she was going to have to be blunt. "...You."

Twilight was shocked to hear that. "Wh-Why?"

"There are those who are afraid of the new. Those who think that this experiment is an evil project. Those who have stopped listening to reason." Abigail replied with a sad tone of voice. She wishes it weren't true.

Twilight from outside heard "Grab your shotgun and kill these Mutants!"

All the other fillies woke up with a start. Abigail clenched her jaw. "Hopefully we can keep them from getting to us before we can call the police."

Fluttershy looked at Abigail with utter terror. "Wh-Wh-Why?"

Abigail replied through gritted teeth. "Because they want to us to never see each other again." Turning to a scientist, she added "Call 911". The scientist gave her the phone.






She hung up, throwing the phone on the ground. "The ENTIRE POLICE DEPARTMENT IS FUCKING UNAVAILABLE! That's it! I am not voting for those guys again!"

Pinkie's hair droops. "That bad?"

Rarity replied, clutching her tiny mane. "She used a Daily Show word. I think that's bad."

Abigail, with an increasingly concerned look on her face, hastily replied with "Rarity is right. It's very bad."


Abigail's breath sped up. "EVERYPONY! HIDE!"

Twilight ran for a hiding spot while she could see the others run as well.



Twilight just saw Abigail fall over. There are holes punched through the door. Holes in Abigail’s back. What happened? she thought. Then she saw the blood.

She's dead.


Twilight couldn't stop staring at the body. She might as well hit an error message. She would have said it was 'The worst possible thing' like Rarity says all the time, but that didn't feel strong enough. Nothing did.

While she stared, someone opened the door with the gunshot through it, blocking her view of Kitt.

What little focus was diverted from Kitt was enough to pick up one word from him: Witch. Is that who they think they have killed? Twilight thought.

Glass broke, just like her hope, as she picked up two words from his mouth: Immoral Experiments. Kill the artist, break the computer and delete the art. That's what they want.

Something was said from outside, but Twilight didn't care enough to hear all that was said. All she heard was "killed the Witch". Listen Twilight! Listen to all of those who don't care!

Twilight shook and raised her hoofs to the sides of her face, holding her head on. No. No. Don't give in, me.

She heard everyone leave, their footsteps pounding without care.

Twilight crept out of her hiding spot and walked over to Kitt, hoping she'll wake up.

Twilight walked up onto the cooling body. You always wake up when I do this! It's just a flesh wound, right?

But Kitt's only response was getting colder. She's dead, alwrong!

Trying to put those horrible thoughts aside, she thought I should just walk away. I'm just making myself more depressed.

But she couldn't. She just sat there, too consumed in thoughts she didn't want to think.

Nothing could get her to move. Except...


She looked up through her tear covered eyes.

Right into a shotgun.

Her sadness turned to rage as she deflected the gun's aim. She screamed "YOU ARE NOT GOING TO KILL ME!"

Uncaring, he walked out the door, muttering "I didn't need to waste ammo on you. You'll be dead within the week."

I'm not worth the same treatment mom got? She screamed at him as she trapped him in place. "GET BACK HERE! YOU'RE NOT GETTING AWAY!"

Irritated, he turns his shot gun back towards Twilight. You want a fight?

Cocky, he began to say "I know you can only do one thing at a time wi-"

I'm going to stop you there.Twilight leaped at him.

Flying through the air, she saw his shotgun nearing her from the side. When it hit, everything went black.

Twilight woke up. The lab was in a state she had never seen before: Empty and ruined. Broken glass and saline covered the floor. Bullet holes peppered the walls and doors. It was silent. Nothing could be heard except for her own breathing. She then notices that she's the only one left. I'm all alone. Kitt couldn't protect me. She thought to herself. She looked around again. Predictably, all the food has been stolen. Her eyes locked in on one thing. Kittery Abigail's laptop. It's the only thing I have left. She thought to herself.

Putting the laptop in the case, which she then put on her back, she looked out the door to the outside. It was breathtaking. She never seen the outside of the lab before. She then remembered why she was going out there.

I can't hide in the shelter anymore. I have to face the world. I have to be my own Kitt.

And with that, she left.

Author's Note:

On a more serious note, the protesters/ mob has been introduced.
Also, I'm going to update slower and with longer chapters.
Yes, kitt did sleep in the lab. She's dedicated.
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