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Scootaloo has never been the best of fliers, especially when compared to her parents. But then again, neither was her brother, Flash. For most of her life, they've both been unable to meet the expectations their parents- and everypony else- have set for them, but they've always been able to take comfort in knowing they would face their problems together.

Now, however, things have changed. Flash is not only a member of Canterlot's Elite Guard, but he is also engaged to a Princess. He has become everything Scootaloo has only dreamed of, and yet she still can't even fly.

Will their relationship be able to survive? Or will Scootaloo abandon him forever?

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Now, this seems interesting. I will definitely give this a read. (Also, I don't really think the AU tag is needed. This could take place in the future, you know.)

Cute little fic, and a very well done one at that. You did a decent job at expanding on Flash's character, and giveing Scoots the family she deserves. You sir have my thanks, and I for one did not freak out at the idea. I liked EqG, accepted Twilight's Ascension, and thought Flash needs a bit more fleshing out.

Hope there's moar:pinkiehappy:

this was good :scootangel:

hmm......what if.....nah, Scoots couldn't ACTUALLY be related to Flash.....Could she?....My brain itches now.

3257243 Still a possibility.

Beautiful fic, btw.:twilightsmile:

one thing scootaloo hasn't had pointed out to her is that she's technically royalty..... just sayin that's a massive plothole right there :scootangel:
Series? sequel?

These are some of the best and most well-executed headcanons I've ever seen! Great job! :twilightsmile:

Scootaloo and Flash sentry siblings?
I am unsure about my mixed feelings. :derpyderp1:

Really nice little story here, so well done. I actually wouldn't mind more stories about Scootaloo and Flash as siblings.

3256548 As much as I love my headcanon, the chances of it ever becoming canon are practically zilch. On the other hoof, it hasn't been disproved yet, so I guess the AU tag isn't all that necessary... yet.

3256555 3258454 Why thank you! I'm glad my headcanon has some acceptance :twilightsmile:

3256558 3259197 3257445 Huh. I've never really thought about making any sort of continuation for this. Maybe if I get enough support :duck:

3257243 3257275 If Hasbro makes it canon, I will spend the rest of my days doing the dance of joy.

3256889 3257890 Thanks :scootangel:

3259003 Don't worry. Everything will be just fine.

Everything was going to be fine.

And then Twilight accidentally summoned (and subsequently banished) an uppity elder god. Because no major event involving Twilight Sparkle and her friends is complete without some kind of grand catastrophe. :facehoof:

Good story by the way. :pinkiehappy:

Hmm.. this line of inquiry could be expanded if you wanted to . You made the relationships seem believable which is very important.

Headcanon or not I love to read fics that gives Scoots a non-abusive family.

Reeve #16 · Sep 26th, 2013 · · 16 ·

3260984 i agree although Scootaloo having an abusive family would still be better than being related to Flash Sentry :pinkiesick:


You would rather see her abused than see her with a loving family that includes Flash? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS FANDOM?!

3261331 I didn't say I want her to be abused, Scootaloo's one of my favourite characters, i'm just saying I find both prospects undesirable

Yet you said you would rather see her in a abusive family than having Flash as a sibling.

3261549 Cmon who wouldn't want the ultimate waifu theif as their brother, other titles include flash sentry the savoir of the universe, flash the ship destroyer, and flash sentry waifu theif

3261818 you understood the reference LOL, now if only there was a parody of this you know what i mean

Flash Gordan is old enough I doubt many would get the reference, but yes I would like to see Flash Sentry: Defender of the Universe

3261837 If Hasbro actually makes a reference to it I'm going to explode twice

Only if we could get some episodes with him, and get enough material for a PMV

3261852 Genius and now we wait

3261331 for the record i dont usually read stories where scootaloo is abused, but i dont like them. i much prefer stories like this to others.

For the record I love Scoot and Sweetiebuse.

I almost cant breath when spitfire is her mothee I was like "WhaaaaaaaaaaaaTttt?"

That was so sweet! :scootangel:
Having Flash Sentry as Scootaloo's brother and Spitfire as their mom is just AWESOME!!! :rainbowdetermined2:
Never thought I'd see Scoot get that upset for her brother and Twilight before... At least everything turns out okay in the end. :pinkiesmile:

“Now, if you'll excuse me, Spike and I still have to sort out all the issues that were caused by that exploding hamster.”

Just one "sort out," okay?

3270438 Pretty sure that's only one "Sort out".

You might want to check that yourself.

3270578 Ah.

You know, if you're going to point out an error, don't correct it. Show it as it is. Otherwise you'll be ignored.

3270635 Duly noted. Just thought I should help.

And why not? Although the idea of Scootaloo's mother being Spitfire makes me laugh. The idea of Rainbow Dash's friend and protégé being respectively Spitfire's daughter and daughter-in-law makes me laugh even more.

Like you wrote: "Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh...!!!"

Thanks for not ending this story with a miracle. It's more important that Scootaloo not feel overwhelmed, unimportant or in any way worthless just because her beloved BBBFF is now 'Prince' Flash Sentry than for her to have some miraculous gaining flight. This story is very much about Scootaloo's journey, not her destination.

That ending was so sweet.

So Flashie and Scootie are siblings and... SPITFIRE js their mom! Whoah!

I loved it from the beginning cause it just seemed like shing's wedding and the explodeing hamster thing funny as all heck and the bother thing love it and scootaloo parnets AWESOME AS ALL HECK

3261283 You sick asshole

You made scootaloo flash sentry'slittle sister?

I.. Don't know how I feel about this

I could swear I read this one a while back, but I guess I never finished it for some reason since haven't liked or favorited it yet. :derpyderp2:

Time to correct that mistake. :ajbemused:

*likes and favorites*

HUZZAH! :yay:

I feel like it would make more sense of Flash Sentry was Scootaloo's father, and certainly a much better storyline

3261283 Wow. You monster! I am physical ill from that!

You sicken me.

I am going to use a word I almost never use because I feel the word has no real meaning to it and most folks only use it to descry something really great.

But this story here, not only has it got me to fully accept the Scootaloo/Flash siblings headcanon, but...your story.....




You, dear sir or ma'am. Have yourself a new watcher.

6073006 Who replies to a comment that's 88 weeks old? Especially a comment that was never meant to be taken seriously in the first place (although it seems that 11 people did take it seriously, that might be a new record for me. I'm really not sure, but if you find any other ancient comments of mine with loads of dislikes please let me know, I'll probably find it very funny)

6073442 Trust me, after this comment, I won't bother with you.

Also, it's damn near impossible to tell when one is joking through text, so I'm more than positivity you are lying to try and save face.

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