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My name is Vetnern and I write stories!


Amber, a young girl. Wakes up in a meadow not far from Ponyville. As she is greeted by Rainbow Dash, she is soon introduced to the citizens of Ponyville but she realizes something is amiss. She starts to piece together a reality that she had quickly forgotten as things come crashing down.

With so many unanswered questions and no one explaining what is going on, Amber must figure out the riddle to one of the greatest mysteries she has yet to faceā€¦ Reality itself.

Written by - Vetnern & KhaosSparkz
Edited by - GeodesicDragon & Biker_Dash

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 7 )

Title caught my eye. And not a bad start either; definitely worth the time to read.
And also, you have quite the editing staff there.


Deserves a like just for the Title

While writing this story we had some real laughs xD and to be honest most of the time me and Vet where just going, "Whaaaaaaat?" xD

I read the title and was like "Aw yeah, awesome!" And when I read this I was like "This is cool, and this chapter was a bit trippy, but I got what this meant." Wow, this whole comment is a big trip.

3289307 Chapter two is going to be the most confusing, but we do make ends meet in the future chapters.

A little confusing but I like:pinkiehappy:

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