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Hi guys! I'm hoping to write various bits and pieces. Hopefully it will be awesome but I am also here to follow my good friend, Zoom Star's, story "Ponies Through the Portal"


The Pony Crusaders have lived in Ponyville for a year now. They have adapted to pony life while still going back to visit thier families. However one day a mysterious stallion shows up, and he lacks a cutie mark. Intreagued Ginger Snap follows this new mystery only to uncover a long lost secret. A secret which has the potential to tear the Pony Crusaders apart.

NOTE: Recommend you read 'Ponies Through the Portal' by Zoom Star first. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/10325/Ponies-through-the-Portal

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I'm intruiged to find out who this pony is.
You also caught my attention when it said: Romance.
You earned a favorite for your cliffhanger good mam


why thank you! im a fairly, lets say... spontaneous writer. I'll try and have it finished by regular intervals but comments like yours will definately keep me motivated!

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