• Published 3rd Mar 2012
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Untitled - GingerSnap

After a mysterious stallion shows up will the Pony Crusaders stay friends?

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The Mysterious Stallion

It was a sunny day in Ponyville and everypony was going about their business as usual. Pinkie Pie was bouncing around say Happy Birthday to this stallion and giving a flower to that mare while rarity was busy in her shop running around getting orders ready for this year’s grand galloping gala. In the distance I saw a sudden boom of colour and a small yellow and pink dot dancing up and down with excitement. I looked across the horizon and saw Twilight helping Applejack with this year’s harvest of apples and I licked my lips with excitement. It would be cider time soon and I couldn’t wait to get my first sip of the world class Apple family recipe.

Turning away from the window of my bedroom I faced the mirror in front of me. My vibrant ruby mane was a mess but thank goodness I kept mine short or I would be spending hours de tangling it. I had bed coat too, purple tufts sticking up in odd places, except for my flank which stayed flat displaying my black ninja star proudly.

After many disgruntled snorts and painful whinnies from sorting out my mane and coat I trotted downstairs of the ‘Crusader Tower,’ my nose leading me to the smell of freshly picked apples. As I emerged into the dining room two familiar faces looked up and smiled at me, one a deep blue and the other a light purple.

“Good morning Snap!” Ginger Bread was already trotting merrily towards me her purple wings extended with excitement. Her light red mane fell fluidly over her face and as she moved it bounced to the rhythm of her trot. “Are you ready for today?” her face inches from mine; smile as wide as a mile. Still sleepy I had forgotten what the day held in store for me, so I stood in front of her a stupid confused look smeared all over my face.

Finishing his glass of water Zoom Star rose to his hooves and shaking his head moved to where I was standing. “You have forgotten again Ginger haven’t you? We are getting our outfits sorted for the gala today! Remember now?” Coming to my senses I began to recall the build up to today. Last year’s dresses were pretty but this year we were all going to look spectacular. Rarity really was the best designer in Equestria and because of this if we missed our appointment with he today we would miss our opportunity to have our dresses custom designed for us.

After a quick nibble on an apple the three of us were headed out the door. The other two had become accustomed to their wings and took to the ease and comfort of flying, however since I was brought into this magical place as an earth pony I was stuck with my legs. Luck was on their side today, as soon as I stepped out of the house a pink flash zoomed past, knocking me off my hooves. It stopped and wheeled around to reveal Pinkie Pie obviously in a rush somewhere.

“Sorry Ginger Snap, in a rush, new pony in town!” She managed to say it audibly but also in one breath but I guess after being friends with her for a year you get used to her super-hyper antics. Almost as soon as she had finished the word town she was gone again and I was left watching her race off, giggling until my lungs hurt. The two hovered above me laughing also but within minutes we were off again.

Upon reaching Rarity’s we were met at the door by a unicorn stallion, ebony black covering his hide topped off by a vibrant yellow cropped mane and tail. His horn was long and pointed black like his coat a spot of red on the very tip. I hadn’t seen him around town before, this must be the new pony in town but it was strange not to see Pinkie not showing him round. I also couldn’t help but notice his cutie mark, or lack thereof. There was nothing there but the direction of the hair suggested that his flank was not entirely bare. He wasn’t a human-pony, the way he walked and interacted with the other ponies told me he had been a citizen of Equestria his whole life. Letting him aside we stepped into the parlour.

We spent a good few hours in the boutique but by the end of it we decided to so with something in line with our cutie marks. Ginger Bread and I had black dresses, tight fitting around our bodies but cascading around our flanks to the ground highlighted with bright red stripes. Zoom Star had gone for something more traditional, a waistcoat, bow tie and top hat, all black but also with red highlights to match our dresses. This year’s gala was going to be the best yet.

I wondered how the new stallion managed to evade Pinkie Pie so well; everyone knows that you can’t escape her. Something was up with this stallion and I wanted to know more. Hungry and eager to fill our famished bellies we decided to head over to Sugar Cube Corner where I could also ask Pinkie what she knew of this stallion.

Dingaling, the bell sounded as we entered the shop but we were met face to face by a wall of pink.

“Hi everypony! You haven’t seen the new pony by any chance have you? I thought he would have been here by now but I guess something held him up!” Odd, Pinkie didn’t know about the new pony. I decided to eat first and ask questions later. Sitting down with my pastry I called Pinkie over.

“Pinkie Pie, you do realise the new pony is already here? He’s been here for a few hours now, how did you not notice!?” I got no reply from her. Instead I got a surprised gasp and she was gone, the door was almost off his hinges due to the force she hit it at. I was left staring after her, my unanswered questions swarming my mind.

“Could you guys please excuse me for a minute, I want to go and check something,” I said looking at Zoom Star and Ginger Bread, already drifting out the door. If I was going to get answers there was only one place I was going to get it. The library. Twilight would be able to help me for sure; she was practically a walking encyclopaedia after all.

It was just down the road and I passed the school children on their way homes. I waved to Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Applebloom, recieving a glomp from all three in return. It had become a favourite past time of theirs since the “ginger ninjas,” Ginger Bread and myself, saved them last year from their scooter. Proudly I looked at my cutie mark for a moment, the result of the rescue but quickly hurried off to the library where hopefully many answers would lie.

Knocking on the door I was greeted by a familiar green and purple dragon who informed me that Twilight was just having an afternoon nap. I was welcome to look around so I decided to look at the anatomy section of the library. Book after book I only found information on the age you gain your cutie mark, but nothing on a fully grown stallion not having one.

I had almost given up when Twilight emerged from her slumber, mane still slightly messy but she was alert. I asked her about this mysterious stallion and the fact that he did not have a mark. She didn’t believe me and backed up her theory with the massive expanse of books on her shelf. However there was no denying what I saw that morning, he did not have a cutie mark. I don’t know how or why that was the case but I was going to find out.

I met my fellow crusaders back at the house, I had disappeared for a few hours and the looks on their faces when they walked in showed they were worried about my whereabouts. When they saw I was sitting in my chair they rushed over and asked where I had been. I explained that I needed to catch up with Twilight and discuss and important matter. There was no way I could tell them, they wouldn’t believe me either.

I excused myself from the conversation and decided to get some shut eye. I had come to the conclusion that if I was going to get answers that no book could provide I would have to go to Zecora, see if she could help me. It was a long shot but who knows what I could uncover. I decided that if I was to go unnoticed then I was going to have to leave early to avoid the attention of the other two. Nervous and confused I closed my eyes, eager for the day ahead.

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I'm intruiged to find out who this pony is.
You also caught my attention when it said: Romance.
You earned a favorite for your cliffhanger good mam


why thank you! im a fairly, lets say... spontaneous writer. I'll try and have it finished by regular intervals but comments like yours will definately keep me motivated!

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