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It's called a hustle, sweetheart.

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This is realy cool! I think you could do some more chapters with this same idea in mind! Ten seconds and the change of fate! I'll be watching for more! ;D

3249805 In ten seconds, this could reach the feature box.


I actually really think it's good enough for the feature box! In ten seconds you could be the greatest writer in history! Well... maybe I'm overegagerating (spell fail XP) a little...

But you earned a watch from me!

3249846 It's a step, and I'm glad I've got that.


I can't be the only one who really likes this "ten seconds" idea. Make more of these, especially one where the red pony succeeds

3249918 Maybe. My main focus right now is Iridescence, but I can probably write some in between Act I and Act II and move the series I planned there for between Act II and Act III, seeing as I have no idea how to execute it.
That sounds like a good idea, actually.

3249997 It seems that a lot of people like. Thanks!


This was fucking AWESOME.

You deserve all the mustaches.

(yes, I did like this 1000 words that much.)

3251540 Wow, all the mustaches? I'm honored.

The style to this was quite fun, I thought.

I quite enjoyed helping this out.

~Skeeter The Lurker


3249932 I could help, if ya want.

3253578 I've actually gotten an idea for the story, given to my by a good friend of mine, Grass Marks.


3253595 Alright. I'm here if ya need me.

The sniper is 44.8m away if the bullet takes .1 seconds to get from the gun to the assassin.
Meaning the acceleration of the bullet is 8960m/s^2
Have fun with real math amigo.
Also the velocity of the bullet is then wrong and it's actually 448m/s


Well I might downvote you for that comment...

Oof. Very grim. I like this a lot. It's an intriguing concept.


I think it's more that this is a fanfic that takes place in a cartoon universe. Therefore, our physics don't apply.

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