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Another day in the caves in which the surviving ponies have secluded themselves ever since the plague hit.
Not quite.
A new arrival might well throw that stalemate situation into disarray.

Heeeey! Chapter three!
I had a shower today (surprise, surprise!) and I gotta admit, it is one of those typically inspirational moments, sitting somewhere up there with classes and bus trips.
Anyways, at the conclusion of said shower, I knew how to conclude Plague without having to make it devolve into an epic of its own. About three chapters, I figure.
With that said, in this chapter I wanted to mostly get a little practice with a fighting scene, which I managed at a passable level, methinks.
Gotta admit though, Nick Harkaway is a fucking genius xD When you're able to write an entire page of description over the qualities of a tupperware box and some random tidbits besides without making it seem boring, you've got something pretty good going.
Meeeeh, as usual, next chapter will pop around at an unknown date in the distant or not-so-distant future.

Chapters (3)
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Poor Rainbow Dash. :rainbowwild: She'll be furious when she finds her wings are gone.


Won't be anything good, one way or another. That's for sure!


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