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This takes place in Twilight's teenage years, where there has been a robbery in the castle of Canterlot. Twilight decide to try catching the thief against the princess orders, which she soon regret.

This is my first fanfic ever.
Im not from an english speaking country, so i hope my grammar is acceptable.

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Too long to read today! :derpyderp1: I dunno how you did yet, but I'll be back. And if you think your grammar is going to be lacking somewhere, I'd be happy to help you proofread. Where are you from, anyhay?

I'm from Denmark. And yeah I should maybe have uploadet it in smaller parts...

I have to say it's pretty good, I read it all through :twilightsmile:
Be confident in yourself, your writing will improve a lot if you keep it up and don't give it up! Though I have to say it's not really like Celestia to use an enchantment to keep something so huge like this a secret from Twilight - and Spike knows the secret as well.

Some mistakes here and there, but it's obvious that you had made an effort and this is much better than some *ahem* crap that shows up on this site. I usually don't like Twilight with OC's, but yours was good enough and believable enough - I completely approve :twilightsheepish::twilightblush:

Wow thanks a lot :twilightsmile:
I kinda made the ending cause I wanted to maybe still stick a little to the main story.
Thanks for the comment so i can improve myself in the next story i write. :pinkiesmile:

Good try for your first English fic here. There are some errors and paragraph issues, but I can let it slide since you're not from America or any other English speaking country.

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