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Author Tempus


"Hello, Author Tempus again. This one is a work of fiction. It's based on a dream that I had that I was a human. I mean, could you imagine? ME, a HUMAN? Those only exist in those stories for little girls that... Uh... I never read. Yeah. Because they're for little girls and such. Ahem."

Author Tempus has lived an average life, for the most part. Although one morning when he wakes up at exactly 9, he finds that he's not a pony. Although, that's normal for a human, right? He passes his pony self off as a strange dream. But his pony self can say the same for the human form. Something obviously isn't right. Can Author stop this force and prevent the destruction of both Equestria AND Earth?

(Rated Teen because it has mild swearing.)

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 3 )

As soon as I started reading this chapter, it became clear what was going on. This promises to be very intriguing: will human!Author and pony!Author break their synchronicity, or will they slowly become the same entity? And what will this do to the multiverse?

*stays tuned* :moustache:

Hi, Author Tempus.

The good about the story: You've got parallelism between the human world and the pony world. This can be a good way to set up a story. Katherine M. Valente writes many novels with this idea; you might enjoy her.

The bad about the story:

Why should we be interested in Author-as-a-human? This character's only action in a day are to get up... and play Minecraft.

Why should we be interested in Author-as-a-pony? This character's only action in a day are to get glasses fixed that are "ever-so-slightly bent out of shape".

To make this kind of story interesting, at least one -- if not both -- Author-characters must be interesting characters. If you want to create an interesting story, I recommend that one of the two characters have something to lose if someone else discovers the link between the two worlds.

Good luck with your writing!

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