• Published 9th Oct 2011
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Sweet Dreams are Made of This - Author Tempus

Strange dreams and sleep patterns with something more sinister at play.

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Time for School

Sweet Dreams are Made of This_______________________________

Time for School_______________________________________--

Author woke up. It was Monday, a school day. All he could think about was alternate dimensions. He looked around and realized that he wasn’t in his bed, or even his bedroom. He thought back to the day before and remembered that he had fallen asleep on the sidewalk. He quickly got up and ran home, hoping no one had seen him. He changed into his school uniform and ate breakfast. He thought about the alternate dimensions again. About the person or pony who’s up to no good. He grabbed his backpack and wallet as he walked toward the door to go to his bus stop. Another thing crossed his mind. Summer… He had a date with her next weekend. How is he going to explain when he goes to sleep in the middle of the movie and won’t wake up? His bus arrived early today. He was picked up as soon as he got to the bus stop. The bus stopped at the next stop. This is the stop where Joey was picked up. He walked on the bus and sat in the seat across from Author.

“Hey, I haven’t talked to you since Saturday. What happened?” Joey asked.

Author didn’t know what to tell his friend. Should he say that these dreams were really him viewing an alternate dimension? No, he would never believe that… Would he? He could tell him about how he met Summer. But he wouldn’t believe that, either… It seemed that no matter what Author could have said, Joey would have thought him to be crazy…

“Are you still having those dreams? You know, it could be an alternate dimension.”

Author sat completely still. How could he have come to that conclusion if he only told him a day ago? “Wh--- Huh?”

“Ha! Could you imagine if it really WAS an alternate dimension? I’m sure that it would take much more than falling asleep to contact a different dimension.”

“Yes, right… Of course.” Author smiled nervously. Yep, he would definitely think he’s crazy. Author looked out the window and saw the school. He’s really been losing track of time lately… The bus doors opened and everyone poured out. School didn’t start for a few minutes, so Author and Joey went to their usual spot. Their friend, Ditzy, quickly joined them… After running into a few things.

“Hey guys! I can’t believe it’s been a whole weekend since we last talked!” She had long blond hair and very thick glasses that made her eyes look slightly off-center. She wore a gray jacket, like she always wore. Printed on the back of the jacket were two large feathers. “So, what did you guys bring for lunch today?”

“Well, I have a classic PB&J. How about you, Author?”

Lunch! Author forgot about lunch! He was busy thinking about the dreams, and he forgot to pack it. He didn’t even bring his wallet! “Oh… Uh… I kind of… Forgot about lunch…”

“WHAT??? You forgot lunch? Don’t worry! I packed TWO muffins today!” she reached into her purse and took out an empty muffin wrapper with a few crumbs in it. “Oo- oops… Guess I kinda got hungry…”

Author stared at the empty wrapper before smiling slightly. “It’s OK… I can go a day without lunch.” As soon as he said this, his stomach rumbled. The two friends at the table stared at him. “See? My stomach agrees!” The three friends laughed as the bell rang. They all had different classes for the first and second hour; Joey took marine science which was taught by Dr. Franklin, Author took programming by Mrs. Wheeler, and Ditzy took a postal delivery class. That may sound like a strange class, but this school provided teaching on a variety of subjects.

“Oh! I almost forgot! Ms. Jehoosavitz asked me to deliver these to you!” she took out three envelopes, giving one to Author and one to Joey. The one she kept looked like it had already been opened. “See you guys at lunch!” she turned and ran to her first class, tripping over her shoelaces, getting back up and running again a split second later.

“Oh, Ditzy… Y’know, she kind of reminds me of that background pony, Derpy…” Joey stated.

Author thought about this. “You’re right… She even has the same official name. Must just be a...” Suddenly, Author thought about his dreams. Could Ditzy have used the pony Author to get to the human world? No, that’s impossible! Author knew Ditzy his whole life!

“I think the word you’re looking for is… Coincidence.”

“Right, of course. A coincidence…” Author stared blankly into the sky. The realization that he was going to be late to class shocked him out of his stupor. “Shoot! Gotta get to class! Talk to you later!” With this he ran, not tripping on his shoelaces despite them being untied. It seemed like Author NEVER tripped.

“Bye!” Joey yelled toward Author as he himself started running to his own class.

Classes for the trio passed as normal. Joey completed all of his work fast as he was already an expert on the subject matter. Author messed around in Photoshop, having already mastered the subject matter in his class. And Ditzy… Well, no one really knows what they do at the postal delivery class…

After their classes, the trio stayed true to their promise and met up at lunch. Although admittedly it wasn’t very hard, for they met at lunch every day. Ditzy was the first one to speak, and she did so with excitement. “So, did you guys open the letters?”

Author and Joey exchanged glances. “Uh… Well, you see…” Author started.

“Well, we haven’t really had the time to look at them…” Joey finished.

Ditzy stared at both of them. At the same time. “Well, why don’t you guys open the letters now?”

And that’s exactly what they did.

Dear Author,

It has come to my attention that an invasive force of an unknown number is attempting to retrieve the artifacts that this school hides. As is known by all of those involved, you are somehow connected to these artifacts and have devoted a fair amount of time in trying to discover what they were. It is because of this that I am asking you and your closest friends to help defend it. I send this to you in a written form due to its inherent secrecy. We will discuss this with you and your friends tomorrow.
Always yours,
Principal Sparkle

Joey looked at Author. Obviously, Joey’s letter mentioned Author knowing something that he didn’t. Author sighed.

“I bet you want to know, don’t you?”

Ditzy and Joey stared at him and nodded.

“Fine, I guess it couldn’t hurt…” He paused to build a sense of suspense.

“I wasn’t always going to be accepted into this school. In fact, I had nothing going for me. No clubs or extracurricular activities… I was basically off the radar. Until one day when I was on a vacation, and I found something… Something that if in the wrong hands could alter the fate of the universe.

At first, I thought nothing of it. It was just some chasm. Although the scenery was strange. Green trees with brown leaves, strange behavior in the animals… Stuff that wasn’t normal. And I tripped. I fell into the chasm, but something cushioned my fall. Which is weird because the only things at the bottom were a bunch of rocks.

And that’s when I saw them. Six strange gems. They glowed with my proximity, as if trying to reach out to me. I could see them, what they were. We now call them the Elements of Discord. There was hate, greed, dishonesty, abandonment, meanness and finally, the most dangerous, chaos. I wasn’t the first to find this, however. The school had already found it and noticed a strange reaction when I was in its proximity. And so now I’m part of the school. Not much else to tell, really.”

Author’s two friends looked on in intrigue as his story drew to a close. “You’re making this up, aren’t you?” Joey had asked.

“You saw the letter for yourself.” Ditzy retorted.

“Speaking of which…” Author started. “How DO you read?”

She scoffed. “What, you think because my eyes are like this I can’t see right? I’m not blind! I can just see twenty times more than anyone else! Or maybe a hundred! Frankly, sir, I am shocked and appalled.” She crossed her arms, closed her eyes and looked away. After a while, she opened one eye and looked at Author and started laughing. “You really thought I was mad, didn’t you?”

“I hate it when you do that! It makes me feel bad…”

Joey was laughing along with Ditzy, when she said “Aw, does someone need a hug?”

She held Author in a friendly embrace.

"Diiiiitzzzzyyyyyyy, stooooooopppppp!" Author said, feigning agitation.

The three friends laughed. They enjoyed the rest of their lunch- and the school day- without any further surprises.

Eventually, they all made it home, and Author fell asleep again at exactly nine.


Author woke up. He had another dream. This one was pleasant, unlike the others he had had that were full of a feeling of dread and suspense. This dream was about friendship. Of course, now Author knew it wasn't REALLY a dream. He couldn't shake the feeling that something was off about it, too. Like somepony he knew was in the other dimension... Ditzy! But could one of his closest friends really be the scourge that threatened to destroy both worlds?

Author shrugged off this idea. After all, she was his closest friend.

He remembered his plan to go to the library. He put on his saddlebag and quickly set off to his destination.

When he arrived, he knocked on the door. Spike answered.

"Oh, hey Author! Come here for the new book in the Human Series?"

"Oh, no way! That's out today!?" Author spurted enthusiastically. "Er, uh... I mean, while that holds my interest, I'm here for something else. Something a little more... Sciency."

"Oh, I got ya'. You want some alone time with Twilight, don't you?" Spike asked, nudging Author's leg with his elbow.

"What are you... OH! Oh, no no no no! I'm here for a BOOK! About theoretical physics! Not... Uh... Twilight..."

"Did somepony mention my name?" Twilight asked as she walked to the door frame.

"Yeah, it was Author. He's looking for some book on theoretical physics." Spike said, ignoring his own previous comment.

"Yes, right. Specifically about alternate dimensions." Author thought a bit. "And... Perhaps a book about the elements of harmony as well."

"Of course! Spike, go grab the books 'Alternate Dimensions for Snips' and 'The Elements of Harmony' please."

"Right away, Twilight!" Spike replied with a salute.

When Spike was gone, Twilight spoke up again.

"Oh, by the way, the new book in the Human Series is in. Here you go." She levitated a copy to Author, who sat dumbstruck. The only other being who knew that Author read the Human Series was Spike, but he made him Pinkie Pie Swear not to tell anypony.

"How did you...?"

"To be honest... I... Kind of read them, too... And you seemed like the kind of pony that reads them. That and Spike logs whenever somepony buys a book."

"Right... Of course... Aheh... So, uh... How much do I owe you?"

"You don't owe me anything. You supply a lot of the fiction books here in the library, it's the least I can do."

"Oh, uh... Thanks."

Spike soon returned with the books in hand.

"Well, here they are!" Spike stated as Twilight levitated the books into Author's saddlebags.

"Thanks a lot, guys! You don't know how much this means to me!" Author yelled as he galloped away from the library. Or how much it means to all of Equestria... Author thought.

When he got home, he opened the first book, 'Alternate Dimensions for Snips.' It read:

Hello, inquisitive reader! This book will tell you all you need to know about something the unicorns who study theoretical physics call alternate dimensions. Although the occurrence of these have not been confirmed, there is much evidence supporting them. Some believe that these alternate universes are a stark contrast to our own, while others believe that these universes are exactly the same, albeit with minor differences. Some even believe that it is possible to traverse between these dimensions.

There is also another very popular theory that has to do with another subject in theoretical physics, the elements of harmony. If what is believed about these alternate universes is true that means that if the elements of harmony, believed to be a creative force fueled by friendship, may exist in another universe as the elements of discord, fueled purely by chaos.

Although many ponies doubt the existence of either alternate universes, the elements of harmony, or the alternate elements of harmony, there are still a handful of ponies who dedicate their lives to finding the answer to these questions.

NOTE: This book is not really meant to be read by Snips.

What Author read intrigued him. He remembered something about the elements of discord or something like that in his dreams. He looked at his clock. Almost time for bed. This time, he actually felt tired before the turn of the hour kidnapped his consciousness and brought him into a slumber.

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