• Published 25th Sep 2013
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(SiC) Part 7- Can You Take Me Back? - Brian Jacko

After much heart ache from their break up, Rainbow Dash refuses to give up hope for Soarin' and feels that she is being called to wait and be patient for him.

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Discussions With Twilight Sparkle

Twilight Sparkle woke up later than usual today and Spike had been running the library while she was still asleep. Twilight got out of bed and walked downstairs. She noticed that they already had one pony come in extra early to read books. She was even more surprised when she realized who it was. Twilight came up to Rainbow Dash who had her face burrowed in a book. "What do you have there, Rainbow?"

"It's just a book about basic Theology," Rainbow replied. "I have been trying to understand more about God because something super natural happened to me."

"Something super natural?" Twilight asked.

"Yeah, I prayed for a hug last night while I was in bed and even though I didn't have the covers pulled over me, I felt this wonderful warmth cover my body, even though it was very cold in my house. My body began quivering with pleasure and I quickly fell asleep. I slept so well last night, that I got up extra early today! I'm feeling so rejuvenated! Have you ever prayed for hugs, Twi?"

Twilights face blushed a bit and she replied, "I do all the time, Rainbow. It feels good to be hugged by Jesus, but I never have felt anything to that magnitude. It seems like God really wanted to comfort you. I'm so happy that He did."

"That experience just made me want to learn more about Him," Rainbow said.

Twilight Sparkle's curiosity got the better of her and she used her magic to levitate the side of the book in the air without losing Rainbow's place on the page. "Oh, it's that book," she said with a giggle.

"Huh?" Rainbow said. "It's not a bad book, is it?" Rainbow asked.

"No," Twilight replied. "It's just that there's a few things in there that I disagree with."

"Do you have a better suggestion of what to read?" Rainbow asked. "I don't want to be mislead."

Twilight giggled again and said, "Rainbow, if it was THAT bad, I wouldn't have it in my library. Please read it, there are only very minor things that I disagree with. It's a very well written book and If you have any concerns, we can discuss the things I disagree with later."

"I was just going over the Trinity. So why do you think Jesus was an Earth pony?" Rainbow asked.

Twilight smiled and said, "Jesus was an Earth pony because what better way was there to show humility by not having wings or magic? Since earth pony's can't perform magic or fly, there was nothing extraordinary about Him that would make other ponies take a second glance at Him. There was nothing special about His appearance during His short stay on Equestira either. The Bible prophesied that as well. He gave up heavenly comfort in order to come down here to save us."

"But you mean He didn't sparkle or shine? I thought all of those drawings about Him depicted Him of being this amazing pony with a perfect body."

"Oh, His glorified body may sparkle and shine, but that happened after His resurrection by the Father. A picture or painting can't even begin to explain how amazing He looks in His glorified body," Twilight answered. "He is an Alicorn in His glorified body because He is ruler of the universe and He is the king of all kings."

"What about Pinkie Pie?" Rainbow asked. "She doesn't have wings nor magic yet she can do things that no pony can explain."

Twilight giggled and said, "I think God was just having a lot of fun when He created her! He has a great sense of humor and He loves laughter as well. I don't think we can figure out how Pinkie Pie works or is able to do what she does, but I can't wait to ask God about her when I get to Heaven."

"Wow, I feel kind of bad for Applejack," Rainbow said as she put her head down. "She doesn't have wings, magic, and she can't do crazy things like Pinkie Pie."

"Applejack doesn't need wings or magic to be a major blessing to us and to others. She has a heart of gold and she is proof that a pony without any wings or magic can work hard and still get things done without the kind of luxuries that we have. We really should be more grateful and give Applejack a lot more hugs. We should also thank God for the things that we can do and we should try to give Applejack much more appreciation. I can't imagine not having her in our little Sisters in Christ group."

"And why did you say that the Holy Spirit was a Pegasus pony?" Rainbow asked as she picked her head back up.

"In the book of Luke, the Bible says that the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus like a dove. The word descended implies flying. In the book of Genesis, the Bible says the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. Once again, hovering is a type of flying."

"And the Father is a unicorn I assume?"

"That's correct! Unicorns have the power to make things appear out of nowhere like this." Twilight Sparkle used her magic and a rose was now on the table in front of her friend. "God made everything appear out of nowhere by simply speaking. Since Jesus is an Earth pony and the Holy Spirit is a Pegasus, by default, the Father is a unicorn. Do you know what that means when the three come together, Rainbow?"

Rainbow Dash shook her head no.

"We have three different characters that makes up one God. An Alicorn! Do you realize that the Trinity is God's community and that we were made for community as well? If we didn't have the Earth ponies, we would not have any food. If we didn't have the Pegasus ponies, we wouldn't have any weather control. If we didn't have Unicorns, we wouldn't have any magic or the changing of seasons, and without an Alicorn to help govern us, we would be in constant chaos. Do you see how this all works? Did you know that God was the one to help Princess Celestia create the Elements of Harmony so that we can keep peace in this land and keep the evil away?"

"And do you think that there is an alternative world or something where there are different creatures?" Rainbow asked.

"I sure do!" Twilight replied. "And I'm sure that He created them too!"

"That's amazing," Rainbow said.

"God is amazing!" Twilight added. Twilight looked around for a moment and then leaned in closer to her friend. "Hey Rainbow, do you want to come back and play Dungeons and Dragons again? We really miss you playing with us."

"No," Rainbow replied. "I told you that I'm not coming back until things work out again."

You're not referring to you and Soarin' getting back together are you?" Twilight asked.

"Yes. I told you already. I'm fasting and I've decided to not only include fasting when it comes to eating, but also the other things that I love including sports and games."

"Rainbow, but why? It's almost like you're punishing yourself for this. Why not just move on and forget about him?" Twilight asked in a slightly whiny voice.

"Because I feel like I'm being called to do this," Rainbow said.

"And you don't feel that this is the slightest bit weird? Don't you remember what happened to Pinkie Pie when she felt that she was supposed to be this big super star Evangelist? Do you remember what happened to her?"

"This is different, and if you're not going to stand with me on this, then please don't try to discourage me. I know you want me to play with you girls very much, but I need to do this. I'm going to give him some time to cool off. I think he'll at least write to me soon." Rainbow Dash got up and picked up the book she was reading.

"It's your decision, Rainbow. I hope you at least enjoy the book."

"Thanks, Twi. I'll see you around." Rainbow Dash walked out of the door with the book.

Twilight Sparkle sighed and looked at Spike. "I don't think she's doing what's right, Spike."

Author's Note:

Did you all like that little bit about the ponified Trinity? Idea and credit goes to a very dear friend of mine who is a fellow Brony in Christ and his ideas were used with his permission. You can visit his page here...


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