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Twilight finds herself horn to horn with her greatest rival: Trixie Lulamoon. The two fight each other in a blazing battle of magic. Who will be victorious!? Twilight Sparkle, or Trixie Lulamoon?

Or maybe a bulging pegasus who's taking too many steroids?


-Originally a submission to the Proofreaders group to use for testing purposes within. I have been given permission to post this once the deadline had been reached. I'd like to thank Meeester and Bronymaster for taking my story in for their Proofreader test, and for allowing me to submit it here when all was done. :)

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best. ending. ever.

What a :twistnerd:!

That was rather enjoyable, dare I say it.


Thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Okay fine have a thumbs up.

Ha! Good stuff!

Trixie had slapped Twilight with her hoof. Hard. “You’re a coward!” she had shouted. “You’re weak and pathetic, ignorant of the strength and majesty that is Trixie!” Twilight didn’t take this physical attack lightly, and glared at her fiercely. Trixie had merely smiled at her anger.

Internet rule#14: don't argue with trolls. It means that they win

why are you even fighting me to begin with?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Trixie said as she launched another bolt of magic at Twilight, who deflected it easily with her own magic. Trixie spat at the ground and gritted her teeth. “You ruined my reputation, you ruined my performance, and you’ve ruined my ego! You’ve ruined every bit of my life!”

Uh, news flash, trixie. Snips and Snails brought the Ursa into town. They went to get you to vanquish it. They were the reason that you were exposed as a fraud. Hello!?!?

Ponk, you did beautiful. Good job.

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