• Published 18th Sep 2013
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The Curious Friendship of Llewellyn and Vellum Scratches. - OliveBranch

Vellum Scratches, a young unicorn foal enters his first year at Celestias school for gifted unicorns. New spells, new knowledge, new teachers, and a new room mate.

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Restless Leg syndrome

Vellum rolled over in his bed, his hooves bumping the plain stone wall beside his bed with a soft thunk. Groaning inwardly the young colt brought his front hooves to his face, dragging them over his cheeks, tugging his eyelids down

'gah! How does anypony manage to get any sleep before the first day of school!' Vellums inner voice cried out. It all felt strange to the young colt. The air, the room, the room mate. Nothing save for the pillow he had brought from home felt right.

'Who would his teachers be?' Vellum wandered, his body shifting to face up at the ceiling once more. Everypony who taught at Celestias school for gifted unicorns was supposed to be top notch. Which before hoof seemed like a good thing to Vellum, but now as he lay sleepless in the dorm, his mind began to drift to more negative things.

'What if I can't keep up? What if it's too advanced?' Vellum sighed, loudly at first, but remembering his room mate he quickly dialed it back. Vellum had heard horror stories about the tests at Celestias. Stories of frightening monsters, impossible puzzles, and even foals getting hurt! Of course, by now everyone knew of Princess Twilights first test. Hatching a dragon egg. Unfortunately that knowledge was practically useless as the tests changed every year, and it was highly unlikely that the dragon egg would pop up in the testing roster any time soon.

Vellum scowled and rolled over to face the center of the room, his eyes locking on the silent form of Llewellyn on the other side 'I've got an older room mate at least. Maybe I can ask him about the tests.' Vellum thought 'past two years? Is that what Llewellyn had said? So that would make him a 3rd year this year' Vellum smiled and cycled once again to laying on his back. 'After two whole years he's got to know something.'

Vellum was in the middle of his 42nd strategic comfort seeking bed position adjustment when a voice drifted over from the other side of the room

“I couldn't sleep on my first day alone either”

Vellum twitched an ear and pulled his brand new purple school comforter tighter around himself “ah...sorry, am I keeping you up?” Vellum asked.

“Well, I have been watching you toss and turn for the past 5 minutes” Llewellyn replied

Vellum made a face, hidden by blankets and shadow “That must be why I can't sleep” Vellum said, rolling his eyes.

“oh hoh! So the colt has some pizzaz in him after all” Llewellyn said, tossing his forehooves behind his head as he stared up at the ceiling. “Don't worry. You get used to it. Being away from your parents I mean. Plus, you're probably less alone now than you ever were before. Crazy talented foals all around us. Course, a lot of em are assholes, but eh, what can you do ehehe” Llewellyns laugh grated on Vellums ears. It was too dry, to...detattached. Vellum couldn't place the other foals accent either. It seemed to flitter between some kind of farm pony accent and some thing similar to manehattan, though not quite. 'Certainly curses as freely as a manehattenite' Vellum thought. Scooping up his pillow around his head Vellum pressed the soft material over his ears. He didn't consider himself a prejudice pony, but dear Celestia was his new roomie giving off some very strange vibes. However weird though, Llewellyn was right. He was missing his parents already, terribly so, and the thought of other students all around, students ready to size him up as a newbie, did not put his mind at ease. With an exasperated cry Vellum tossed all four of his legs into the air, fluffing up his blanket like a camping tent “errgh!!”

“You gonna be alright Scratches?” Llewellyn said, pulling himself into an upright position, to watch the newly formed tent sink back over the sleepless foal

“I....have...restless legs” Vellum said, sighing softly “and...Do you have to call me Scratches? Nobody but teachers ever use the last part.”

Llewellyn frowned for a split second but quickly shrugged it away. “Well, sounds to me like i'm doing the last part of your name a favor. It probably doesn't like not being used” Llewellyn said as nonchalant as someone asking for salt

Vellum sat up and stared at his room mate “What?” he said, peering through the darkness to try and make sense of what Llewellyn had just said. Vellum got no reply, only a shrug from Llewellyn followed by a question.

“Wanna go for a walk?”

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