• Published 18th Sep 2013
  • 3,372 Views, 83 Comments

Sex-Ed Playdate: A New Story - AngelShy24

A new Playdate story that shows what happens when Silver Spoon discovers the pleasurable feelings of sex.

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A nice ending, to a nice story.

Hmm, you passed up on an opportunity to have Tiara and Silver drooling the result of Snips and Snails all over each other during their tribadism. Also was very brief in describing the experience between Tiara and Snails, mostly because it was from Twist's perspective, or should I say perthpective, and that was pretty funny. Not... bad, overall. I don't see many fics that portray Silver Spoon in a sympathetic role successfully, as she's so void of character in the show, being not even the big bully but second banana.

I liked loved the last story titled this,specifically the line "spike,get on the bed and put your arms up said applebloom".best story line In all of anything ever.

i had to down vote this story, there were just too many little errors sprinkled throughout, got to chapter 4 before i stopped. Also, and more importantly, if your going to have the characters act as the narrator to the story, don't have them talk to the reader, that is what drove me nuts the most.

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