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Rainbow Dash and Soarin' have been together happily in a relationship for a long time now. However, no matter how close to perfect a relationship can be, things can still change very quickly for the worse. Will their relationship stay healthy, or will strife and heartache come to visit them?

This story is a follow up to my other story called "Pinkie Pie the Evangelist." You do not have to read that story to understand what happens here in this story.


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Oh, Fluttershy... Don't be such a scaredy pony! :rainbowlaugh:
That's a very cute flashback! :pinkiesmile:
I was expecting to see Dashie and Soarin' break up, but not like this. It's so sad... :fluttercry:
If the Joker was putting that scene on the air, he'd be a lot like this:

It's so sweet of Fluttershy to pray for her big sister. :yay:

3257754 Yeah. This was hard for me to write because whenever I do write for Soarin' in my other one shot fics, I love to portray him as this knight in shining armor that can do little to no wrong. I had to make this different, but for a good reason, and the sequel to this will continue the story.

I see.
By the way, "Spitfire" and "bedroom" should be one word each. A couple of quotation marks are missing and some are placed by accident.
Didn't expect to see Dungeons and Dragons.

3258299 Oh, I could of sworn Spitfire was two words, thanks for pointing that out.

I was inspired to add Dungeons and Dragons based off of a very negative comment that someone posted in one of my previous stories. Sometimes I get inspired by my haters and they actually give me ideas! :duck: Also, I have played it a few times with a Minister who uses Dungeons and Dragons as a part of his missionary work and teaches teens in the Church how to play as well as other games of that nature. I based Fluttershy off of one key family member of mine that seriously believed that Dungeons and Dragons was the work of Satan and that I was in serious danger by playing it. There's always someone out there who feels that way about that game, or video games, etc. whether Christian or not. That's another reason why I added that in, and come on, Dash makes an awesome gamer girl! :twilightblush:

3259967 Thank you! I'm glad that you enjoy my stories. :twilightsmile:

No offense But....Actually I don't give to fucks if you do It's TOO MOTHERFUCKING RELIGIOUS. Now i'm not hating on Your Religion No it's far from that i'm going to ask you a simple question and i'm hoping you reply back to me just because i want your opinion on this when in the show has there ever been references to Roman Catholicism (Or any other type of Catholicism) But i'm Okay with that what i'm mad about is how you said that your image of that character wasn't going to marry the other Character unless the converted which in the end means that they're forcing their religion on to on the other person I know i sound like a hater and if i don't like it i shouldn't have read it but i had to do this because i want to know why you made the Character's something there not.

3317798 So....Hi there. I'm a religious person writing religious stories. It kind of makes sense that there's religion in there since I am a Christian writer and I love MLP. Reading a Christian MLP fan fic and saying, "Bro....this is way too religious," is like having a non-Brony read an MLP fan fic and say, "Bro.....this is has way too much pony in it." This story is apart of an entire series that is based upon Christian morals and teachings. Many of my other one shot fics are Christian too.

There hasn't been any Christian references from the show and it shouldn't matter. This is what "FAN FIC" writing is called. I see many Christian morals and teachings in this show even if this show has nothing to do with religion. I see a show based off of love, grace, and forgiveness which inspires me to write like this as well.

I am not Catholic and there is only one Roman Catholic church. How many different Roman Catholic churches do you think there are?

She wasn't forcing religion on Soarin'. She was doing what God tells us to do when it comes to the topic of marrying others of different faiths...."Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?"

3319243 So what type of christian are you are you a
Adventist, Anabaptist, Anglican,
Baptist, Calvinist, Catholic,
Evangelical, Holiness, Lutheran,
Methodist. Protestant ,Pentecostal
Eastern Orthodox Eastern Catholic,
Oriental Orthodox Assyrian,
Jehovah's Witness, LDS Church,
Oneness Pentecostal
Yeah there's many different types of Christianity just letting you know

3320922 That doesn't even cover it all. There are thousands more out there. In the past, I have been to Baptist, Alliance, and a few other denominational churches I think. I haven't looked into every single little detail about what makes them different, but I haven't really decided what specific denomination I would choose. Most of them are very similar, but with only tiny differences. As long as Christ is the center focus of the church, then this is what is most important.

Dungeon and Dragons with Ponies???

Make it happen!!! :trollestia: Mmm... the fimfic possiblities, NO! Han, concerntrate on the story you're working on now first! >.<

"I need to know all of the possibilities and mathematical calculations, Applejack," Twilight replied.
"Yer such a geek," Applejack said.


I'm sorry, I really am... I know I'm suppose to feel bad for Rainbow because of this whole relationship thing but...

...am I the only one who wants to know who in Equestria is Splug??? :rainbowwild:
I'm pretty sure I can beat him with my Barbarian Applejack and her mighty Cleaver of Great Cleaving! :pinkiehappy:

now you've got me wishing I had a gamer girl... 'sigh' and I've already put all hopes of that ever happening behind me now...

But I'm not really big on romance so I can't say that I was feeling all that sad for RD? Weird thing was I even said 'yes!' in my head that she left that Soarin' sucker! 0_0 You go Dashie! You don't need no stinkin' stallion to try his luck on you! He doesn't deserve an awesome mare like you! In fact, why not just go for the Wonderbolts, get recruited because you're awesome, and than outrank that stupid pie-eating-pervert by being Spitfire's second in command! Hah! that'll teach him to mess with the best Pegasus in all of Equestria! :rainbowdetermined2:

okay, onto the next chapter! :twilightsheepish:

3332905 Splug showed up in my very first Dungeons and Dragons game. He was a very annoying character that we had to deal with. He was almost as if he was against us yet on our side at the same time.

I'm surprised that Dash's reaction at the end didn't make you feel even the slightest bit sad. He was obviously somepony very special to her. I wouldn't have had her behave like that at the end if he wasn't that important to her. Heartbreak can literally make you sick. It's something I know to be true personally.

I wonder if it would change your mind if in this story, Dash was Applejack and something similar happened to her. :applejackunsure: :raritywink:

Are you kidding? If he was as big a jerk as Soarin' was here? Ah'd say leave that dumb buck alone, gal yer better than that stikin' piece of rotten apple! Ya'll got a great family ta keep yer happy...

becaue if I can't have you... than NOPONY can!!!


3333207 Soarin' did a very wrong thing, but he always had good intentions up until that one point. Remember the good things that Rainbow said about him? You're acting like he was a jerk to her 24/7. He just didn't understand what the Christian life was really like.

To sum it all up.....He needed Christ in his life.

If soarin is a different religion then rainbow, how did she know to tell him that she was his religion?

3611919 He said he was the same faith, but he truly didn't understand much about it and was a worldly Christian. Part 7 makes this a bit more clear.

Can you specify where the beach is in Equestria?

Rainbow Dash reminds me of Buttercup in the beginning of the Princess bride after she finds out Westley ha been killed by the Dred Pirate Roberts:

"I will never love again." :fluttercry:

3724057 That's something I didn't really plan out in terms of exact location. I always imagined there would be a be a beach with boardwalks somewhere in Equestria. It was a very long travel for them to get there since they needed to take a taxi.

I am also a Christian I have been since first grade.

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