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In what was supposed to be her moment of triumph, Nightmare Moon has lost everything. Banished by her sister and the Elements of Harmony, she finds herself alone on the very moon she created.

Utterly alone.

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Ooh, a new one!

Will read tomorrow, when I'm bored at work. :ajsmug:


An old one, actually. I touched it up a bit.

Celestia's Overreaction...

Yeah, I thought it felt familiar.

And everyone thought Celestia had it bad. :facehoof:

There was a story I read a few years back and it was a lot like this one, but I can't find it now. I'm wondering if you wrote it, and decided to re do it.

The one I'm talking about actually had Celestia reading a journal or diary Luna wrote, and it was like this.

The age old theme from the beginning of episode 1...
Gloriously reanimated. Really good work and great explanations for many things, especially the mare in the moon. I very much like the way you desribed how and for how long Luna could have been saved before the Nightmare returned with in this case justified and righteous anger.
Great ending as well, didn't see that one coming.
The only nitpick I could have is that there is no atmosphere and no sound or wind on the moon... but that's artistic license and not of any further importance anyway.
Great work, thanks for sharing!

Actually, I like this one more than the old story I read. Well done! I enjoyed this thoroughly.


This was chilling to read. Excellent as usual, good sir. It would have been nice to see a sequel that encompasses the time between when Luna came back to Earth and Nightmare Night. I wonder if Luna ever told Celestia of what she had been subjected to, if Celestia felt any horror for the torture she had inflicted upon her sister.

Thats some good pony.

This was amazing, I've never really THOUGHT about what it would be like for Luna to spend 1000 years on the moon, and believe me this did not disappoint. Bravo, a work of art

Just read this and I agree with your sentiments, I've often pondered the real implications of eternal night, and felt bad for Princess Celestia, guilt and pain over what she had done, but never (or at least very infrequently) considered what being imprisoned on the moon for 1000 years would actually mean, to be quite honest, I figured she would have been in a coma of sorts, or at least so caught up in NMM that going home didn't matter. I cannot imagine being in perfect isolation for a week or month much less a millennium. I think in my case going :pinkiecrazy: would be the least of my concerns.

At the end of this I was kinda rooting for Nightmare Moon.

Yes, they do, Edward. Come on. Name one pony who doesn't love Celestia.

How about 500? I can name a few. Me included

I like this story. It's real and shows some perspective. Seriously, you send someone to the moon and hope they don't come back? And being an alicorn the only way you can die is to lose every single ounce of your magic and die or die in combat. There are three other ways but I forgot them. Also Do you think you'll do one for Sombra and Discord? Now that I think about it, anyone that went against Celestia was put through near eternal hell. I count Chrysalis too. She lost her home and Changelings and was isolated with only the thought of revenge. Message me back if you want to talk

Luna, sister, you're—you're back! You've returned! I've—I've called to you every night, every day—I can't believe it! I've been waiting for you for so long, Luna, I've missed you so much—please, sister. Come home.

True fact is that she forgot about Luna mostly until twilight

You are wonderful!!

I don't know about that

She didn't. She was seen in the right. Luna begged for forgiveness. Celestia got props for forgiving a monster. Luna becomes a figure head once again. Only difference is she's not only willing but she's given her entire existence to Celestia. Just watch and analyze all the mlp episodes with and about her.

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