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Love knows no boundaries, this much is true. Fluttertree lusts for Applejack, and with her fruit fully grown, she may finally get the chance to receive Applejack's attention.

Chapters (3)
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Words can not express how much fun I had writing this. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did. :rainbowlaugh:

Image coming soon! xD

The only regrets I have of this is that you're not going to add more chapters :pinkiesad2:

267021 I may do another chapter of this if I get a good enough reception.

no really that sorry is sad. fluttertree is unable to talk lough and move as she is only a tree:fluttercry: made me cry a lot :D

Wow, I'm at a loss for words. :rainbowhuh:
Great fic! :rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by Wilhelm deleted Jan 20th, 2015

Dude, I...


:facehoof: 1: Why are you so fixated on trees not having mouths? Have you not seen the Pinkie part of "Elements of Harmony" episode? Every other tree had mouths! :flutterrage:
:facehoof: 2: Fluttertree raps as good as Killer Bee (from Naruto)... :raritydespair:
:facehoof: 3: For the love of alicorns, a tree having orgasm?!?!?!?! :pinkiegasp:

Overall it was hilarious. :rainbowlaugh: Now I've seen every possible shipping. Yay! :yay:
Thumb up.

Comment posted by Wilhelm deleted Jan 20th, 2015

Nothing like a good old fashion treegasm.:moustache:


You win this round humorous authors.:rainbowlaugh:

So that's the troll-fic you were talking about in chat yesterday.


Comment posted by Wilhelm deleted Jan 20th, 2015

Aww . . . I wish there was more.

:moustache: It would be interesting if Fluttertree was given the ability to move/talk/become pony.

This is first class erotica... I require more.

Alright, so. I will most likely be writing a few more chapters to this. The next chapter will have a lot more...clop aspects to it, but I'll try to keep it close to its troll nature.:trollestia:

:ajbemused:267742 Dafuq Wii, what do you have against my typing?

Cute and full of raw talent. What a gem! :D

267782: A sap is a sapling... A not fully grown tree... Or it could mean alot of very inapropriate things

267859: Or it could be Tree-sap which is basicly tree.. blood.. The gooey amber stuff

Wait, this was a trollfic? :derpyderp2: Anyone else attracted to fluttertree?

:trixieshiftright: inb4 tree fetish

But seriously, I didn't know at first. I just thought it was someone trying to ship a tree.

This amused me... mmmm fluttertree.....

You my friend, has got a favorite

Not to be creepy,but...i would buck Fluttertree so hard.

There's going to be more? Yes! yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!! :twilightblush:

This is nicely done for something that's suppose to be a trollfic. I wonder what direction future chapters will take?

*Pictures Fluttertree raping Applejack* :twilightoops: Nooo!!!! Back, back wild imagination!!!

Okaaaay... not quite sure what I just read.
It made me laugh and question my sanity at the same time. Good times

268032 BACK I SAY!
Eeyup, I got the same problems.
*pictures futatree*
Wait... what?

And then the Lorax arrives.
"I speak for the trees for the trees have no tongues." Seeing Fluttertree, he places his head against it, listening. After a few moments he nods and steps away, and calls to the orange earth pony. "Dear pony creature, I say to you, this tree it has feelings, but say them it cannot do! This tree, oh it loves you, with all of it's heart, and to go long without you, it tears it apart!"
"What in tarnation are you, and what are you talking about?" The Lorax introduces himself, and explains once more his duties, to the confused Applejack. "Ah, I see." She looks back at Fluttertree, who's wooden heart soars with anticipation. "Golly, Sugarcube, I had no idea! I'll try to be more gentle next time!"
"No no, that is not her will at all, she simply loves the way that you make her apples fall."
Okay, I'll stop now. :twilightblush:

268138 That is the best thing I have ever read. I may have to add the Lorax in to a future chapter along with a list of other things I have planned.

Nah, that was just a brief mental whimsy of inspiration that struck. This stage show belongs to Carmine.
On a side note, OMG! :pinkiegasp: Space Ghost! :pinkiehappy: Haven't seen that cartoon in................I don't know how long!


This was amazing.
I have nothing more to say other then, 'Oh my C, TREEGASM!' :pinkiecrazy: and *track, fav, watch*

I like this.

For some odd reason.

I... I can't decide if I should watch for the shear hilarity I experienced reading this... or stay far away from you for writing something on par with Breakfast...

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